JSW School of Public Policy (JSW-SPP)

The JSW School of Public Policy (JSW-SPP) at the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, India (IIMA) is a centre of excellence in the making. Set up very recently with support from the JSW Group, it seeks to make a distinctive contribution to knowledge about public policy through cutting-edge research on the emerging Indian experience of policy formulation and design, policy choice, and policy impact, and through its educational programs. It aims at encouraging an interdisciplinary approach that allows diverse theoretical and methodological perspectives to be brought to the study of public policy.

Over the years, IIMA faculty members have consistently engaged with public policy formulation and analysis, especially in agriculture, education, health, innovation, infrastructure, environment and energy, public finance and regulation, and governance. A significant amount of research, teaching and advisory work has been undertaken, creating for IIMA a reputation for innovative, grounded and future-oriented contribution to improving policy formulation and implementation. Many of IIMA's alumni, including a former Governor of the central Reserve Bank of India, have played critical roles in the public policy domain. JSW-SPP now seeks to build on this legacy by becoming a platform for IIMA faculty members interested in researching:

  • Public policy dialogues that bring together different stakeholders in an effort to refine policy formulation and design
  • Initiatives that improve the implementation of new and existing policies or programmes, allowing a study of the science of implementation through realistic theories of change
  • Innovative evaluation methodologies that help generate a better and more nuanced understanding of the impact of policy.


JSW-SPP also seeks to associate with IIMA's Executive Education Department, and co-host short-term executive education programs in public policy offered by the Executive Education Department. 

JSW-SPP's research and teaching programs are being planned keeping in mind national priorities in the following sectors:

  1. Agriculture
  1. Social Policy
  1. Infrastructure
  1. Governance and Regulation
  2. Energy and Environment


The JSW School of Public Policy has initiated the construction of a building which is expected to be ready by the end of 2020. As the work of the JSW-SPP progresses, we will be updating this page. Please get in touch with us at jswspp@iima.ac.in.

JSW School of Public Policy Governing Board

Chairperson of Board (Director, IIMA); 2 Members from IIMA; Representative of JSW Group (Mr. Sandeep Gokhale); Independent Member (Dr. Shubhashis Gangopadhyay)

JSW School of Public Policy Executive Committee (2019-2021)

Profs. Rakesh Basant, Sandip Chakrabarti, Anish Sugathan (Chairperson), Rama Mohana Turaga

JSW School of Public Policy: Distinguished Fellow

Mr. Manoj Kumar Srivastava (January 2018 to December 2019)
Staging Enabled