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Article by Diksha Bedekar, FDP Alumnus 2023

“You have to dream before your dreams can come true”- Dr. A.P. J Abdul Kalam

I still recall the busy evening in February when, following a long and exhausting day, I was randomly
checking my emails without anticipating receiving any new ones. Right then and there, I got a message
stating,"Congratulations! You have been selected to participate in the 43rd Faculty Development
Program at the Indian Institute of Management- Ahmedabad.

Like all management students, I had always wanted to visit IIM A, and now I was able to spend the next 45 days participating in the Faculty Development Program. Being a mother made the separation from my family even more difficult, therefore I was both anxious and excited at the same time! Every moment was fantastic, starting with that email and ending with passing on the final day of IIM A. This transformative experience has left an indelible mark on my professional journey, offering a unique blend of academic rigor, practical insights, and networking opportunities.

Overview: Crafting Excellence in Education

The IIM A Faculty Development Program in Pedagogy and Research Methods is a comprehensive
initiative designed to enhance the teaching and research capabilities of participants. With a focus on
cutting-edge pedagogies and emerging trends in academia, the program aims to foster a culture of
continuous learning and innovation.

The journey commenced with a meticulous application process, ensuring that participants were not
only academically qualified but also brought diverse perspectives to the cohort. All over India across
various universities, age groups, and designations, a total of 53 participants were chosen. All of us
were from different cultures, languages, and management specialization areas. The only common link
was the passion for teaching and research. The selection process underscored the institute's
commitment to assembling a group of passionate educators and researchers on the same platform.

The heart of any academic program lies in its curriculum, and the way all courses were chosen. The
meticulously crafted curriculum covered a spectrum of subjects, from advanced teaching
methodologies to research methodologies and the latest industry trends. The program seamlessly
integrated theory with real-world applications, creating a holistic learning experience. The
exquisiteness of the program was the intellectual faculty members and the instructors. The program's
faculty and instructors were luminaries in their respective fields. Their passion for teaching and depth
of knowledge were evident in every session. The engaging discourse and intellectual stimulation
provided by these experts were instrumental in shaping our understanding of various subjects. The
program employed a dynamic mix of teaching methodologies, including case studies, group
discussions, and hands-on activities as well as a short industry visit to Arvind Mills. These approaches
not only kept the learning experience lively but also ensured that participants could immediately apply
the knowledge gained in their teaching practices.

The IIM A Faculty Development Program excelled in providing ample opportunities for participants to
translate theoretical knowledge into practical solutions. These practical applications served as a litmus
test for our newfound skills.

IIMA state-of-the-art facilities and rich academic resources added immense value to the program.
Access to a vast library, research materials, and cutting-edge technology complemented the learning
experience, creating an environment conducive to academic exploration and innovation. Central to IIM
A's commitment to academic excellence is, its world-class library. The Vikram Sarabhai Library stands
as a bastion of knowledge, offering an extensive collection of books, journals, research papers, and
digital resources for all the participants 24*7. High-speed internet connectivity, smart classrooms, and
advanced computing facilities ensure that students and faculty have access to the tools and resources
needed for research, collaboration, and academic pursuits. The mess at IIM A is not merely a dining
facility; it is a culinary haven that caters to diverse palates and dietary needs. The menu is thoughtfully
curated to provide a balanced and nutritious diet, ensuring that students receive the energy and
sustenance needed for their demanding academics. The dormitory facilities at IIM A are designed to be
more than just living spaces; they are a home away from home. Comfortable rooms equipped with
essential amenities provide students with a conducive environment for rest after a hectic day of
academics. The recreation facilities, SAB, and sports grounds ensure that mental fitness is equally

No transformative journey is without its challenges. The program presented its fair share of academic
and personal hurdles. However, these challenges became pivotal moments of growth, pushing us to
think critically, collaborate effectively, and persevere in the pursuit of knowledge. The assignments,
continuous evaluation process, and tests ensured that participants were engaged all the time. The
submission deadlines pushed us to realize the importance of following deadlines in professional life

The journey didn't conclude with the program's end. Post-program support, including access to alumni
networks, and continued learning opportunities showcased IIM A's commitment to nurturing lifelong
learning and sustained professional development. Interactions with fellow participants, faculty
members, and industry professionals, guest lecturers opened doors to collaborative research,
partnerships, and a broader understanding of the academic landscape. My batchmates have all turned
into very close friends in both my personal and professional lives. My journey through this program
has been transformative, equipping me with the knowledge, skills, and connections necessary to thrive
in the ever-evolving landscape of education. As I carry the lessons learned into my professional
endeavors, I feel grateful for the privilege of being part of this enriching experience at one of the finest
institutions in the world. It reflects an acknowledgment of the opportunities, resources, and
transformative experiences that have shaped my journey in profound ways.

