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New Project, New Campus

About the Department

The new campus is an extension of the main campus of the Institute. It spread over 39.75 acres of land. This department was setup to look after the construction work of new campus in year 2000. The department is basically involved in construction and maintenance works of the new campus. Besides this the department also looks after the major construction projects of main/heritage campus. Till date the department has done a construction of nearly 1.4 million square feet and restoration work of 60,000 square foot. The restoration work received the UNESCO Award. The department consists of a team of civil engineers led by General Manager (Project, Estate, and Maintenance). The department comes under the superintendence of Chief Administrative Officer.

Services/Functions of the Department


  • Execution of CAPEX projects

  • Interior related projects

  • Major and minor maintenance projects

  • Assistance to other departments to carry out different maintenance related activities

  • Beautification and upkeep of campus

Policies and Procedures

The department generally follows the Government guide lines for the execution of the work. The CAPEX project are approved by the Building Committee. All capex work and major maintenance and renovation work are executed under the superintendence of the reputed architects.

Subdivisions of the Department

  • Tendering

  • Major Construction

  • Maintenance

  • Billing


eProcure/CPPP: for tender publication

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New Project, New Campus