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Data-driven decision-making is a defining hallmark of organizations in the 21st century. Application of data analytics is promising creative and cost-effective solutions to traditionally intractable problems in wide areas spanning the private and public sectors. This rise of data analytics application in management practice is equally matched by an acute demand for skilled analytics professionals who can deliver state-of-the-art solutions to business problems.

The ePost Graduate Diploma in Advanced Business Analytics (ePGD-ABA) offered by IIMA is designed to equip working professionals with the knowledge and skills to seek professional growth and career advancement in the frontier areas of applied analytics. The programme curriculum is designed to build strong conceptual foundations while incorporating recent advances from real-world applications. The mix of online and on-campus classroom sessions are specially structured to deliver a rigorous learning experience and peer-to-peer interaction, while causing minimum disruption to working professionals.

ePGD-ABA builds on IIMA’s legacy of exceptional academic rigor combined with focus on application to the real world. The programme is designed and delivered by the renowned faculty at IIMA, and is packed with sessions from industry experts and thought leaders from academia. The programme offers an opportunity to aspiring individuals and high-calibre professionals to be part of the acclaimed IIMA ecosystem.

We welcome you to a life-changing journey of personal transformation and professional growth with the ePGD-ABA at IIMA.

Sachin Jayaswal
Chairperson, ePGD-ABA


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With the deluge of digital data, data-driven decision-making has now been an integral part of the efficient functioning of every organization, and more generally of society at large. The ePGD-ABA is a 16 months diploma programme offered by IIMA. It is designed to help working professionals in acquiring essential skills and knowledge for asking the right questions, addressing it with analysis of the right kind of data, and finally gaining insight from the analysis to drive decisions. It thus provides a framework for transforming data into effective decision making.

The programme offers a carefully thought out mix of courses on tools and techniques for data visualization, modelling and analysis of varieties of data of different sizes; machine learning algorithms, cloud computing, and finally, the domain specific applications of data analytics in Marketing, HR, Finance, Operations and Public Policy. No technical or statistical expertise is required except a desire to learn how to use data for making an impact on your organization. The programme is targeted towards the working professional with at least two years of experience preferably in the domain of analytics. The objective is to up skill and prepare them for future in taking up leadership positions and shouldering bigger responsibilities in the organization. The programme delivery is a mix of online, and on campus sessions.

There is no better place to learn about the state-of-the-art applications of analytics in business and public policy than IIMA. The unique strength of the institute lies in its having an excellent resource of outstanding faculty members who are heavily engaged in cutting edge research and consulting in the domain of analytics. Except the sessions on the current industry practice, the contents of the courses are to be created and delivered only by the in-house faculty members.

Class of 2023-24

Inauguration Photographs

IIMA welcomes the students of the 4th batch of ePost Graduate Diploma in Advanced Business Analytics (ePGD-ABA) for their first campus module at Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad. The inauguration ceremony was held at IIM Ahmedabad on April 16, 2023.

Professor Bharat Bhasker, Director, Professor Pradyumana Khokle, Dean (Programmes), Professor Sachin Jayaswal, Chairperson, ePGD-ABA, Executive Committee members - Professor Dhiman Bhadra, Professor Sandip Chakrabarti and Faculty members - Professor Karthik Sriram, Professor Vineet Virmani, Professor Neharika Vohra welcomed the students.

ePGD-ABA Experiences

I always knew that this was going to be a rigorous course and it really lived up to the expectations. Even with all the external challenges and so much uncertainty, IIMA made sure that the quality of course content, delivery, rigour lives up-to IIMA brand. I never felt missing the classroom experience, even though classes were running in D2D (Direct to Device) mode. This course is a a amalgamation of foundational statistics, data analytics techniques and business applications. I really learned 'WHY' and 'HOW' part of business analytics rather than knowing 'WHAT' technique to apply. This course has all the elements to make a great business professional out of you, who knows how to employ data to make right decisions.

Jiten Jain Senior Manager - Consulting, Cognizant Attended ePGD-ABA Class of 2021

I chose to do the ePGD-ABA programme at that point in my career when i needed to develop the right mind set and skills to be an exceptional analytics professional and the programme precisely helped me achieve that. The course design makes it so much easier to connect the dots as the programme progresses.  It has helped me in gradually applying these ideas at work alongside the programme.  My biggest takeaway is developing problem-solving acumen through courses that discuss analytics use cases under various domains such as finance, operations, marketing, strategy and HR.  It gave me confidence that I can build solutions and products that tackle any real-life business problem.

Aiswarya Anand S. Business Analyst, Cisco Systems Attended ePGD-ABA Class of 2021

The ePGD-ABA programme has helped me build a broad perspective. The course content was quite exhaustive, covering all the aspects of business analytics. The programme instructors were superb and they were very sensitive to the batch's learning needs, given their diverse backgrounds. The live sessions were very interactive where queries were also answered. The assessments and assignments with midnight deadlines made the journey both challenging and exciting. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been part of IIM Ahmedabad's pioneer batch of the Advanced Business Analytics programme. Kanika Gupta Piping Stress Engineer, McDermott International Inc Class of 2021

Kanika Gupta Piping Stress Engineer, McDermott International Inc Attended ePGD-ABA Class of 2021

Like other long-duration programmes of the IIMA, the ePGD-ABA unequivocably stands out for its rigour and quality of design.  All the courses being designed, taught and closely monitored by the in-house faculty of the Institute has elevated the quality of the programme to a truly world-class level. In every course, besides hands-on application/implementation, a very strong emphasis was laid on an in-depth understanding of the theoretical/mathematical subtleties underpinning the models and algorithms  This was further supplemented by rich in-class discussion and presentation. In a nutshell, the last 16 months for me had been a transformational academic experience, which I believe, not only will give a strong impetus to my future career progression but also will shape my contributions in this field.

Sayantan Chaudhuri Data Scientist, United Health Group, Gurgaon Attended ePGD-ABA Class of 2021

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