The IIM A Faculty Development Program stands as a beacon of excellence in academia.

I look forward to being again there in the future.

Ms.Diksha Bedekar
43 rd Batch of Faculty Development Program


Article by Dr. Shahid Amin, FDP Alumnus 2023

Empowering Educators: Experiences from the 43rd FDP in IIM Ahmedabad.
(Dr. Shahid Amin)

(Dr. Shahid Amin is Associate Professor, School of Management and Commerce, ITM University Gwalior and Alumnus for 43 rd FDP at IIM Ahmedabad and can be reached at

The journey toward fashioning an institution that shapes leaders is neither a saunter nor an impassable mountain. Instead, it's a harmonious symphony of intent and industry, where success is orchestrated by those who possess the right motives and a tireless work ethic. My recent experiences at IIM Ahmedabad, amid the grandeur of its 43rd Faculty Development Program, unveiled a tapestry of intricate systems and pedagogical methods that constitute the bedrock of its illustrious reputation. IIM Ahmedabad, a recent luminary atop the NIRF 2023 and Outlook-ICARE rankings, is a testament to the unwavering pursuit of excellence, evident when one sets foot on its hallowed grounds.

My journey commenced at the stroke of midnight, a serendipitous initiation into the meticulous orchestration of IIMA's organizational brilliance. Backpacks, course materials, dormitory allotment (Dorm 32, Room 3239), internet and library access codes, and distribution of personalized email IDs marked the inception of an experience meticulously choreographed. The unveiling of group dynamics hinted at collaborative endeavours on the horizon.

The inaugural ceremony, graced by IIMA's venerable Director, the esteemed FDP Chairman, and an assembly of distinguished Executive Committee members and faculty, set the stage for an unforgettable commencement. The Inaugural ceremony was followed by sessions on the IIMA Library and the significance of gender sensitization, underlining the imperative for a harmonious world. Academicians' pivotal role in safeguarding truth and advancing knowledge resonated as the foundation of our academic voyage.

Throughout the FDP, we immersed ourselves in diverse courses, enriched by the wisdom of distinguished professors, each day punctuated by official hours from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, followed by non-stop work on projects and assignments. Brief tea breaks and a well- deserved lunch offered moments of reflection and rejuvenation. Yet, the heart of the experience resided in the exceptional professors themselves, bearers of profound subject expertise, distinctive pedagogical styles, punctuality, and a wealth of international exposure, serving as wellsprings of inspiration.

Pedagogically, IIM Ahmedabad shines, with educators wielding pedagogical general knowledge and content mastery. Cases have been the favoured tools in IIM Ahmedabad as we journeyed through powerful videos, simulation games, experiential learning, role plays, projects, and reflection notes. Peer learning thrived as a cornerstone at IIM Ahmedabad. Success resulted from collective support, fostering deep friendships and invaluable networking connections. The professors at IIM Ahmedabad have displayed their impeccable time management skills, which undoubtedly contributed to the seamless orchestration of the classes. Their ability to commence sessions promptly fostered engaging discussions.

What sets them apart is their artful approach to time management, blending creativity and productivity in perfect harmony. This alchemical blend ensured that every moment spent in the classes was not just instructive but also a testament to the mastery of their craft.

Immediate evaluation and feedback created a dynamic atmosphere, spurring constant improvement. The art of board management, a unique facet of IIM Ahmedabad, kindled a profound appreciation for this essential teaching and learning tool. The "artificial stress" of life at IIM meant nights in the library, predawn tea point discussions, and ceaseless intellectual exchanges in the Student Activity Block (SAB). Moreover, there was an opportunity to enjoy games and maintain physical fitness for the students. This environment fortified us and kindled a profound passion for learning and exploration. The Vikram Sarabhai Library, a treasure trove of knowledge with ample resources and 24/7 accessibility, modern classrooms, mess facilities, state-of-the-art infrastructure, etc., further enriched our journey.

