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Prof. Sourav Borah


Educational Qualifications

PhD, IIM Bangalore

Academic Affiliation

Assistant Professor, IIM A (Since June 2018)

Professional Affiliation




MBA Courses

  • Term II (2018, 2019): Marketing Management II (Core)
  • Term IV (2019): Strategic Marketing (Elective)


Doctoral Courses

  • Term V (2018, 2019): Marketing Theory and Contemporary Issues
  • Term IV (2019): Selecting and Implementing Marketing Models


Executive MBA (PGPX)

  • Term V (2020): Strategic Marketing.


Exexcutive Education Program (Open Enrollment Programs)

  • B2B marketing
  • Managing Businesses in International Markets
  • Advanced Customer Analytics
  • Omnichannel Distribution of Luxury Brands


Exexcutive Education Program (Customized Enrollment Programs)

  • Salesforce Management (Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance)



Area of Research

  • International Marketing
  • Services Marketing
  • Network Theory






  • "Chief marketing officers’ discretion and firms’ internationalization: An empirical investigation" (With Kumar V, Sharma A and Akella L Y), Journal of International Business Studies, Forthcoming.
  • "Responses to COVID-19: The role of governance, healthcare infrastructure, and learning from past pandemics" (With Sharma A and Moses A), Journal of Business Research, Volume 122, January 2021, 597-607
  • "Covid-19 and Domestic Violence: an Indirect Path to Social and Economic Crisis" (With Sharma A.), Journal of Family Violence, forthcoming.
  • Covid-19′s impact on supply chain decisions: Strategic insights from NASDAQ 100 firms using Twitter data (with Sharma A. and Adhikary A.) Journal of Business Research, 117, June 2020,443-449.
  •  Is it Too Complex? The Curious Case of Supply Network Complexity and Focal Firm Innovation. (With Sharma A., Pathak S. and Adhikary A.), Journal of Operations Management, forthcoming.
  • Leveraging Service Recovery Strategies to Reduce Customer Churn in an Emerging Market. (With Prakhya, S. and Sharma, A.), Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, forthcoming.
  •  Identifying the drivers of luxury brand sales in emerging markets: An exploratory study. (With Sharma, A., Soni, M. and Saboo, A. R.), Journal of Business Research, 111, April 2020,25-40.
  • Investigating the impact of workforce racial diversity on the organizational corporate social responsibility performance: An institutional logics perspective. (With Sharma, A., Moses, A. and Adhikary, A.), Journal of Business Research, 107(1), February 2020, 138-152.
  •  Understanding the Structural Characteristics of a Firm's Whole Buyer-Supplier Network and Its Impact on International Business Performance. (With Sharma, A., Kumar, V., Yan, J. and Adhikary, A.), Journal of International Business Studies, 50(3), April 2019, 365-392.
  •  Ritualization: A Strategic Tool to Position Brands in International Markets. (With Sharma, A. and Kumar, V.), Journal of International Marketing25(2), June 2017,1-24.



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