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Committee for Managing Gender Issues

Committee for Managing
Gender Issues (ICC of IIMA)

The Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (“IIMA”) has set up an Internal Committee known as the Committee for Managing Gender Issues (“CMGI”) in accordance with the the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act and Rules, 2013 and regulations applicable to higher educational and technical institutions. The objective of CMGI goes beyond what is mandated by the Act and rules: CMGI is not only confined to dealing with complaints of Sexual Harassment towards women but also towards members of other genders and to work for creating awareness, sensitization, counselling, and educating about gender issues.

Objectives of CMGI

Creating a campus free from discrimination, harassment, retaliation or sexual assault at all levels

Proactively move to curb all forms of sexual harassment of employees and students;

Create awareness about what constitutes sexual harassment including hostile environment harassment and quid pro quo harassment;

Organize gender sensitization programmes and workshops for the faculty, officers, functionaries associated with IIMA, and students, to ensure knowledge and awareness of the rights, entitlements and responsibilities enshrined in the Act, Rules, Regulations, and under this Policy;

Act decisively against all gender based harassment perpetrated against employees and students primarily women employees and students and with the recognition that some male students and students of the third gender are vulnerable to many forms of sexual harassment and humiliation and exploitation and thus extend services to them as well;

Be responsible to initiate all proceedings as required by law to punish those guilty of sexual harassment within IIMA Campus



Vaibhavi Kulkarni

Chairperson, CMGI

  • Email
  • Office Phone
    079-7152 4815

Ms. Prita Jha

External Member  
Mr. Benjamin Harry Clarance Student Member  

Ms. Vijayapriya J.S.

Member 4639

Ms. Sumitha S. Nair

Member-Secretary 4116



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The Committee for Managing Gender Issues (CMGI) issues monthly newsletters aiming to build sensitivity and awareness around sexual harassment, gender bias and discrimination, and related issues. The newsletters are produced and managed by Therese Abraham, Research Assistant at the CMGI. You can reach out to her on for feedback, suggestions, or any queries. The newsletters from March 2021 to February 2022 were produced and managed by Mounica Sreesai.

Friday Safe Spaces

An exclusive space for women, and gender and sexual minorities seemed to us, like a starting point for fostering a safe, empathetic, supportive, and encouraging space.

The scope of these spaces depends on how what we make of it- we would want to discuss a movie we saw and our thoughts on it which we think any other space might not get; we might grow from challenging each other’s perspective in a non-condescending manner; we would rant about what happened in a class, a comment from our family, a dating experience, and so on. We envision that we can talk, discuss, and share about anything under the sky and hope that it will be an empowering and liberating space for all of us.

Log in with your coffee/tea mugs the second Friday of every month at 5 PM to meet some amazing fellow hers and theys. You are not alone and we definitely got each other’s backs! Watch out for our mails

Contacting the CMGI

In case you feel you have been subjected to sexual harassment or would like to make any suggestions to us regarding curbing sexual harassment or gender bias on campus please reach out to us at:

Phone: 97129 15533

Please note that each communication with the CMGI is completely strictly confidential.