IIM Ahmedabad, despite its laurels, remains perpetually on the hunt for avenues of improvement and innovation. I have some modest suggestions for the institution, its participants, and the sponsoring organizations. IIM Ahmedabad could proactively introduce participants to the FDP, initiating early discussions to align expectations and maximize benefits. Understanding the FDP in advance so they are well-prepared is equally vital for participants. Sponsoring organizations, while commendable in their support, should ensure that participants remain fully engaged during the FDP without the distraction of organizational tasks. Organizations must encourage and reward participants to apply the
knowledge gained from FDP.

The onus lies with the FDP participants to harness the knowledge gained judiciously, yet a crucial factor remains the comprehension of student's aptitude and the compatibility of their organization's structures. IIM Ahmedabad must also shoulder the responsibility to foster cooperation with its FDP Alumni, actively engaging them in collaborative projects and providing support to sponsoring organizations, whether through expert lectures delivered by IIM professors or other means of impactful collaboration.

It's a source of personal gratification that, after my FDP completion, I've instigated several constructive changes within my classroom, with the reward of witnessing my students acknowledge these efforts. The realm of improvement is boundless, and I wholeheartedly embrace the challenge of elevating my teaching and learning practices to new heights.

In conclusion, visiting IIM Ahmedabad was realizing a cherished dream. As I reflect on this extraordinary experience, my gratitude knows no bounds. I extend my heartfelt thanks to my beloved institution, ITM University Gwalior, for their sponsorship that made this transformative journey possible. I'm thankful to my cherished teachers, mentors, family, colleagues, students, and well-wishers, whose unwavering support has been my anchor. My gratitude is boundless to everyone at IIM Ahmedabad, my worthy professors, classmates, and support team in 43rd FDP who shaped this transformative experience. The 50 days spent within these venerable walls were nothing short of enlightening, a testament to the impeccable standards that IIM Ahmedabad upholds. This FDP journey was genuinely fulfilling, etched as a memorable chapter in the depths of my heart.

Article by Vindhyalakshmi A. Prasad, Participant, Online FDP 2021

When I got a mail from the IIMA FDP office to write out a note about my experiences of the FDP sometime in December 2021, I made a mental note to combine this with a year-end habit I had developed but shelved over the years. IIMA yet again nudged me to doing something to improve myself. At the end of each year, I had made it a habit of writing out the things that made a personal impact in the year gone by. However, over a period of time, I just stopped the year-end reflections. And the same attitude, of the perceived futility of the exercise, spilt over to academic writing too. After multiple rejections, I just stopped writing academic papers. It was here that the online FDP programme of IIMA made a big difference to me.

The Crafting and Publishing of Research lectures helped me to understand the effort that goes into getting research papers published. With the instructor’s own examples of multiple paper rejections and eventual acceptance, the faculty, effectively demonstrated the importance of getting over the rejections and continuing the process of writing. The instructor’s dedication in providing exhaustive supporting material to implement the strategies taught in class is commendable. An attitude I wish to carry into my own teaching sessions.

Effective writing has to be preceded by effective reading. ‘How to read research papers’, ‘frame research problems’, ‘what are models, hypothesis and propositions’ etc. were discussed in a course innocuously titled ‘Communication for Management Teachers’. While many books explain these concepts and many of the participants being researchers had previous exposure to these concepts, what made these lectures different was the way the Professor went right to the basic definitions and elucidated the differences and the correct usage of fundamental concepts such as variables, parameters, hypothesis and such other basic concepts. The course capped off with extremely insightful sessions on what ‘case study’ methodology is and how to effectively manage case discussions in a classroom environment. I have found these methods useful in my own teaching. Professor taught a lot more than the ‘syllabus’ communicated. But what I will take away from his lectures are the attitude required to build a better institute – by making a better individual out of oneself. His passion for building a positive, competitive, inclusive culture in the students at an Institute is something I will strive to inculcate.

