Reading List

A selected list of readings on the history of IIMA and overviews of Indian business history are provided below. The download links for some of these publications are also provided. This list will be useful for alumni and researchers who wish to learn more about the history of IIMA before visiting the IIMA Archives.

On the history of IIMA,

  • Robbins, George. (1959). Recommendations for an All-India Institute of Management. [Download]
  • Varkey, P.K., Harindran, U.K. and Ganapathy, A. (1980). The Shahibaug Days. IIMA Contact Magazine, January Issue. [Download]
  • Subramaniam, M. K. (1969). The IIMA Campus. IIMA Alumnus, October Issue [Download]
  • IIMA. (1973). IIMA: The First Decade, 1962-72. [Download]
  • Hill, Thomas, Haynes, Warren and Howard Baumgartel. (1973). Management Education in India: A Study of International Collaboration in Institution Building.
  • IIMA. (1987). Kahn's Monastic Vision: Architecture at IIMA. IIMA Alumnus. May Issue. [Download]
  • IIMA. (1993). Institution Building: The IIMA Experience. Vol 1: The Early Years [Download]
  • IIMA. (1994). Institution Building: The IIMA Experience. Vol 2: Subsequent Years [Download]
  • Misra, S. B and Vijaya Sherry Chand (Eds.). (1999). Institution Building: An International Perspective on Management Education. Macmillan.
  • Chand, Vijaya Sherry and T. V. Rao (Eds.). (2011). Nurturing Institutional Excellence: Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad.
  • IIMA. (2010). The Natural World at IIMA.
  • IIMA. (2010). India's Management Athenaeum.
  • Ram Mohan, T. T. (2011). Brick by Red Brick: Ravi Matthai and the making of IIM Ahmedabad. Rupa Publications.
  • Anubhai, Prafull. (2011). The IIMA Story: The DNA of an Institution. Random House India.
  • IIMA (2016). Exploring and Expanding the Frontiers of Knowledge: A Compendium of Dissertation Abstracts of the Fellow Programme in Management. IIMA: Office of the Fellow Programme in Management.
  • IIMA CIIE (2018). Of Experiments and Entrepreneurs. IIMA: Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship.
  • Krishnamurty, Keshav. (2020). "Painting the World Crimson: The Global Spread of Graduate Management Education as Facilitated by Harvard Business School". PhD Dissertation, University of Massachusetts Boston.
  • Vijaya Sherry Chand. (2010). What's in the upper half of our logo?.
  • Vijaya Sherry Chand. (2017). The story of our logo.

On IIMA personalities,

  • Ensminger, Douglas. (1972). The Ford Foundation and Management Education in India. Oral History Account, B-7, Ford Foundation Archives.
  • Basu, Aparna. (2018). As Times Change, the Story of an Ahmedabad Business Family: The Sarabhais, 1823-1975. Ahmedabad: Sarabhai Foundation.
  • Chowdhry, Kamla. (Ed.). (1974). Management for Development: A collection of papers by Vikram Sarabhai. Delhi: Vikas.
  • Joshi, Padmanabh. (Ed.). (1992). Vikram Sarabhai: The Man and the Vision. Mapin Publication.
  • Shah, Amrita. (2016). Vikram Sarabhai: A Life. Penguin.
  • Tripathi, Dwijendra. (1981). The Dynamics of a Tradition: Kasturbhai Lalbhai and his Entrepreneurship. Ahmedabad: Manohar.
  • Tripathi, Dwijendra. (Ed.). (1983). Tribute to Ethics: Remembering Kasturbhai Lalbhai. Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ahmedabad
  • Kahn, L. I., Jhaveri, S., & Ronner, H. (1987). Louis I Kahn: Complete Work 1935-1974. Birkhauser.
  • Lesser, Wendy. (2017). You Say to Brick: The Life of Louis Kahn. Farrar, Straus and Giroux.
  • Srivastava, Amit. (2009). Encountering Materials in Architectural Production: The Case of Kahn and Brick at IIM. Doctoral thesis at University of Adelaide.
  • Tandon, Prakash. (1980). Return to Punjab: 1961-1975. Vikas Publishing House.
  • Tandon, Prakash. (2011). A Manager's Mind. [Lectures & Notes published posthumously].
  • Paul, Samuel. (2010). A Life and Its Lessons: Memoirs. Public Affairs Centre, Bangalore.
  • Kakar, Sudhir. (2014). A Book of Memory: Confessions and Reflections. Penguin.
  • Rao, T. V. (2014). My Journey with IIMA: An Autobiographical Account. IIMA Working Paper No. 2014-03-14.
  • Pruthi, S.P.S. (2008). Reflections: Events, People, Policies and Practices. Pitambar Publishing.
  • IIMC and ARCH@Srishti. (2012). Citizens and Revolutionaries: An Oral History of IIM Calcutta. Rupa & Co.
  • Bansal, Rashmi. (2008). Stay Hungry Stay Foolish: The inspiring stories of 25 IIM Ahmedabad graduates who chose to tread a path of their own making. IIMA CIIE Publications.
  • John, Prashant. (2009). Second Degree: One Crazy Year at IIM-A. Ekalavya Education.

Studies citing IIMA Archives,

Overviews of Indian Business History,

  • Tripathi, Dwijendra. (2004). The Oxford History of Indian Business. Oxford University Press.
  • Tripathi, Dwijendra and Jyoti Jumani. (2007). The Concise Oxford History of Indian Business. Oxford University Press.
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  • Roy, Tirthankar. (2018). A Business History of India: Enterprise and the Emergence of Capitalism from 1700. Cambridge University Press.