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Prof. Joshy Jacob

Finance and Accounting (F&A)


Educational Qualifications

  • FPM, Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (2008)

Academic Affiliation


Professional Affiliation

  • Member, Financial Management Association




Area of Research:

  • Pricing of financial assets
  • Influence of behavioral issues in asset returns and corporate finance
  • Corporate finance issues in emerging markets  

Current Research:

  • Volatility and market microstructure (with Vipul)
  • Behaviour and Pricing Idiosyncratic Volatility
  • Systematic Risk Factors in the Indian Financial Markets (with Sobhesh K. Aggarwalla  & Jayanth R. Varma)
  • IPO Underpricing in India (Sobhesh K. Aggarwala)


Peer-Reviewed Journals:
  • Forecasting Performance of Extreme-Value Volatility Estimators, Journal of Futures Markets, 27, p1085-1105, with Vipul.
  • Stock Volatility Estimation and Forecasting with Range-Based Estimators, Journal of Futures Markets, 28, p561-581, with Vipul.
  • Default Risk Characteristics of Poll-Based Bond Spreads, Forthcoming, Journal of Emerging Market Finance, with M. Jayadev
  • Economic Slowdown and Indian Firms: An Overview, Vikalpa, 34, p59-66, with Prem Chander.
  • Value of Alternative Volatility Estimators for Investment Portfolio Strategies, European Financial Management Association (EFMA), Conference, Milan, June 2009, with Vipul.
  • Credit Spreads of Indian Corporate Bonds: Empirical Analysis, Financial Management Association (FMA), Asian Conference, Auckland, New Zealand, July, 2006, with M. Jayadev.
  • Stock Volatility Estimation and Forecasting with Range-Based Estimators, 4th Annual Conference of the Asia-Pacific Association of Derivatives (APAD), New Delhi, June 2007, with Vipul
  • Productivity and ESOP: An Empirical Study of Indian Information Technology Firms, Accepted for presentation at the 6th Asia Academy of Management Conference, Tokyo, December, 2006.
  • Probability of Default Using Merton's Option Pricing Model: An Empirical Analysis, 8th Capital Markets Conference, Mumbai, December, 2004, with Piyush Gupta (adjudged as an outstanding paper)
Registered Cases:
  • GE and GE Capital – a case on the issues of financial strategy of GE Capital, with Jayanth R. Varma.
  • ICICI – 2007 Public Issue- a case on the issues of a large follow-on public issue, with Jayanth R. Varma & Sobhesh K. Agarwalla
Case in progress:
  • Lupin's Foray into Japan, with Sobhesh K. Agarwalla and Prem Chander  




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