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Information Centre & Security

About the Department

Security Activities:

  • Smooth management of traffic, security, and safety operations of both campuses

  • Physical and electrical security surveillance checks

  • Liaising with the Government officials

  • Providing security services during various institute events

  • Solving security/safety related issues day to day

  • Supervising the work of regular servicing and refilling of fire extinguishers and fire equipment

  • Coordination and monitoring help desk systems of IIMA

  • Keeping close watch of outside IIMA boundary area for not doing any encroachment and other activities

  • Coordination works for the Information centre for providing on and offline information on any IIMs activities, other courses,
    and the latest information on the subject.

  • Looking after the welfare activities of Dogs, Birds, and other animals inside the campus through NGOs
    such as Jivdaya Charitable Trust and AMC officials if required

  • Looking after security and admin work of Kothara site, Kutch

  • Process/Steps: Planning, designing, quantity survey, estimation, tendering, execution, and billing

Services/Functions of the Department

  • Security and safety of both campuses.

  • Supervising of work of Fire extinguishers and their equipment.

  • Coordination of Information Centre.

  • Coordination of incoming courier services.

  • Looking after the welfare of Dogs, birds, and other animals.

  • Coordination of obtaining existing walkies-talkies wireless radio sets from the Govt. of Communication Dept.

  • Coordination of Mygate mobile and Visitor management system of both campuses.

Subdivisions of the Department

Execution Team
Recordkeeping & Billing

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Information Centre & Security