Special Collection

The Special Collections of IIMA Archives collects donations to the archives from people formerly associated with IIMA and also material relevant to the business and economic history of India.

  • Louis Kahn Collection: Books, theses and videos on Louis Kahn. The IIMA architecture collection is stored at the Louis Kahn Archives in USA.
  • Ravi Matthai Collection: Written material of Prof. Ravi Matthai including Experiments in Educational Innovation of "The Rural University" and Occasional Speeches and Writings.
  • A. K. Jain Collection: Material donated by Prof. A.K. Jain (Marketing Area), collected over five decades of his association with IIMA, including student project reports and meeting minutes.
  • B. H. Jajoo Collection: Material donated by Prof. B. H. Jajoo regarding IIMA's computer centre and library.
  • Donations to IIMA Archives:
    • On Prof. Warren Haynes (by Douglas Haynes; CV, Bio and Photographs)
    • On Prof. J G Krishnayya (Sourced oral history on the history of computing)
    • Indian management institutes history related documents by Lourens Van Haaften, historian
    • From Alumni
  • Business History Collection
    • Shares Certificate: Material donated by Mr. Vivek Matthai, son of Prof. Ravi J. Matthai.
    • The IIMA library has an outstanding collection of books and reports on the business history of India. A catalogue of all corporate annual reports stored at the IIMA Library is available on this link.
    • Directories: All Joint Stock Companies of India (1921-22), All India Swadeshi Directory (1933), Investor's India Yearbook (1927, 1934, 1943, 1952), Bombay Investor's Yearbook (1940), Calcutta Stock Exchange Yearbook (1938, 1947, 1955), Times of India Bombay Directory of 1940 (4 Vols.)
    • Indian Management Journal, 1961-62 issues; Later issues available at the IIMA Library.
  • Special Collections Oral History
    • Chitra Publicity, Ahmedabad [One of the first outdoor advertisers of India].