The Institute

Green initiatives on the IIMA campus

Notable Initiatives

Solar Power Plant

The IIMA favours renewable energy. New Campus buildings are fitted with rooftop solar panels and, solar systems supply hot water to all dorms, campus residences and guest houses.

Solid Waste Management

The IIMA owes its lush campus to two high tech composters and dozens of  vermin-composting pits.  Dry leaves and kitchen waste go in: nutrient-rich fertilizer comes out.

Rainwater Harvesting

The IIMA harvests every raindrop that falls on the campus.  The water-harvesting system’s first component is as old as the campus buildings. Now, 60 years later, it is supplemented by18 recharge borewells and one recharge pond.  Each campus has its own sewage treatment plants.

Nursery on campus

What was once 107 dry, treeless acres now boasts trees, flowering shrubs and even roses – testimony to the skill and devotion of gardeners.  On-campus nurseries provide all plants for landscape renewal.