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Prof. Biju Varkkey 

Human Resources Management

Educational Qualifications:

  • Masters (HRM), MG University, Kerala 
  • Fellow (NIBM, Pune)

Academic and Organisational Employment (Previous):

  • IIM Lucknow and MDI Gurgaon

  • BPL Ltd, BRC and Indian Aluminium Company Ltd.

Professional Society Affiliation:

  • National Institute of Personnel Management (NIPM)

  • National HRD Network (NHRDN)

  • India HR Think Tank

  • Strategic Management Forum of India 

Board Positions and Advisory Roles: 

Board Positions


Committee Chairmanship

Committee membership -Current


Aster DM HealthCare Services (ADMH)- Independent Director (2019 -

Nomination and Remuneration Committee

  • CSR Committee
  • Risk Management Committee
  • Audit Committee


Husys Ltd- Independent Director (2015 - )

Nomination and Remuneration Committee

  • Audit Committee
  • Stakeholder Committee


Chair of Audit Committee

Bank of Baroda – Independent Director​

(2016-2019, reappointed 2019)


  • Strategic HR Committee
  • IT Strategy Committee
  • Nomination Committee of Board
  • Recovery Committee
  • High Value Fraud Committee
  • Wilful Defaulter Committee
  • CSR and Financial Inclusion Committee


Chair – Strategic HR Committee

Member of:

  • MCB
  • Governance Committee
  • Customer Relationship Committee
  • Stakeholder Committee

PGVNL, Rajkot (Government of Gujarat Company), Ceased – Independent Director

Audit Committee

  • Personnel Committee
  • Committee to review disciplinary cases


St. Peters School, Panchgani (2017 Onwards -


  • Member of Governing Board & Trustee


MCMAT Perumbavoor, Kerala (Ceased)


  • Episcopal Nominee to Governing Board


Connect CSR Impactors Pvt. Ltd (2013)



  • Non-Executive Director

Advisory Role

Dhan Foundation - External Member, HR Committee of Board


Prof. Biju Varkkey obtained masters degree in Human Resource Management from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala and Fellow in Management title from NIBM, Pune. His professional experience spans industry, consulting and leading management schools, having taught at IIM Lucknow and MDI Gurgaon. He was a visiting scholar at AILS, and has worked on commissioned assignments with the UNDP, ILO, IOM and organizations like UNITES and ITUC.

Currently he faculty member at IIM Ahmedabad with the Human Resource Management Area where he teaches in the graduate, executive development and doctoral programs. He chaired the task force for ePGP, IIMAs online Masters Degree program and was the founder chairperson of the EPGP program (2016-2020) He has developed and taught courses on
Strategic Human Resources Management, International HRM, Performance Management, Labour Relations, Strategic Outsourcing and Infrastructure Development. He teaches doctoral level research courses for the Fellow program students of IIM Ahmedabad, NIM and Academy of HRD, Ahmedabad. 


Prof Varkkey was the India Research Coordinator for the Paycheck India project, part of the global Wageindicator project. This is an international labour and employment research project initiated by group of researchers, organizations, journalists and trade unions. The Indian research portal can be accessed at . He was also involved in an international 14 country project "Decision for Life", and LRW projects, focusing on young talent entering employment market. From April 2014 -2016 he worked on an assignment with IOM, Geneva on a multi-country project related to recruitment of migrant workers, which is part of the Abu Dhabi Dialogue agenda, an intergovernmental initiative.  He has also worked for assignments supported by ILO, UNDP and WHO.


Areas of academic interest are Strategic Human Resource Management, Change Management, New Public Management, Leadership Development, HR Architecture for firms, Performance Management & Improvement, Flexible Work places, Employment Relations, Startups, Family Business transformation and Public Private Partnerships in Infrastructure. He has published papers and cases in journals like Business and Society, International Journal of Knowledge Management, Compensation and Benefits Review, IJOA, IJTDVikalpaSocial EngineerSouth Asian Journal of HRMVision: The Journal of Management Perspective, Performance Management, Policy in Focus, Human Capital etc. He has also co-edited books on HRM and has presented papers in national and international conferences. The coauthored, adapted text book `Human Resource Management' along with Gary Dessler, published by Pearson Education India is a leading text book at MBA level. He has also co-autored the UNDP monograph "Saga of Excellence", which is a study of DMRC. Prof Varkkey has authored more than 35 case studies and technical notes. He is member of board of studies/academic advisory committees of universities and colleges and member of editorial boards of various academic journals. Few, (co) authored cases and research papers have won awards at national level.


