Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly


Professor Paul Mampilly worked in the Finance and Accounting Area from 18th January 1975 to 1st January 1982.

He was the Chairman of the Area in 1978. Prof. Mampilly obtained his BA in Mathematics from the University of Madras where he held the highest percentage. He was a PGP 1970 Alumnus and Gold Medalist from IIMA.

Previously for six years, he worked as an Accounts Officer for the Senior Auditor of the Government of India. He also worked in the same capacity for three years with the International Commission of Control and Supervision in South Vietnam. Prof. Mampilly was awarded a Senior Research Fellowship in 1968 at the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency in Sweden in recognition of his abilities. He was also awarded the Graduation Fellowship in 1970 by the Centre for Chinese Studies, University of Michigan.

He authored Performance Budgeting System (1971) and coauthored Net Present Value v/s Internal Rate of Return (1972) and Economies of Scale in Banking.

After retiring from the Institute, Prof. Mampilly worked with the Asian Development (East) Division. He succumbed to Cancer at the age of 52 in San Diego, California, when he was survived by his wife and three children.

Date of Birth: November 25, 1936

Date of Death: February 06, 1989