Prafull Anubhai

Prafull Anubhai

Prafull Anubhai, IIMA Visiting Faculty and Board Member

Prafull Anubhai (1938- ) grew up in Ahmedabad, did his B.Sc Economics at the London School of Economics and spent most of his career in Ahmedabad’s textile industry, running a firm and serving on the boards of numerous companies. He had a unique association with IIMA for over 45 years, beginning with his participation in IIMA’s management development programme, then as visiting faculty, and then as member of IIMA’s Society and Board of Governors for several decades before writing the book The IIMA Story: The DNA of an Institution in 2011. He was also the founder-Chairman of the Ahmedabad University’s Board of Management and co-founder of Saptak Archives for music. In his interview, he recounted his association with IIMA over four decades, in different capacities.

Interview recorded on 23rd July, 2019

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Title: Mr. Prafull Anubhai on Writing and Teaching Cases at IIMA

Title: Mr. Prafull Anubhai on being with IIMA for over 40 years