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Swanand Deodhar


Swanand J. Deodhar is an Associate Professor in Information Systems at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He specializes in areas of technology management, collective innovation, digital transformation, and digital platforms. His most recent work is on understanding how digital platforms drive user behavior through policy and design changes.

Swanand's work has appeared in leading journals in management and information systems journals, such as Information Systems Research, MIS Quarterly, Journal of International Business Studies, Decision Support Systems, and Journal of Strategic Information Systems.

Swanand was awarded his Ph.D. in Business Administration from the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota. He is also a Fellow of the Management Development Institute, Gurgaon. In addition, he received his MBA in Information Technology from Symbiosis International University preceded by his bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Mumbai University.


Primary Area : Information Systems

Secondary Area : Marketing


Email : swanandd@iima.ac.in

Phone : +91-79-7152 4892

Secretary : Sandhya Chandran

Phone : +91-79-7152 7913

Website : Personal Website


Ph.D, Business Administration, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota, 2014-2018

Fellow , Information Management, Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, 2008-2014

MBA, Information Technology, Symbiosis International University, 2005-2007


1.    Transforming Businesses through Information Technology (co-delivered with Prof. Adrija Majumdar)
2.   Internet-Enabled Businesses (co-delivered with Prof. Samrat Gupta)

1.    Strategies for Internet Economy
2.   Product Management

1.    Networked Economy: Structural Principles and Applications (co-delivered with Prof. Samrat Gupta)

 Executive Education (Blended Learning)
1.    Senior Management Program (MIS module, co-delivered with Prof. Srikumar Krishnamoorthy)
2.   Accelerated General Management Program (MIS module)

Executive Education (Short Duration)
1.    Becoming an Effective CIO (program chair: Prof. Sanjay Verma)
2.   Managing IT Projects (program chair: Prof. Sanjay Verma)

Research Area

Crowdsourcing, Digital platforms, and User engagement

Academic Experience

Associate Professor (Information Systems Area), Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, 2018-Present

Assistant Professor (Technology Management), Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering, NMIMS, Mumbai, 2013-2014

Assistant Professor (Information Systems Area), Fortune Institute of International Business, New Delhi, 2011-2013


Deodhar, S. J. & Gupta, S. (2022) The Impact of Social Reputation Features in Innovation Tournaments: Evidence from a Natural Experiment. Information Systems Research

Deodhar, S. J., Babar, Y, & Burtch, G. (2022) Effect of Status on Evaluation: Evidence from Online Coding Contests. Forthcoming, MIS Quarterly

Kumar, P., Deodhar S. J., & Zaheer, S. (2022) Sources of Cognitive Liability of Foreignness in Creative Crowdsourcing Work. Journal of International Business Studies

Deodhar, S. J., Tandon, A., Tandon, A., Tripathi, A., (2022) Effect of Social Information on User Engagement: Exploratory Field Experiments. Behavior & Information Technology

Jain, S. & Deodhar, S. J. (2021) Social Mechanisms in Crowdsourcing Contests: A Literature Review, Behavior & Information Technology

Gupta, S. & Deodhar, S. J. (2021) PLUGHCOM: Plural Granulation-based Hybrid Community Detection, Information Technology & People.

Deodhar, S. J. (2020) Interplay between Constraints and Rewards in Innovation Tournaments: Implications for Participation, International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems, 29(1-2). 2040004-1-2040004-16

Deodhar, S. J. (2020) Different Eyes on the Same Prize: Implications of Entry Timing Heterogeneity and Incentives for Contestant Efforts in Innovation Tournaments. Information Technology & People, 34(2), 526-556.

Deodhar, S. J., Subramani, M., & Zaheer, A. (2017) Geography of Online Network Ties: A Predictive Modelling Perspective. Decision Support Systems. 99. 9-17

Deodhar, S. J., Saxena, K., Ruohonen, M., & Gupta, R. (2012). Strategies for Software-Based Hybrid Business Models. Journal of Strategic Information Systems. 21(4). 274-294

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Working Papers & Projects

Deodhar, S. J., & Kumar, P. (2022) Effect of Change in Reward Structure on Solver Participation in Innovation Tournaments

Soh, F., Deodhar, S. J., Setia, P. & Sambhamurthy, V. (2022) Follower Engagement on Social Media in Times of Crisis: Evidence from a Natural Experiment

Setia, P., Deodhar, S. J., & Moses, A. (2022) Solver Participation in Crowdsourcing Contests: Job-Characteristics Perspective

Deodhar, S. J., & Burtch, G. (2022) Effect of Feedback Valence and Specificity in Online Design Contests: Randomized Field Experiment

Tandon, A., Deodhar, S. J., Tandon, A., & Tripathi, A. (2022) Effect of Rival's Status and Performance Signals on Player Engagement in Mobile Gaming

Deodhar, S.J., Subramani, M., & Zaheer, A. (2018) Whom Do They Prefer for Making Money? Determinants of Information Source Preference in Online Platforms

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Awards & Honors

2023 - IIMA Alumni VVEF Outstanding Researcher Award