An effective management teacher is only someone who can be an effective management researcher – this was emphasised upon from the day 1 of the programme. And many lecture sessions were devoted to covering the tools required to be effective researchers. The course on ‘Statistical Data Analysis’ stood out for me for the simple way the statistical concepts were dealt with. The content was very accessible, and the Professor very patiently explained the concepts. As many participants too mentioned during the course, his methodology of teaching took the fear of statistics away from many. The key take away for me from this course is how the Professor simplified the most complex of concepts and transcribed statistical statements into accessible English without losing the essence of the concepts. The instructor continued to provide such accessible resources on topics not covered in the syllabus even after the course ended. Again, an attitude worth emulating.

Psychometric scale development course, an entirely new technique for me, helped me understand a set of tools that I have entirely ignored in my work. Qualitative research methods course opened an entirely new perspective for me. I understood there is more to research than hard quantitative approach. I look forward to picking up qualitative research tools and skills and applying in my research in the future.

There were equally illuminating guest sessions throughout the period of the course, each exposing us to a new methodology, a new technique of research or teaching.

Underlying all these sessions were the very evident passion for teaching and research. The effort that goes into developing each course and every single lecture is very apparent. No matter how many pages I write about it, I will not do an effective job of describing the commitment of the faculty. This is something I will always remember and seek to incorporate in my own work and life.

The fact that the programme was online was what helped me attend it. I hope IIMA continues to provide purely online courses which otherwise will be inaccessible to someone like me with a young family.


Vindhyalakshmi A. Prasad
Online FDP 2021, IIM Ahmedabad

Article by Bindu Nambiar, Participant, Online FDP 2021

It is a widely held belief that a teacher's success is instrumental in transforming a student's life into that of a successful human being, touching many more lives than the teacher did. The most inspiring story is the relationship between Guru Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Swami Vivekananda. Guru did not impose any limits on shishya's life but instead showed him a greater world of knowledge and wisdom through self-learning. Similarly, several of our prominent institutions, such as IIMA, instill strength in their students with their unique teaching approach.

Despite the fact that teaching contains elements of both science and art, it has always been seen as an art that leads to knowledge. Teaching required the development of applicable talents as harbingers of wisdom. The nineteenth century's rising significance of scientific thought in teaching recognized pedagogy as a true science. When pedagogy emerged as a science, it became clear that the ultimate goal was not to describe or explain but to contribute value to the teaching and learning process intrinsically. Teaching's scope widened over time, and the relevance and applicability of teaching methods and processes got ingrained in every element of a teacher's life. Thus, like medicine or engineering, pedagogy started getting viewed as applied science, i.e., as a discipline geared towards the practical application of acquired knowledge. The teaching or pedagogy shifted from simple teaching to applied science, and with technology taking deep roots, the touchpoints became unbelievably comprehensive and extensive.

As Jean Houssaye, Professor emeritus of Educational Sciences at the University of Rouen, observed, "the history of pedagogy is the history of pedagogues or, the practitioners and theorists of the instructional process." Teachers currently use theoretical concepts and practical skills to obscure the extent to which practical skills are valued more than theoretical concepts and vice versa. The definition of pedagogy as an "applied science" should aid in developing a holistic approach to teaching that incorporates the correct mix of theory and practice. As a result, today's instructors must change, learn, and relearn in tandem with the advancement of society.

The FDPs of IIMA always had a veritable reputation for excellence in the professional development of management educators. Being an academic with an insatiable appetite for learning new methods of teaching and research, the online Faculty Development Programme in Pedagogy and Research methods, came as a blessing. The virtual model of training may have appeared inefficient or ineffectual. Nonetheless, the content and architecture of the programme and how the facilitators demonstrated their abilities to work well online made the programme successful. Keeping up with times, the focus of this online FDP, i.e., upgrading management teachers' teaching and research skills, was immensely relevant due to the virtual mode of delivery. Besides that, the session plan also carried a professional blend of subjects covering various topics, including Case Method of Teaching, Classroom Effectiveness, Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods, Essentials of Crafting & Publishing Research, Statistical Methods, and Modelling Techniques. From my perspective and experience, the online mode of this FDP lived up to the modern era definition of applied science, adding additional bricks to the fundamentals and enhancing the practical skills in the digital mode.