As an executive trainer, he has designed and taught in executive programs for managers and administrators in government, public sector, private sector, MNC's and non-government organizations, both in India and abroad. In addition, the consulting portfolio includes assignments for the government, autonomous bodies, private sector, MNC's and educational institutes.  Between 2000 and 2019, some of the organizations associated with as consultant and executive educator are DuPont India, Apollo Tyres, Apollo Munich Health Insurance, British Gas Subsidiaries, Bajaj Auto, Google India, Pfizer AHD NY, Max Newyork Life, Delhi Metro, E-Funds, Landmark UAE, Aster Pharma UAE, ETA-Ascon UAE, Gislin Software, Employees State Insurance Corporation, Sandvik Asia, Cummins India, Bharati Airtel, Maruti, Mauritius Telecom, Hemas Group Srilanka, Indian Oil Corporation, Indian Bank, UCO Bank, National Institute of Design Ahmedabad, HMT, Laxmi Bank Nepal, J P Morgan India, Maxis – Astro Malaysia, MARA Malaysia, Vodafone India, Zydus Cadilla and THDC.


He has worked on consulting assignments with the Rajyasabha (Upper House of Indian Parliamentary System) for administrative review of secretariat cadre in the light of recommendations of the committee for review of constitution.  Prof Varkkey was team member and study coordinator of the IIMA team contracted by the 6th   Central Pay Commission of Government of India for advising on introduction of PRI system in the government and with 7th central pay commission for developing comparative picture of compensation. He also worked with the cabinet secretariat on the design and implementation of `Result Framework – Phase I", which has been approved by the Hon PM in August 2008. He is also invited member of the ATF (2009-10, 2010-11, 12-13) constituted by Cabinet Secretariat, GOI to negotiate annual performance targets of social sector ministries. He is additionally associated three state governments as member of state level ATF.


Earlier, he was involved with Government of India in the task group for improving performance evaluation system of civil servants and served as expert member of the high-powered committee constituted by Government of Gujarat to develop Human Resource Forecast for Gujarat government for the coming decade. In March 2008, Prof Varkkey was part of the team constituted by ARC to prepare discussion paper on Civil Service PMS for the civil services day. He was an invited member of the academic advisory board of a high-technology startup and mentor to a startup company incubated by IIT Delhi. He serves as independent director and member of committees (HR, Audit, Nomination Committee, Customer Service) of public companies, invited member of Board level HR related committees, and advises firms, startups and NGO's about organization, succession and HR systems.


He has served as nominated member in the Core Committee of the National HRD Network – Delhi Chapter (1998-1999), organizing committee for India Young HR Conference, as member of the founding governing body of the Strategic Management Forum of India and committees of CII, NIPM and NHRD Network. He is also core member of India HR Think tank and is involved with the Internal Talent Development research track.



Core Courses: 

ePGP/PGP/PGPX: Compulsory Course : HRM/SHRM (IIMA, MDI Gurgaon, IIML)​

                                   Flexi Core : Managing Workplace Dynamics and Decent Work 

Phd Courses:

FDP/AFP Courses: HRM (Core)

Elective Courses:

  • Negotiation Lab (PGPX/PGP - IIMA)

  • Human Capital in Projects (team teaching) (PGP/ePGP - IIMA)

  • Delivering Customer Value (team teaching) (PGP - IIMA)

  • Infrastructure Development and Financing (team teaching) (PGP - IIMA)

  • Performance Management (Armed Forces Program, PGP - IIMA)

  • Strategic HRM (PGP - MDI, Gurgaon)

  • Labour Relations (PGP - IIML)



Areas of Research Interest:

  • Strategic Human Resource Management, HR Strategy as Practice

  • Total Rewards, Pay-for-Performance, Minimum Wages, Employer Branding

  • Performance Management,  Team Capability Development and TMT

  • Leadership Development, Career Satisfaction and Succession

  • Salesforce Management, Organisation Design

  • Employment Relations, Decent Work, New Employment Contracts, New forms/Future of Work.

