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Students' Personal and Career Development Centre (SPCDC)

The Students' Personal and Career Development Centre

The Students' Personal and Career Development Centre is an on-campus counselling facility at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. The Centre is committed to providing the Institute's students, faculty and staff members with a space for self exploration and addressing of psychological concerns, leading to personal, social and professional growth. Our aim is to create a campus environment that celebrates happiness, wellbeing, and diversity. SPCDC offers community members an inclusive space for sharing, learning, living together and growing.

We work with a range of themes that include communication skills, interpersonal and social skills, time management, relationships, gender identity, coping with grief/separation, professional aspirations, career planning, learning skills, trauma, stress, psychiatric concerns and self concept. Community members are encouraged to include mental health as a priority in their journeys as fully functional individuals.

SPCDC offers short term individual counselling, extended psychotherapeutic support plans, and group sessions. A range of psychometric tools are used for assessment and self exploration. Referrals for medical and psychiatric consultations are available on request.

Full confidentiality is maintained in all interactions. Information shared during sessions is not used for any academic or placement purpose.

The counselling and psychotherapy services are offered free of cost to all registered programme participants at the institute and members of the staff and faculty. Students requiring medical/psychiatric support will have to bear the expenses, unless covered by their health insurance. This is a campus resource meant only for members of the IIM, Ahmedabad, community. It is not open for public access.

The Centre is located in room no. 16, first floor of the academic block, new campus, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. For further details please email or call up on +91-79-71524416.