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Under the guidance of the Chief Administrative Officer, the Facilities department at IMDC maintains state supported facilities in the most aesthetically pleasing and optimal operating condition as possible. Facility services is responsible for delivering many of the day-to-day services for students, staff, faculties, program guests and visitors on the IMDC campus. Our focus is to provide safe food and clean facilities and to oversee all processes relevant to the smooth operation of IMDC facilities. Facility services is a team of service-oriented professionals who value and respect our unique cultural diversity.


To provide a quality, sustainable services, and facilities to the users, by continuously exceeding their expectations.

Aims and Objectives  

  • Work in partnership with stakeholders to understand and deliver their needs in a responsive, caring, and efficient manner 

  • Integrate our teams to deliver services with respect, courtesy and promptness that provide an excellent customer service. 

  • Continuously improve and innovate.  

  • Strive to maintain highest commitment to safety compliance. 

  • Measure and improve systems and process.  

  • Manage services cost effectively and responsibly through fit for purpose. 


Brief of Services/Functions of the Department

Facility services is service oriented that provides a myriad of services to ensure safe, functional, attractive, and sustainable
facilities and support services for the IMDC residents, visitors and is comprised of following functions.


  • Front Office Functions – Reception, Reservation and Allocation of Facilities; MSH, Dorms, IMDC Rooms, VSA, Classrooms, Seminar and Syndicate rooms

  • Housekeeping Services / Pest Control, Fogging and Sanitation services / Water tank cleaning of MSH / Drainage cleaning services

  • Food Service Operations – PGPX Dining, Executive Dining and F&B orders across the campus for internal meetings, events

  • PGPX Students Accommodation, Allocation of Syndicate rooms and Food services functions.

  • Community Bakery service Operations

  • Hotel Booking for Programs participants

  • Décor Arrangements / Event support for Programs requirements; Custodial services, Tent, Table chair and food buffet arrangements

  • Community Tea Services

  • Faculty Lounge Services

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