  • Public Service Motivation

  • HR Function Design and Transformation, Governance and HRM

  • Faith and Religion in Organisation

Sectors of Interest:

  • Banking and Financial Services, Tourism, 

  • Manufacturing

  • Government/PSUs

  • Health Care/Pharmaceuticals

  • Family Firms

  • Community Based Organisations, Platforms

  • Professional Services Firms

​Sponsored Research Projects:

  • Paycheck India supported by WageIndicator Foundation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


  • Decision for Life supported by WageIndicator Foundation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands



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  • Varkkey, B., Rao, G.P., Dutta, R. (Eds.). (2000). Value creation: The HR challenge in the new millennium. New Delhi: Tata McGraw-Hill Pub.


Journal Publications and Book Chapters: 

  • Luthufi, M. Pandey J.,Palo S., Varkkey, B.(2020). Influence of Organizational Climate on Prosocial Organizational Behaviour. The Indian Journal of Industrial Relations,. 55(4): 604-616

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Registered Cases: 


Working papers and Reports:


  • Ray, P., Sohani, S., Varkkey, B. I love him, I love him not: A Multilevel Undestanding of Employment Relationship between Humans and Robot at Workplace. Journal of Management Studies conference on the Future of Work,University of Birmingham, United Kingdom. April 02-03, 2020 (Conference Cancelled)  

  • Johar, E., Varkkey, B. HRM in Platform-based Gig Work: Strategies for capturing Employee Voice. BAM2020 Conference. Alliance Manchester Business School,Manchester, England.  September 02-04, 2020  (Cloud Conference)

  • Kumar, R., Varkkey, B. Workplace Spirituality and Organisational Justice in Community Based Organization.80th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. Vancouver, BC. August 07-11,2020

  • Kumar, V., Bahadur, J., Chandwani, R., Varkkey, B. Machine Learning and Grounded Theory: New Opportunities for Mixed-Design Research. AMCIS 2020. August 10-14, 2020. (Virtual Conference)



  • Varkkey B., Trivedi B. HR Leaders driving HR Transformation:  Case of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry. 7th International HR Conference at K.J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research, Mumbai. January 30-31, 2020.

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  • Varkkey, B., Korde, R., Guze, M. Do Minimum Wages & Living Wages affect Industrial Relations in Asian Countries? Paper presented at the 18th International Labour and Employment Relations Association (ILERA) World Congress 2018, Seoul. July 23-27, 2018.

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Consulting, Advisory and Committees

  • Recruitment and Selection Exercise for Deputy Municipal Commissioners of AMC. 2019. Along with Chetan Soman, Meenakshi Sharma and M.P.  Ram Mohan. Client: Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC)

  • 360 degree for Development for Shree Ramkrishna Exports Pvt. Ltd. 2018. Client: Shree Ramkrishna Exports Pvt. Ltd.

  • Study of BBNL's Project Management Strategy, Organisation Structure and HR Policies. 2018. Along with Sunil Sharma. Client: BBNL

  • Recruitment and Selection Exercise for Assistant Manager of AMC. 2018. Along with Chetan Soman and Meenakshi Sharma. Client: Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC)

  • Junior Board/Council. Designing the Framework and Execution for Indofil Industries Limited. 2018. Client: Indofil  Industires

  • Comparative Study of Remuneration Patterns between Major Ports, CPSUs and Private Ports and Analyse & Suggest Optimal Pay Packages including CTC for Various Groups Employed in Major Ports. 2018. Along with G. Raghuram, Manjari Singh and  Naman Desai. Client: Indian Ports Association

  • Review of mentoring system of Cochin Shipyard Limited. 2017. Along with Bhumi Trivedi.Client: Cochin Shipyard Limited

  • People Development Framework to build High Performance Teams. 2016. Client: Pfizer Products India Private L.t.d.

