Jahar Saha

Jahar Saha

Jahar Saha, IIMA Research Assistant (1966-71), Faculty (1975-2005) and Director (1997-2002)

Prof. Jahar Saha (1943- ), a trained statistician, first joined IIMA as a Research Assistant (1966-71) working with Prof. V L Mote. He was sent by IIMA to Case Western Reserve University in USA for doctoral studies and returned to IIMA as faculty member in the Production & Quantitative Methods Area (1975-2005) and held a variety of administrative positions before his appointment as the Director of IIMA (1997-2002). He was born in a place now under Bangladesh and his family had to move to Calcutta during Partition. He belonged to the first batch of undergraduate students at the Indian Statistical Institute in Calcutta. In his interview, he recounted his association with IIMA for nearly four decades in different roles, the famous MSM course, interactions with other faculty members and aspects of his Directorship such as securing land for the new campus, setting up CIIE and more student exchange programmes, and dealing with the 2001 earthquake and 2002 riots.

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