Learning is an ongoing process. With highly focused professionals as peers, the FDP was like a dream. Our aspirations and hopes to further hone our skills in pedagogical nuances were met beyond our expectations by the very learned IIMA faculty. It was agonizing over missing even a minute of the programme, and the sessions were so precious to the participants. The eminent faculty facilitated the sessions, who brought us unique aspects of pedagogy and research in an erudite but straightforward way. That's what made this programme an extraordinary one.

I admire the sagacity and vision of IIMA for visualizing and grounding such a fabulous programme. We have heard of finishing schools for IT professionals. I would say that this is not a finishing school but a continuous learning school for us academicians. The programme gave us an admirable direction to hone our skills and be the best in our respective work environments.

The moot question for any future aspirant of such FDPs is the key takeaways and learnings from the programme. I calibrate my thoughts and record my perspectives on learning and suggestions as a highly motivated participant in this outstanding programme from IIMA.

The programme accentuated the need for academic effectiveness. The different contours of teaching and research helped me re-orient my professional approach. As part of my profession, I have to write case notes on an ongoing basis. This FDP grounded and reinforced the belief that if you want to write well, you need to know how to read, broaden your perspective, and have visionary thinking. Post such reading, we need to critically internalize the inputs from different frames of reference and optimally evaluate and assimilate the information. The FDP also taught me to accept the negatives positively, be it feedback from peers, superiors, and most importantly from publishers, and to give importance to the internal process of introspection. Such introspection brought in me a chain of actions and reactions as to the frailties in mine, and the system, which helped further refine me as an academician and my role in re-scripting the academic process.

The FDP gave me an elaborate focus on research's qualitative and quantitative aspects. The core pillar of pedagogy is research, and with evolving and innovative thoughts, the learned faculty laid bare the concepts for easy assimilation by the participants. The primary collaborators naturally are our students, as we spend most of our time in classrooms. Taking cognizance of this fact, I was also fortunate to listen to enriching sessions on orchestrating practical discussions in class. To sum up my experiences, the FDP helped me in a big way in transforming my teaching characteristics and applying a learner-centric scientific approach while I delivered my sessions to the finest bankers of India,

Whenever I attend any academic programme, especially an FDP, I consider myself a novice to re-invent my pedagogy wheel by imbibing as much as possible to redefine my teaching and research capabilities. So, I immersed myself entirely in the programme and came out as an improved teacher and researcher, a true applied scientist as pedagogy got redefined, described elsewhere in this write-up. Pedagogy is a continuous voyage of learning, unlearning, and relearning. As a natural corollary, a pedagogue always needs to look for opportunities for recalibrating themselves. Therefore, post the IIMA FDP, I was continuously engaging my thoughts on bringing additional value and enhancing the effectiveness of such FDPs, and it got me to the following suggestions.

  • Different academics have different teaching styles, the ultimate objective being the same. So why don't we also use simulations to instill the nuances of pedagogy?
  • The effectiveness of teaching significantly depends on the responsiveness of both teacher and learner. How to further evolve the process of assessing the responsiveness beyond the present methods?
  • Teaching is an art. The list is endless, from making an impactful yet straightforward presence to communicating with clarity, listening with patience, collaborating to create a pleasant atmosphere, and engaging the participants positively. How to inculcate these essential attributes by simulative practices?
  • And finally, the FDP should only be a beginning. There should be an ongoing supportive environment and collaboration involving the IIMA and all the participants so that the ultimate objective of the FDP, i.e., upgrading management teachers' teaching and research skills, is met on an ongoing basis.

Quoting the words of the great philosopher and thinker, late Jiddu Krishnamurthy, "there is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination and finish with education. From the moment you are born to the moment you die, the whole of life is a process of learning".

We, the pedagogues, will always keep that mantra close to our hearts.


Bindu Nambiar
Online FDP 2021, IIM Ahmedabad

Article by Ramini Singh, Participant, Online FDP 2021

23rd April was the day when I received the acceptance letter from FDP office of IIMA for admission into second online FDP programme. My happiness knew no bounds as I was going to get a chance to be associated with IIMA and interact with their renowned faculty.

We had five main courses namely Crafting and Publication of Research (CPR), Communication for Management Teachers (CMAT), Principles of Psychometrics and Scale Construction (PPSC), Qualitative Research Methods (QRM) and Statistical Data Analysis (SDA). I will brief my experience and reflections in each course one by one.