  • Restructuring, Process Reengineering and Performance Evaluation system of BBNL.2016. Along with Sunil Sharma. Client: Bharat Broadband Network Limited. 

  • Understanding the Labour Recruitment Industry between United Arab Emirates and India (Kerala) + Nepal for Abu Dabhi dialogue. 2015-16. Along with Saral Mukherjee. Client: International Organization for Migration, Geneva

  • Design and Implementation of New Performance Management System. 2015. Along with Vishal Gupta. Client: SICOM, Mumbai. 

  • A Study for Comparing Salaries/ Emoluments in the Government Sector vis-à-vis Central Public Sector Undertakings/ Private Sector in India (Tech.). 2015. Along with Sunil Maheshwari, Manjari Singh, Promila Agarwal, Srihari Sohani, Jatin Pandey, Jatinder Kumar Jha and Shivani Rathod. Client: Seventh Central Pay Commission

  • Improving Efficiency of PMS process : India, UAE and Saudi Arabia. 2014-15. Client: L&T Hydrocarbon Division.

  • OD Intervention on Increasing effectiveness of HR functions of Amara Raja Group. 2014-15. Client: Amara Raja Group

  • Compilation and Verification of Trade Union Membership and Collective Bargaining Coverage Data. 2014. Client: International Labour Organization

  • HR Transformation of UCO Bank. 2014. Along with Sanjay Verma and Sunil Sharma. Client: UCO Bank

  • Organisation Review and Business Plan Development for Competition Commission of India. 2013. Along with Sunil Sharma, Client: CCI

  • Designing a Learning Intervention and Case study development.2012.Client: Reliance Mutual Fund

  • Strategic Leadership Development and Goal Setting. 2012. Client: Synthite Industries 

  • Local Leadership Installation and Capability Development: Anglophone markets. 2012.  Along with IIMA team. Client:  Airtel Africa. 

  • Vodafone-IBM Relationship Alignment. 2012. Along with Rajanish Dass and Kirti Sharda. Client: Vodafone and IBM

  • Capacity Development Project. 2011. Client: Hope Micro Finance Ltd

  • Diagnostic Study and Vision - Mission formulation for a FMCG company, Mumbai. 2011. Along with P K Sinha. Client: HRIPL Mumbai. 

  • Public Sector Excellence Project; Delhi Metro Rail Corporation. 2010-11. Along with Samar Dutta, Srijan Pal Singh,Suyog N. Client: UNDP

  • Analysing the Effectiveness and Impact of E-Learning - The Instructor's Perspective - "Technical Teachers' Development and Training Program". 2010. along with Rajanish Dass. Client: MHRD, GOI

  • Analysis of the Critical Success Factors for E-Learning Initiatives: A Review and Analysis.  2010. Along with Rajanish Dass. Client: MHRD, GOI

  • Comprehensive Study and Review of the Organisational Objectives of MPEDA and Developing Appropriate Organisation Design and HRM Framework: Industry Analysis and Activities of MPEDA Part 1 (Organisational Strategy). 2009. Along with V.N Asopa. Client: MPEDA

  • Comprehensive Study and Review of the Organisational Objectives of MPEDA and Developing Appropriate Organisation Design and HRM Framework: Industry Analysis and Activities of MPEDA Part 2 (HRM Strategy). 2009. Along with V.N Asopa. Client: MPEDA

  • Proposed Role of Chief Commissioner of Income Tax Department. 2008. along with Shailesh Gandhi. Client: CBDT, GOI

  • Diagnosis of Organisational Culture and Human Resource Framework for Intas BioPharma. 2008. Client: Intas BioPharma

  • Synthesis Report of Studies: Formulating the Concepts, Principles, and Parameters for Performance-Related Incentives (PRI) in Government for Sixth Central Pay Commission. 2008.  Along with Prem Pangotra, Rekha Jain, Manjari Singh, Abishek Mishra, Narayan Rangaraj, and Dr. Swati Mishra Client: Sixth Central Pay Commission

  • Training Impact Assessment of Urban Local Bodies, Rajasthan.  2008. Client: World Bank

