Faculty & Research

Samrat Gupta


Samrat Gupta is an Associate Professor in the Information Systems area at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. His research revolves around three themes: network analytics, social media & crowdsourcing platforms, and human centered digitalization. He received his doctoral fellowship from the Indian Institute of Management Lucknow and a bachelor’s degree from Punjab Engineering College Chandigarh.

Samrat's work has appeared in leading journals, such as Information Systems Research, Decision Support Systems, Information Sciences, Data & Knowledge Engineering, and Journal of Business Research, amongst others. He has also been a recipient of a SPARC research grant by the Ministry of Education, Government of India.

He is serving or has served as an Associate Editor for various tracks at the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) and European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS), track chair at the Indian Academy of Management conference, the IFIP working group conference on transfer and diffusion of IT, and the IEEE International Symposium on Technology and Society, amongst other such assignments.


Primary Area : Information Systems


Email : samratg@iima.ac.in

Phone : +91-79-7152 4957

Secretary : Archana Premkumar

Phone : +91-79-7152 7976

Website : Personal Website


Doctoral program in Information Technology & Systems, Indian Institute of Management Lucknow, 2018

Bachelor of Engineering, Information Technology, Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh, 2009



  • Advances in Network Theoretic Modelling of Complex Systems (ANTMCS)
  • Database Management Systems (DBMS)


  • Managerial Computing (MGRCMP)
  • Internet Enabled Businesses (IEB)

Other Programs:

  • Privacy & Data Governance

Research Area

Complex Network Theoretic Modelling and Analytics

User Engagement on Social Media and Crowdsourcing Platforms

Human Centered Digitalization

Academic Experience

Associate Professor (Information Systems), IIM Ahmedabad, August, 2023 - Present

Assistant Professor (Information Systems), IIM Ahmedabad, March, 2018 - August, 2023

Professional Experience

Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) India

Wipro Technologies

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)


Gupta, S., Deodhar, S. J., Tiwari, A. A., Gupta, M., & Mariani, M. (2024). How consumers evaluate movies on online platforms? Investigating the role of consumer engagement and external engagement. Journal of Business Research, 176, 114613.

Ghafoori, A., Gupta, M., Merhi, M. I., Gupta, S., & Shore, A. P. (2024). Toward the role of organizational culture in data-driven digital transformation. International Journal of Production Economics, 271, 109205.

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Ghai, A., Kumar, P. and Gupta, S. (2024). A deep-learning-based image forgery detection framework for controlling the spread of misinformation. Information Technology & People, 37(2), 966-997.

Tiwari, A. A., Gupta, S., Zamani, E. D., Mittal, N., & Agarwal, R. (2023). An Overarching Conceptual Framework for ICT-enabled Responsive Governance. Information Systems Frontiers, 1-22.

Gupta, S., Jain, G., & Tiwari, A. A. (2023). Polarised social media discourse during COVID-19 pandemic: evidence from YouTube. Behaviour & Information Technology, 42(2), 227-248.

Deodhar, S. J., & Gupta, S. (2023). The impact of social reputation features in innovation tournaments: Evidence from a natural experiment. Information Systems Research, 34(1), 178-193.

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Zamani, E. D., Smyth, C., Gupta, S., & Dennehy, D. (2023). Artificial intelligence and big data analytics for supply chain resilience: a systematic literature review. Annals of Operations Research, 327(2), 605-632.

Gupta, S., & Tiwari, A. A. (2022). A design-based pedagogical framework for developing computational thinking skills. Journal of Decision Systems, 31(4), 433-450.

Gupta, S., Kumar, P. (2021). A Constrained Agglomerative Clustering Approach for Unipartite and Bipartite Networks with Application to Credit Networks. Information Sciences, 557, 332-354

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Kumar, P., Gupta, S., & Bhasker, B. (2017). An Upper Approximation based Community Detection Algorithm for Complex Networks. Decision Support Systems, 96, 103-118

Gupta, S., Kumar, S., & Kumar, P. (2016). Evaluating the Predictive Power of an Ensemble Model for Economic Success of Indian Movies. Journal of Prediction Markets, 10(1)

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Gulabo Sitabo's OTT Debut: Disrupting Traditional Film Distribution (2024). Ivey Publishing

