The IIMA Archives holds a rich collection of documents associated with the history of IIMA and a growing catalogue on the history of business in India. The collection has been digitized and the archive is accessible to the public for research except for a few recent items which are embargoed or require special permission.

The IIMA Archives catalogue and access policy are available at this link.

A brief overview is provided below:

  1. Publications include books, articles and reports on IIMA, case lists, conference proceedings, annual reports, bulletins, institute catalogues, newsletters and magazines, student yearbooks and research related documents such as volumes of the in-house journal Vikalpa, working papers and documents of research centres.

    Some of these documents are accessible through the IIMA Vikram Sarabhai Library’s Institutional Repository webpage at this link.

    All the IIMA Annual Reports since 1962-63 are accessible through this link.

    All the annual reports of the Research & Publications division on the research output of the faculty members since 1967, are available at this link.

    Over 2,000 Working Papers published since 1973 are accessible through this link.

    Almost all the issues of the alumni magazine since the first issue in October 1969 are accessible through this link.

    All the cases of IIMA can be purchased at this link. A catalogue of all the cases can be downloaded as a spreadsheet at this link.
  2. Academic documents include programme brochures, review reports, convocation speeches and course outlines. The convocation speeches can also be accessed under each convocation page at this link.
  3. Administrative documents include manuals, documents of the Alumni Office and key letters of correspondence between 1961 and 1964 among the different stakeholders of the institute.
  4. Oral History preserves the audio-visual recordings and transcripts of interviews conducted for the IIMA Oral History Project. A complete list of interviewees is available in the archives catalogue and snippets from this project can be accessed at this link.
  5. Objects of the past, such as those from the computer centre.
  6. Photos-Videos include a large collection of photographs since the 1960s and some videos from the 1990s. Some of the photo albums are accessible at this link and videos are accessible at this link. The convocation videos and batch photographs, where available, can be accessed under each convocation page at this link.
  7. News-Media stores clips on IIMA published in major media outlets over the years.
  8. Special collections include donations to the archives from alumni and others which include memoirs, CV’s and student yearbooks, oral histories of businesses in Ahmedabad and outside, and corporate directories from the early 20th century. Further information is available at this link.


The following archives also provide useful information on IIMA’s history:

  • Harvard Business School (HBS) Archives in Boston, USA, contains over thousands of pages of material on IIMA history in the 1960s during the period of the IIMA-HBS partnership. Courtesy HBS Baker Library Special Collections, their IIMA records catalogue can be accessed at this link.
  • Ford Foundation Archives at the Rockefeller Archive Center, outside New York City in USA, contains over thousands of pages of material on IIMA history in the 1960s and 1970s when the Ford Foundation funded several activities of institution building at IIMA. The records include correspondence, grant files, observation reports and a valuable oral history of Douglas Ensminger, the key representative of the Ford Foundation in the Indian subcontinent from 1951 to 1970.
  • Louis Kahn Archives at the University of Pennsylvania in USA holds many drawings of Louis Kahn, the architect of the iconic red brick IIMA campus.

A comprehensive list of archives and resources on Indian business history is available at the following link.