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Prof. Adrija Majumdar

Information Systems

Educational Qualifications

PhD in Management Information Systems (2019), Indian Institute of Management Calcutta

B.Tech in Information Technology (2011), IEM, West Bengal University of Technology


Academic Affiliation

Assistant Professor, IIM Ahmedabad (May, 2019 - Present)


Professional Affiliation





Area of Research

Broadly interested in social media research. Particularly use of social media by organisations and its impact, importance of text etc. 


Current Research


Journal Publications

  • Prakash, C. D., & Majumdar, A. (2021). Analyzing the role of national culture on content creation and user engagement on Twitter: The case of Indian Premier League cricket franchises. International Journal of Information Management57, 102268.
  • Majumdar, Adrija, and Indranil Bose. "Do tweets create value? A multi-period analysis of Twitter use and content of tweets for manufacturing firms." International Journal of Production Economics 216 (2019): 1-11.
  • Majumdar, Adrija, and Indranil Bose. "My words for your pizza: An analysis of persuasive narratives in online crowdfunding." Information & Management 55.6 (2018): 781-794.
  • Majumdar, Adrija, and Indranil Bose. "Detection of financial rumors using big data analytics: the case of the Bombay Stock Exchange." Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce 28.2 (2018): 79-97.
  • Adhikari, Arnab, Adrija Majumdar, Gaurav Gupta, and Arnab Bisi. "An innovative super-efficiency data envelopment analysis, semi-variance, and Shannon-entropy-based methodology for player selection: evidence from cricket." Annals of Operations Research (2018): 1-32.


Teaching Cases

  • Bose Indranil, and Majumdar, Adrija. "Simulanis: Transforming Training Digitally Through Augmented and Virtual Reality", IIMC Case Research Centre
  • Bose Indranil, and Majumdar, Adrija. "Value Creation Through Big Data Analytics at The Bombay Stock Exchange", IIMC Case Research Centre
  • Bose Indranil, Lahiri, Saikat, and Majumdar, Adrija. "Mytrah Energy: Diversifying into Solar", IIMC Case Research Centre


Book Chapter

Majumdar, Adrija, and Indranil Bose. "Privacy Calculus Theory and Its Applicability for Emerging Technologies." In: Sugumaran V., Yoon V., Shaw M. (eds) E-Life: Web-Enabled Convergence of Commerce, Work, and Social Life, Springer, Cham, 2015




Awards & Honors

Year Awards & Honors
2018 Best Doctoral Paper Award at the 6th PAN-IIM World Management Conference, organised by IIM Bangalore
2018 Best Paper Award at the 4th Management Doctoral Colloquium and VGSoM Research Scholars' Day, Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT Kharagpur 



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