Nandini Joshi

Nandini Joshi

Professor Nandini Joshi worked in the Economics Area from 28th June 1968 to 29th April 1974.

She had joined IIMA after returning from the United States.

She completed her post graduate doctoral training at Harvard University where she worked with Prof. Leontief, the famous advocate of the Input Output Theory.

Prof. Joshi designed an elective course on competition and market structure. After leaving the Institute in 1973, she involved herself in several socio-economic activities including women's rights. She was an ardent believer in Gandhian Philosophy. Prof. Joshi also promoted textile methods via the Unnati Trust. Her father, Umashankar Joshi (1911-88) was a renowned poet and writer in Gujarati literature.

Date of Birth: July 05, 1941

Date of Death: June 21, 1998