  • Feasibility study for MDP. 2007. Client: Astro TV, Malaysia

  • Report on Cadre Review for Rajya Sabha Secretariat. 2007. Client: Secretary General, Rajyasabha

  • Examining the Feasibility of Performance Related Incentive (PRI) in the Government of India: Study 2 in Ministry of Company Affairs and Department of Revenue (CBDT/CBEC). 2007.  Client: Sixth Central Pay Commission

  • Report on Organisation Diagnosis Exercise and Human Resource Management System Evaluation: A Study for Tehri Hydro Development Corporation Ltd. 2007. Along with Indira Parikh. Client: THDC

  • Report on Human Resource Planning & Development: Eleventh Plan - National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad (2007-2012). 2006. Along with `Manjari Singh. Client: NID

  • Strategic Human Resource Management Audit for Indian Bank: Report and Implementation Plan. 2005. Client: Indian Bank

  • Report on Review of Productivity Linked Bonus Scheme for Employees State Insurance Corporation. 2004. Along with Arvinda Tripathi. Client: ESIC

  • Study Report on Review of Productivity Linked Bonus Scheme for Employees State Insurance Corporation Employees under Medical Directorate. 2004. Client: ESIC

  • Individual Development Plan for Senior Leaders. 2004. Client: Pfizer Products India Private Limited

  • Diagnostic study for HR practices. 2003. Client: Bansilal Ramnath Agarwal Charitable Trust 

  • Leadership Development Intervention: Hughes Software Services. 1999.  Along with P. Saigal .Client: Hughes software services

Involvement with Government Committees and Industry Associations


RFD, Performance Management Division, Cabinet Secretary, GOI


ATF, PMD, Cabinet Secretary, GOI- Social Sector Cluster


ATF, Government of Kerala


ATF, Government of Punjab


ATF, Government of Himachal Pradesh

Invited Member

CAG Gujarat Region Advisory Committee


High power Committee to review Man Power policies of Government of Gujarat


Administrative Reforms Committee, GOI (Current Status and Future Directions of Government Performance Management System)

Expert (Selection)

Rajya Sabha Secretariat

Expert (Selection)

DPC, UPSC, RBI, various PSUs


NIPM- Various committees for programme and award


NHRDM- Core committee Delhi and Programme committee


CII-AP- ER committee

Invited Member

Discussion meeting on Implementation of Decent Work Asia Project in Indonesia and Cambodia (ILO)

Independent Member

EBDT (Income Tax Department, Ministry of Finance)


Anomaly Committee for dealing with Staff Issues (Rajya Sabha, New Delhi)


RR Committee (Gujarat State Civil Supply Cooperation Ltd., Gandhinagar)


HR Process Review Committee (Hope Micro-Credit Finance India Pvt Ltd)


Strategic HR Committee (Cochin Shipyard Ltd.)

Panel Member

CII-APHR Affirmative Action and Industry Employee Panel (CII Hydrabad)















Membership in Board of Studies/Academic Committees


Board of Studies, School of Social Science, Central University of Gujarat (2019 onwards)


Board of Studies, MHRM Programme, Rajagiri College, MG University, Kerala (2019 onwards)


Advisory Board, HRM Programme, WE school Mumbai (2017 onwards)


Board of Studies, MBA Programme, Kannur University


OB and HR area Committee, Nirma University


Research Project Committee and Academic Committee, Mahatma Gandhi Labour Institute (MGLI)


Training Committee, Gujarat Energy Research and Management Institute (GERMI)

Member (External)

Equal Opportunity Cell, Gujarat University


Awards & Honors

Year Awards & Honors
2020 INDAM Best Paper of the Track Award. Sixth Biennial Conference of the Indian Academy of Management. Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli
2014 3rd NHRD- TITAN HR SHOWCASE Impactful Research Award
2013 Winner of the ISB- Ivey Global Case Competition (Entrepreneurship Category)
2013 Regulating for Decent Work (RDW) fellowship for ILO Conference on Regulating for Equitable and Job-Rich Growth, Geneva, Switzerland




Staging Enabled