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Prof. Samrat Gupta

Information Systems

Educational Qualifications

Doctorate in IT & Systems (2018), Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Lucknow

B.E. in Information Technology (2009) , Punjab Engineering College (PEC) Chandigarh


Academic Affiliation

Assistant Professor, IIM Ahmedabad (March, 2018 - Present)


Professional Affiliation

International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA)

Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) India

Wipro Technologies

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)


Internships: I am not offering any short term projects. My apologies for not being able to respond to any internship requests.



  • Advances in Network Theoretic Modelling of Complex Systems (ANTMCS)
  • Database Management Systems (DBMS)


  • Managerial Computing (MC)
  • Internet Enabled Businesses (IEB)

Other Programs:

  • Privacy & Data Governance

 Area of Research

I am broadly interested in the area of Information Systems and Management. Currently, my research focus is on:

  • Methodological developments for modelling and analysis of complex networks
  • Socio-cultural implications of network structures in online platforms
  • Sociology and business of media and entertainment industry

Journal Publications

  • Deodhar, S.J.,Gupta, S. (2022) The Impact of Social Reputation Features in Innovation Tournaments: Evidence from a Natural Experiment. Information Systems Research
  • Gupta,S., Jain, G., Tiwari, A.A. (2022) Polarised social media discourse during COVID-19 pandemic: evidence from YouTube. Behaviour & Information Technology
  • Gupta, S., Tiwari, A.A. (2021). A Design-based Pedagogical Framework for Developing Computational Thinking Skills. Journal of Decision Systems
  • Ghai, A., Kumar, P.,Gupta, S. (2021). A Deep-Learning-based Image Forgery Detection Framework for Controlling the Spread of Misinformation. Information Technology and People
  • Gupta, S., Deodhar, S. (2021). Understanding digitally enabled complex networks: a plural granulation based hybrid community detection approach. Information Technology and People
  • Gupta, S., Kumar, P. (2021). A Constrained Agglomerative Clustering Approach for Unipartite and Bipartite Networks with Application to Credit Networks. Information Sciences, 557, 332-354
  • Gupta, S., Kumar, P. (2020). An Overlapping Community Detection Algorithm based on Rough Clustering of Links. Data and Knowledge Engineering, 125, 101777
  • Kumar, P., Gupta, S., & Bhasker, B. (2017). An Upper Approximation based Community Detection Algorithm for Complex Networks. Decision Support Systems, 96, 103-118
  • Gupta, S., Kumar, S., & Kumar, P. (2016). Evaluating the Predictive Power of an Ensemble Model for Economic Success of Indian Movies. Journal of Prediction Markets, 10(1)


Case and Teaching Notes




  • Causes and Symptoms of Socio-Cultural Polarization: Role of Information and Communication Technologies



  • Gupta, S., Deodhar, S.J. A Hybrid Granulation Approach for Community Detection in Binary Complex Networks. 6th Biennial Conference of the Indian Academy of Management (2019)
  • Gupta S., Tiwari, A.A. Network based Modelling and Analysis of Film Performance in the Indian Film Industry. 8th International Conference on Complex Networks and their Applications (2019)
  • Deodhar, S.J., Gupta, S. Under the Watching Eyes: Performance Implications of Digital Visibility in Online Contests. 79th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AOM), Boston, Massachusetts (2019). 
  • Gupta S., Kumar P & Perfilieva I. A Community Detection Algorithm Based on Granulation of Links. The Fifth International Conference on Big Data, Small Data, Linked Data and Open Data (ALLDATA), Valencia, Spain (2019) (Acceptance rate of .22) Best Paper Award
  • Gupta S. & Kumar P. An Approach to Identify Cohesive Subgroups of Banks in Bank-Firm Networks. Third International Conference on Business Analytics in Finance and Industry. Santiago, Chile (2018). Awarded Student Travel Grant of USD 1000
  • Gupta S., Kumar P. A Rough Set Approach to Find Cohesive Subgroups in Financial Credit Networks. 6th IDRBT Doctoral Colloquium, Hyderabad (2016). 3rd Best Paper Award of INR 35000
  • Gupta S., Kumar P. & Bhasker B. A Rough Connectedness Algorithm for Mining Communities in Complex Networks. 18th International Conference on Big Data Analytics and Knowledge Discovery (DaWaK). Porto, Portugal (2016) (Acceptance rate of .342)
  • Gupta S. & Kumar P. Community Detection in Heterogeneous Networks Using Incremental Seed Expansion. 3rd International Conference on Data Science and Engineering (ICDSE), Cochin, India (2016) (Acceptance rate of .259)
  • Kumar S. & Gupta S. Ensemble Prediction Technique for Box Office Performance: Leveraging Social Media Analysis to Improve Accuracy. 3rd International Conference on Business Analytics and Intelligence. IIM Bangalore, India (2015). Won Highly Commendable Research Paper Award of INR 10000
  • Gupta S., Kumar S. & Kumar P. A Comparative Analysis of Prediction Models for Indian Motion Picture Industry. 3rd PAN-IIM World Management Conference. IIM Indore, India (2015). Awarded Student Travel Grant

Awards & Honors

Year Awards & Honors







SPARC (MHRD) Research Grant

Best Paper Award at ALLDATA (2019) held at Valencia, Spain

Student Travel Grant (USD 1000) for Conference on Business Analytics in Finance and Industry held at Santiago, Chile

Best Paper award at Ph.D. Consortium, SJMSOM, IIT Bombay

Ranked 3rd at the Sixth IDRBT Doctoral Colloquium, Hyderabad

Highly Commended Paper Award at 3rd International Conference on Business Analytics and Intelligence held at IIM Bangalore.


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