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The ePGD-ABA is a 16 months diploma programme offered by IIMA. The programme offers a carefully thought out mix of courses on tools and techniques for data visualization, modelling and analysis of varieties of data of different sizes; machine learning algorithms, cloud computing, and finally, the domain specific applications of data analytics in Marketing, HR, Finance, Operations and Public Policy
The programme delivery is a mix of online, and on campus sessions.  The programme is targeted towards working professionals with at least two years of experience preferably in the domain of analytics. However, no technical or statistical expertise is required except a desire to learn how to use data for making an impact on your organization

The curriculum is broadly categorized into six modules:

Module I: Pre-Term
Basic Linear Algebra
Basic Statistics and Probability
Introduction to Python
Introduction to R

Module II: Data: Management, Exploration and Analysis

Big Data Management
Business Analytics in the Real World, Problems and Data
Data Visualization for Analysis and Communication
Probability and Statistics using R and Python

Module III: Data Analysis: Methods and Models

Applied Causality and Experiments for Business
Bayesian Analysis
Big Data Analytics: Analysis of Text and Social Media Data
Business Simulation
Categorical Data Analysis
Machine Learning with Big Data
Model Thinking
Network Analysis
Nonlinear Optimization
Optimization Problems in Business
Panel Data Analysis
Regression Analysis
Time Series Analysis

Module IV: Analytics: Communication, Ethics and Organizational Value

Analytics Communication
Ethics, Privacy and Data Security
Organizational Sciences: Driving Organizational Value with Analytics

Module V: Analytics in Business and Management (Electives)

Finance Analytics
Marketing Analytics
Operations Analytics
People Analytics
Public Policy Analytics
Strategy Analytics

Module VI: Capstone Project

Programme Delivery

The ePGD-ABA is a hybrid programme, which will be delivered using a mix of on-campus class-room sessions, online sessions and project work. There will be 5-6 on-campus modules, each module spanning 4-5 days on a regular interval during the 16 months of the programme.  The online remote sessions will be delivered through a device-to-device technology enabled learning platform.

The timing of the online sessions will provide flexibility to the schedules of working professionals. The course delivery pedagogy includes: 1) lectures, 2) cases, and 3) hands-on exercises. The concepts and state-of-the-art analytics practices will be introduced using lectures. Business cases will be introduced at appropriate modules to discuss the complexity of business problems and how to make data-driven decisions using rigorous analysis. Many sessions will provide hands-on data handling, data-driven simulation, and model development experience, which will prepare the participants to solve business problems in multiple domains and prepare participants to execute the capstone project with rigor. Equal emphasis will be laid on communicating the data insights with the organization.

Programme Calendar





March 2024


Data: Management, Exploration and Analysis

April - June 2024

On campus & Online

Data Analysis: Methods and Models

July - December 2024

On campus & Online

Analytics: Communication, Ethics and Organizational Value

January - February 2025

On campus & Online

Analytics in Business and Management (Electives)

March – May 2025

On campus & Online

Capstone Project

June – August 2025

On campus & Online

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