Creditas: Redefining Loan Recovery in the Digital Age (2024). Ivey Publications

Radio Mewat (RM) 90.4: The People's Radio Station (2024). Sage Publications

SKF India: Strategic Choices at a Global Iconic Bearing Brand (2023). Ivey Publishing

Even Cargo: India's Women Only e-Commerce Logistics Company (2021). Ivey Publishing

Academic Conferences

Tiwari, A.A., Gupta, S., Zamani, E., Mittal, N., Agarwal, R. What the future holds for responsive governance. UK Academy for Information Systems (UKAIS) Annual Conference 2023, University of Kent, U.K. (2023)

Gupta, M., Gupta, S., Tayi, G.K. A Design Science based Method for Sign Prediction of Edges in Networks. 14th Conference on the Digital Economy, Indian School of Business, India (2023)

Gupta, S., Kaur, K., Tiwari, A.A. Inductive Model for Social Media-Engendered Beliefs in Conspiracy Theories. 20th AIMS International Conference on Management, IIM Kozhikode, India (2022)

Gupta, S., Jain, G., Tiwari, A.A. Investigating the Dynamics of Polarization in Online Discourse During COVID-19 Pandemic. Conference on e-Business, e-Services and e- Society, Galway, Ireland (2021)

Gupta, S., Deodhar, S.J. A Hybrid Granulation Approach for Community Detection in Binary Complex Networks. 6th Biennial Conference of the Indian Academy of Management (2019)

Gupta S., Kumar P & Perfilieva I. A Community Detection Algorithm Based on Granulation of Links. The Fifth International Conference on Big Data, Small Data, Linked Data and Open Data (ALLDATA), Valencia, Spain (2019) (Acceptance rate of .22) Best Paper Award

Gupta S., Tiwari, A.A. Network based Modelling and Analysis of Film Performance in the Indian Film Industry. 8th International Conference on Complex Networks and their Applications (2019)

Gupta S. & Kumar P. An Approach to Identify Cohesive Subgroups of Banks in Bank-Firm Networks. Third International Conference on Business Analytics in Finance and Industry. Santiago, Chile (2018). Awarded Student Travel Grant of USD 1000

Gupta S. & Kumar P. Community Detection in Heterogeneous Networks Using Incremental Seed Expansion. 3rd International Conference on Data Science and Engineering (ICDSE), Cochin, India (2016) (Acceptance rate of .259)

Gupta S., Kumar P. & Bhasker B. A Rough Connectedness Algorithm for Mining Communities in Complex Networks. 18th International Conference on Big Data Analytics and Knowledge Discovery (DaWaK). Porto, Portugal (2016) (Acceptance rate of .342)

Gupta S., Kumar P. A Rough Set Approach to Find Cohesive Subgroups in Financial Credit Networks. 6th IDRBT Doctoral Colloquium, Hyderabad (2016). 3rd Best Paper Award of INR 35000

Gupta S., Kumar S. & Kumar P. A Comparative Analysis of Prediction Models for Indian Motion Picture Industry. 3rd PAN-IIM World Management Conference. IIM Indore, India (2015). Awarded Student Travel Grant

Kumar S. & Gupta S. Ensemble Prediction Technique for Box Office Performance: Leveraging Social Media Analysis to Improve Accuracy. 3rd International Conference on Business Analytics and Intelligence. IIM Bangalore, India (2015). Won Highly Commendable Research Paper Award of INR 10000

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Causes and Symptoms of Socio-Cultural Polarization: Role of Information and Communication Technologies, March 2022 (Springer)

Awards & Honors

2019 - SPARC (MoE, GoI) Research Grant

2019 - Best Paper Award at ALLDATA held at Valencia, Spain

2018 - Student Travel Grant (USD 1000) for Conference on Business Analytics in Finance and Industry held at Santiago, Chile

2017 - Best Paper award at Ph.D. Consortium, SJMSOM, IIT Bombay

2016 - Ranked 3rd at the Sixth IDRBT Doctoral Colloquium, Hyderabad

2015 - Highly Commended Paper Award at 3rd International Conference on Business Analytics and Intelligence held at IIM Bangalore.