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Prof. Sourav Borah


Educational Qualifications

PhD, IIM Bangalore

Academic Affiliation

Assistant Professor, IIM A (Since June 2018)

Professional Affiliation




MBA Courses

  • Term II (2018, 2019): Marketing Management II (Core)
  • Term IV (2019): Strategic Marketing (Elective)


Doctoral Courses

  • Term V (2018, 2019): Marketing Theory and Contemporary Issues
  • Term IV (2019): Selecting and Implementing Marketing Models


Executive MBA (PGPX)

  • Term V (2020): Strategic Marketing.


Exexcutive Education Program (Open Enrollment Programs)

  • B2B marketing
  • Managing Businesses in International Markets
  • Advanced Customer Analytics
  • Omnichannel Distribution of Luxury Brands


Exexcutive Education Program (Customized Enrollment Programs)

  • Salesforce Management (Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance)



Area of Research

  • International Marketing
  • Services Marketing
  • Network Theory






  • "How does the adoption of digital payment technologies influence unorganized retailers’ performance? An investigation in an emerging market" (With Anirban Adhikary, Krishna Sundar Diatha and Amalesh Sharma), Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Forthcoming.
  • "Chief marketing officers’ discretion and firms’ internationalization: An empirical investigation" (With Kumar V, Sharma A and Akella L Y), Journal of International Business Studies, 52 (3), April 2021, 363-387.
  • "Responses to COVID-19: The role of governance, healthcare infrastructure, and learning from past pandemics" (With Sharma A and Moses A), Journal of Business Research, Volume 122, January 2021, 597-607
  • "Covid-19 and Domestic Violence: an Indirect Path to Social and Economic Crisis" (With Sharma A.), Journal of Family Violence, forthcoming.
  • Covid-19′s impact on supply chain decisions: Strategic insights from NASDAQ 100 firms using Twitter data (with Sharma A. and Adhikary A.) Journal of Business Research, 117, June 2020,443-449.
  • "Is it Too Complex? The Curious Case of Supply Network Complexity and Focal Firm Innovation" (With Sharma A., Pathak S. and Adhikary A.), Journal of Operations Management, 66 (7-8), October 2020, 839-865.
  • "Leveraging Service Recovery Strategies to Reduce Customer Churn in an Emerging Market" (With Prakhya, S. and Sharma, A.), Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 48(5), 848-868.
  •  Identifying the drivers of luxury brand sales in emerging markets: An exploratory study. (With Sharma, A., Soni, M. and Saboo, A. R.), Journal of Business Research, 111, April 2020,25-40.
  • Investigating the impact of workforce racial diversity on the organizational corporate social responsibility performance: An institutional logics perspective. (With Sharma, A., Moses, A. and Adhikary, A.), Journal of Business Research, 107(1), February 2020, 138-152.
  •  Understanding the Structural Characteristics of a Firm's Whole Buyer-Supplier Network and Its Impact on International Business Performance. (With Sharma, A., Kumar, V., Yan, J. and Adhikary, A.), Journal of International Business Studies, 50(3), April 2019, 365-392.
  •  Ritualization: A Strategic Tool to Position Brands in International Markets. (With Sharma, A. and Kumar, V.), Journal of International Marketing25(2), June 2017,1-24.



Awards & Honors

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