Message from the Chairperson

As India's only top-ranked business school program in the world, the Post Graduate Programme in Food and Agri-Business Management (PGP-FABM) is unique in more ways than just consistently being ranked number one. Starting its journey almost fifty years ago as a two year management program with a specialization package in agriculture, the programme's scope has expanded beyond agriculture to include allied areas like food processing, marketing and rural infrastructure management. With a curriculum focused on providing familiarity with India's agriculture and food policy to understanding the complexities of agriculture finance, food marketing and commodities markets, it prepares aspiring managers in skills that go beyond general management. The programme alumni occupy leadership positions in organizations ranging from development institutions to food companies to famous online ventures like

Vineet Virmani
Chairperson, PGP-FABM

The IIMA Edge

Global Exposure

Global Exposure

PGP-FABM Student Exchange Programme is offered in collaboration with ESSEC, Paris, France (International Food Industry Management), University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver, Canada (Master of Food & Resource Economics), Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), China and NHH Norwegian School of Economics, Norway with a view to enhancing the international exposure for the PGP-FABM Students. Under this exchange programme (i) second year students of the PGP-FABM programme spend a term in ESSEC, Paris, UBC, Vancouver and SJTU, China (ii) students of the ESSEC , Paris, UBC, Vancouver, SJTU, China and NHH Norway spend a term at IIM, Ahmedabad.

MBA-FABM Experiences

At IIMA, I have learnt that my expertise in one field should not hold me back from asking for help in another wherein I am not very comfortable. The whole idea is to be aware of the various areas of improvement and then work upon them on a regular basis till they are converted into strengths instead; one at a time.

Dhyanesh Bhatt Attended PGP-FABM

Here at IIMA, every problem is looked upon as an opportunity to learn and reflect. The sheer presence of the distinguished professors stimulates your thought process and the benchmarks are so high that one is compelled to think beyond the boundaries of the obvious.

Anurag Dwivedi Attended PGP-FABM

The unique pedagogy of the Case Study method has been a new concept for me. This is a stellar example of participatory learning. Most of the cases are real-life cases, so it's quite easy to comprehend them and relate to real-life situations.

Parashar Vinayak Attended PGP-FABM

Snapshot of MBA FABM Class Profile - 2022

Sector Wise Work Experience


FMCG / Food


Farm Mechanization


Agri input









Date Theme Webinar Lead Timings  Registration Link
31-Jan-24 "Navigating the IIMA FABM Interview Maze: Strategies for Success" Prof. Viswanath Pingali 6:00 PM Click Here



What time of the year is your placement program?


  1. Summer Internship: The summer placement program for selecting interns typically runs in the month of November.  The internship is held between April and May.
  2. Lateral Placements: Lateral placements happen over an extended period in the final term for students having substantial work experience with firms offering higher than entry-level positions. It stars in mid December and last upto January. 
  3. Final Placement: Final placements happen during the month of February. 



For PGPX, Final Placements runs on rolling basis and it typically runs from December to March.

Please write to if you have any query or to know the exact dates of any placement process. You will be assigned a relationship manager who will be your point of contact on campus.

Where can I get a placement brochure (includes placement guide and student profiles)?

Please write to to get the placement profile of the respective programmes.

What are the typical steps in the placement process?

The typical steps in the placement process would be: 
• Communication of interest in the placement program by sharing JDs and company profile (you may write to 
• Corporate Presentation/PPT 
• Finalizing an initial interview date 
• Submission of CVs/Applications by students 
• Shortlisting of students 
• Interviews 
• Extending offers to selected students

What information is essential to provide in a PPT/Corporate Presentation?

The information that students typically look for in corporate presentations/PPT is:

• Profile of the company 
• Profile of the career roles and responsibilities 
• Likely growth path after joining the organization 
• Locations where students are likely to be posted

What amenities/infrastructure are available for a presentation/placement process on campus?

The campus is equipped with state-of-the-art physical, communication and computing infrastructure to facilitate a smooth placement process. Computing facilities, projection facilities for multimedia presentations; telecommunication facilities for teleconferencing and video-conferencing; seminar rooms and presentation halls for presentations/workshops can be arranged as your specific need by writing to your relationship manager (RM) with the details. You may write to if you do not know who is your RM.

What are the various ways I can recruit remotely?

In cases where you are unable to come down to the campus placement processes can be conducted through teleconferencing, videoconferencing, Skype etc.

Is there a fee for placement?

Placement Fees is not applicable for the hiring of summer interns. It is applicable for the final & lateral placements (full-time hire). However, if the firm extends a PPO to the summer intern, the fees will be applicable. 


Placement Fee is appliable for the full time hire from any of the programmes (i.e. PGP, FABM, FPM and PGPX). Placement fees will be waived off to the firms, who falls under the defined waiver criteria. To know more about placement fees, please contact your relationship manager or 

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