Akshaya Vijayalakshmi

PhD (Marketing), PGDM (Marketing Communications)

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At this point, I am not hiring interns for winter or summer projects. Thank you for your interest


On Gender Issues

  • Exploring the COVID-19 opportunity for domestic violence campaigns in WARC
  • Understanding the state of domestic workers because of the lockdown in Scroll.in
  • Impact of the covid-19 related lockdown on Domestic Violence (in The Hindu) and Domestic Workers (in the Scroll.in)
  • Articles on the #MeToo movement in EPW Engage and Pragati
  • On free rides to women in The Hindu




On Parents and Advertising targeted at children

  • Podcast on parental management of media and advertising.
  • Blog post on parental mediation in Iran in the Journal of Marketing Management blog site
  • Summary of few of my papers in the IIMA Faculty Newsletter




MBA: Psychology of Persuasion, Business Research Methods

PhD: Research Methods (Qualitative and Experimental)

Vlog made by Ameya Mittal, 2019 summer intern


Broadly: Marketing and Public Policy

Specifically: Impact of violence on marketplace interactions, Understanding and Response to Ads


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  2. Lin, Jenny, Akshaya Vijayalakshmi, and Russell N. Laczniak (2019), "Toward an Understanding of Parental Views and Actions on Social Media Influencers Targeted at Adolescents: The Roles of Parents' Social Media Use and Empowerment." Frontiers in Psychology, 10: 2664. (The first and second authors contributed equally).
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  • Funding from the National Human Rights Commission to study Sexual Harassment of Low-Wage Workers at the Workplace
  • Funding from the Transformative Consumer Research study group to understand the role of media and mother's autonomy on children's educational expenditures
  • Several research and travel grants from affiliated institutes (Iowa State University, University of South Dakota and IIMA)


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