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Human Resources Department of IIMA contributes to the Institute’s vision by attracting the best talent, creating career opportunities, providing continuous learning, engaging and rewarding the staff members of the Institute for their performances. HR team believes in working together and supporting the staff members of the institute with a spirit of camaraderie. The team maintains excellence, promptness, empathy while dealing with the colleagues. The department believes in a vibrant and bringing equity among the diverse work community of the Institute.

Brief of services/ functions of the department

  • Recruitment

  • Salary and pension processing

  • Income Tax processing

  • Statutory Compliance under the Labour Laws

  • Legal cases related to employees

  • Maintaining the service records of the employees

  • Leave Management

  • Employee Engagement

  • Performance Appraisal

  • Retiral benefits to the employees

  • Insurance Policies of the employees

  • Promotion and Welfare of the employees

  • Training and development

  • Quarter Management for employee housing


ERP Poral

The HR department leads the Welfare Committee of the Institute.

The Committee looks after various initiatives for the well-being of IIMA Community.

Below is the organogram of the department

Below is the organogram of the department

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Human Resources Department