Prof. Jeevant Rampal


Educational Qualifications

Ph.D. Economics, Ohio State University

M.A. Economics, Delhi School of Economics

Academic Affiliation

American Economic Association

Econometric Society

Professional Affiliation





PGP Microeconomics, Term 1, 2017.


Area of Research


Economic Theory

Behavioral/Experimental Economics


Current Research (See:

1. Limited Foresight Equilibrium

2. Opponent's Foresight and Optimal Choice

3. Reverse Endowment Effect for a New Product (with A. Banerji)

4. Optimal Monopoly Mechanism with Demand Uncertainty (with James Peck)

5. Two Stage Contests among Teams with Factions (with Puja Bhattacharya)


Publications/ Articles/ Cases

Information, Branding, Certification and Consumer Willingness to Pay for High-Iron Pearl Millet: Experimental Evidence from Maharashtra, India. (With A. Banerji, Ekin Birol, and Bhushana Karandikar.) Food Policy, July (2016)


Working Papers (See:



Awards & Honors

Year Awards & Honors



Decision Sciences Collaborative Best Research Award: Ohio State University (OSU)

Departmental Citation for Excellence in Teaching, OSU




Staging Enabled