MBA-PGPX Admissions

Who Can Apply?

The MBA-PGPX is meant for working professionals with a Bachelor’s Degree and at least 4 years of experience.

Following are the basic criteria for the PGPX Application:

  • A Bachelor's Degree or equivalent in any discipline. (Minimum 15 years of study as per the education system in India i.e. 10 + 2 + 3 or 4 as the case may be.)
  • Minimum Age of 25 years as on March 31, 2025 (i.e. must be born on or before March 31, 2000.) There is no upper age limit.
  • A valid GMAT /GRE score
    (GMAT /GRE scores taken within the last 5 years. The earliest acceptable GMAT/GRE test date for the three rounds are - Round 1: August 30, 2019, Round 2: October 14, 2019 Round 3: December 03, 2019)
    • The new GMAT Focus Edition exam scores will also be acceptable.
    • Online GMAT/GRE (Take home) exam scores are not valid, only test centre-based GMAT/GRE scores are valid.
  • Minimum 4 years of full-time work experience after completion of graduation as on March 31, 2025.

Admission Process

PGPX Road Map for Admission


The selection of the candidates for admission to the PGPX 2025-26 batch will be conducted in three rounds. PGPX students are selected through a rigorous admissions process that includes standardized test scores (GMAT / GRE), leadership profiling and personal interviews.

The selection process for the PGPX 2025-26 batch is a two-stage process. In the first stage, the candidates are short-listed for the Personal Interview from among the candidates who have applied to the programme.

The short-listed candidates are expected to submit essays on specific topics, within the stipulated time period. In the second and final stage of the selection process, the short- listed candidates will be interviewed by a panel of IIMA faculty members.The panel will evaluate the candidate on several parameters (e.g. professional background, quality of experience, progression in career, academic preparedness, leadership potential, accomplishment and interpersonal skills) and assess the candidate’s fitment for the programme.

Admission Timeline for 2025-26 Batch

Admission Timeline for 2025-26 Batch* 
           Round-1         Round-2         Round-3
STAGE 1: Application & Shortlist
Application Open Jun 24, 2024 Sept 2, 2024 Oct 14, 2024
Application Close Aug 30, 2024 Oct 14, 2024 Dec 3, 2024
Shortlist Announcement Sep 6, 2024 Oct 18, 2024 Dec 9, 2024
Essay Submission Sept 6- 8, 2024 Oct 18-20, 2024 Dec 9-11, 2024
STAGE 2: Personal Interviews*
Ahmedabad & Delhi (NCR) Sept 14-15, 2024 Nov 9-10, 2024 Dec 21-22, 2024
Mumbai & Hyderabad/Chennai/Kolkata Sept 21-22, 2024
Nov 16-17, 2024
Jan 4-5, 2025
Bangalore & Overseas (Zoom) Oct 5-6, 2024 Nov 23-24, 2024 Jan 11-12, 2025
New York/London  - Nov 23-24 2024 -
Final Selection
Offers and waitlist Oct 11, 2024 Dec 2, 2024 Jan 20, 2025

* All these dates are subject to change if required. Only those candidates who have been shortlisted will be intimated by e-mail, with all the relevant details.

Shortlisting & Final Selection

The shortlisted candidates will be called for a personal interview. The admissions interviews are face to face in offline mode. Successful candidates will be intimated through email as per the dates indicated in the admission timeline.ission timeline.

Programme Fee and Payment Schedule

The Programme Fee for the 2024-25 PGPX Batch is INR 33 lakhs for candidates opting for SSH (Single Accommodation) and 35 Lakhs for candidates opting for MSH (Married Student Housing) plus cost of International Immersion Programme (IIP) excluding travel and stay related expenses.

PGPX fee is usually a packaged/bundled fee which includes, for every student - tuition fees, books and course materials, accommodation and other service facilities such as library, computing, network changes etc. However this does not include the cost of International Immersion Programme (IIP). Utilities such as electricity, telephone, laundry, sports/gym subscription are additional and to be paid as per usage charges.


Payment Link: click here


Fee Structure and Schedule of Payment

Financial Aid

Usually, several banks are interested in offering loans to those admitted to the PGPX. International students, apart from their own banking sources, can approach bank branches of Indian banks in their countries.

Please click below for loan schemes available for PGPX from various Banks

For exact details please contact the bank/s directly since the interest rates change from time to time.



PGPX at IIMA provides a broad range of scholarship opportunities for many deserving & exceptional students.

ENTRY Scholarships
All admitted students can be considered for scholarships based on the applications after admission. Scholarships are offered after the admissions and joining formalities are complete. Scholarship amount can vary and is extendable up to 25% of the SSH fee for the programme.

The information below is a list of different scholarships that are available for students under Entry Scholarships:

Scholarships for Underrepresented gender.
Scholarships for Transgender Students.
Scholarships for Non – Indian Passport Holders.
Scholarships for students who have excelled in Fine Arts/Sports recognizable at a national level.
Scholarships for Armed Forces professionals.
Scholarships for differently abled students.
Scholarships for students who have worked in Central/State governments. Not for profit sectors.
Scholarships on Graduation
Scholarships based on exceptional performance during the academic year of the PGPX program are awarded at the time of graduation. Scholarship amount can vary and is extendable up to 15% of the SSH (Single Student Housing) fee for the programme

The information below is a list of different scholarships that are available for students on graduation:

Scholarships purely on merit basis
Scholarships on all round performance (co – and extra-curricular activities including CGPA)

Application Process

Candidates can submit their application through an online portal: 

Important dates related to different stages of the selection process are provided below:


Stage 1: Application & Shortlist

  Round-1 Round-2 Round-3
Application Open June 20, 2022 Sept 5, 2022 Nov 7, 2022
Application Close Aug 22, 2022 Oct 28, 2022 Dec 19, 2022
Shortlist Aug 30, 2022 Nov 9, 2022 Dec 23, 2022
Essay submission Aug 30-Sept 4, 2022 Nov 9-13, 2022 Dec 23-28, 2022


Stage 2: Personal Interviews

  Round-1 Round-2 Round-3
Ahmedabad & Delhi Sept 10-11, 2022 Nov 19-20, 2022 Jan 7-8, 2023
Mumbai & Hyderabad Sept 17-18, 2022 Nov 26-27, 2022 Jan 21-22, 2023
Bangalore & Kolkata Sept 24-25, 2022 Dec 3-4, 2022 Jan 28-29, 2023
Overseas (Zoom) Sept 24-25, 2022 Dec 3-4, 2022 Jan 28-29, 2023
Newyork   Nov 19-20, 2022  


Final Selection

  Round-1 Round-2 Round-3
Offers and waitlist Oct 17, 2022 Dec 16, 2022 Feb 15, 2023


Note: *All these dates are subject to change if required. Only those candidates who have been shortlisted will be intimated by e-mail, with all the relevant details.