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Managing IT Projects

Programme Overview

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In recent years, Information Technology (IT) has emerged to become a critical resource for doing business. With more importance being given to IT in organizations, more resources are also being earmarked for such initiatives. However, the rate of failure of IT projects across the globe has remained at around 50 percent in survey after survey done over the past couple of decades. This has happened in spite of new and more resilient technologies, innovative methods, tools and management practices. Interestingly, the reasons for failure remain the same and the issues and the problems recur again and again. A large number of these issues are related to failures in appreciating risks related to IT projects and categorization of such risks relating to non-adherence to frameworks for managing IT projects and IT governance at large.


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Program Objectives

This programme will be focusing on various aspects of IT Project Management, Risk Management for IT Projects, IT Governance Frameworks, Project Monitoring and Contract Management. A few topics on which the programme will focus on are as follows:


• Implementing Enterprise-wide IT Projects

• Harnessing IT: Choosing the Right Project

• Tracking IT Project Performance

• Adopting, Managing and Driving Change

• Understanding Information Requirements

• Selecting the IT Project Manager

• Managing IT Contracts

• Risk Allocation and Mitigation of Projects

• Bidding Design and Evaluation of IT Projects

• IT Implementation Failures: Factors and Strategies

Program Highlights

The lead learning tool will be case studies. It will be supplemented by lectures, group presentations, group exercises and games along with self-learning. To integrate the learning, the course will end with an integrated case or practical problem-based group presentation.