Student Life

Student Life

A Life of Transformation

Comfort zones take you nowhere. IIMA is a stimulation zone- the natural habitat of creative, talented, energetic minds who are groomed to lead and transform the world!

Student Experiences

If I had to pick a year in my life in which I have learnt and evolved the most; it would be my one year at IIMA. The experience of living and learning on campus, working with your syndi mates 24/7, developing a rapport with your professors as you try to solve some of the most challenging, yet interesting case studies is invaluable and life changing. Day in and day out, you are taught 'how' to visualise business problems and leverage your cohort's combined skill sets to arrive at solutions together. Every semester makes you grow as a person as well as a team. It is a bespoke offering for experienced professionals looking to explore new pathways as one 'unlearns' to 're-learn' multitudes of business, technical and soft skills.

Akshita Kapoor Manager, Deal Management, Europe, Mastercard Attended PGPX Class of 2019-20

PGPX (One Year MBA) has been truly a transformational journey for me. I must acknowledge the programme's role in my professional as well as personal life. Knowledge and experience gained from the course, peers and the professors help at workplace. However, I feel the impact is stronger beyond 8hrs of the day. Faster decision making, multi-tasking, parallel processing and time utilization have immensely impacted my perspectives towards facing new challenges in life. As an individual I have only grown and PGPX (One Year MBA) has a very crucial role to play in this journey

Puja Chakraborty Global Director, Digital Strategy Planning, Adidas Attended PGPX Class of 2017-18

At IIMA, I have learnt that my expertise in one field should not hold me back from asking for help in another wherein I am not very comfortable. The whole idea is to be aware of the various areas of improvement and then work upon them on a regular basis till they are converted into strengths instead; one at a time.

Dhyanesh Bhatt Attended PGP-FABM

Here at IIMA, every problem is looked upon as an opportunity to learn and reflect. The sheer presence of the distinguished professors stimulates your thought process and the benchmarks are so high that one is compelled to think beyond the boundaries of the obvious.

Anurag Dwivedi Attended PGP-FABM

The unique pedagogy of the Case Study method has been a new concept for me. This is a stellar example of participatory learning. Most of the cases are real-life cases, so it's quite easy to comprehend them and relate to real-life situations.

Parashar Vinayak Attended PGP-FABM

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Student Life