CPR: It was one of the courses which was well-crafted to the needs of budding research scholars and faculties who are actively looking to publish their work in reputed journals. There were excellent sessions on identifying research gaps, do’s and don’ts of writing a research article, conceiving an idea to drafting and submitting it in journals, searching for journals of one’s domain and making yourself and your work visible in academic websites. Additional inputs on desk rejections and reasons behind it were very well taken during sessions.

CMAT: These sessions were one of a kind. The professor taught us the importance of “Introduction” part in a research paper and how to write it meticulously by following the approach of first writing conclusion and then its premises. One of the sessions was on writing literature review which is quite confusing for researchers as they often do not know from where to start and end the search for literature. The sessions also provided valuable insights on short group teaching, classroom teaching/lecture method and case study teaching. At the end of each session, the professor provided feedback on each way which was an eye-opener for everyone especially teaching professionals. Each session was equipped with assignments and practical exercises.

PPSC: The sessions on basics of scales of measurement, exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis using ‘SPSS’ software were extremely beneficial. Additionally, the professor also took an introductory session on ‘R’ software. This course equipped us for the essential components needed for any scale development analysis. In future, scale development can be taken in detail with the help of practical exercises in the class.

QRM: The sessions on post-positivist approach of qualitative analysis were very well-taught. Special mention to the sessions on Grounded theory which were very well explained in the class using a role play and practical exercise. Though, I felt that there should be more sessions on qualitative analysis tools as this is one of the approaches which we as researchers needs to explore more.

SDA: The sessions were well designed and curated with real life examples, notes and exercises by the professor. This was the first time when studying Statistics was not boring at all. The in-class discussions on different approaches were engaging and interesting. After every class, some exercises were given for practice which kept us working and learning even after the sessions. The way in which hypothesis formulation, sample designing, correlation and regression analysis was taught in the class, is sure to stay with us for quite a long time. The Professor made sure that each topic was understood before moving ahead with a new topic, which was commendable.

Guest Sessions
Besides the usual courses on weekdays, our weekends buzzed with guest sessions from eminent speakers and Professors from various domains such as Finance, Marketing, HR, Statistics, and Data Mining. These sessions immensely helped us to navigate through other domains and the whereabouts of new developments in these domains.

My life Post-FDP
Shortly after completing FDP, I started working on a paper which had been rejected 4 times either due to its incompatibility with the objective of journal or due to issues in the framing of hypothesis and analysis. The sessions of CPR on search of a fit journal helped me finding a suitable journal so that the paper won’t get rejected on that basis. I reframed the introduction part as per the sessions of CMAT and included Confirmatory factor analysis learnt during PPSC session in the paper needed to form a measurement model. I rephrased my hypothesis as per the concepts learnt during SDA sessions. Finally, I sent my paper for publication and awaiting the response of Journal. Meanwhile, I presented that paper in a Doctoral Colloquium and got the “Best Paper” Award. I owe this award to the Professors of FDP and their teachings.

At the end, I am grateful for the opportunity given by IIM Ahmedabad and for designing this online FDP program, and its courses which have been immensely helpful to researchers like me. I express my gratitude to all the professors who have given us so much in such a short time.


Ramini Singh
Online FDP 2021, IIM Ahmedabad

Article by Kalapatapu Ravikiran Sharma, FDP Alumnus 2019

I have completed my FDP module on general management during 2019. The three pillars of FDP at IIMA are academic rigour, intellectual stress, and disciplined schedule. It is these three distinguishing features that have stood me in good stead during my post-FDP life, on the professional, family and personal fronts. After covid season has started, I have been entrusted with covid prevention and control assignments in the functions of covid content development, documentation, monitoring, recruitment, translation and training. I was initially tensed with the deluge of covid responsibilities, be it as a covid surveillance officer at Hyderabad airport or covid monitor at quarantine facilities or a coordination team member of three state government covid telemedicine call centres. But I have learnt a significant lesson from my FDP training that a frustrating process leads to a fulfilling experience. Hence, I could motivate myself and serve well as a covid warrior.

My IIMA alumnus status gained from my FDP has turned out to make a crucial difference to my cadre promotion prospects. There were several hurdles during my promotion file processing because of systemic apathy and the rigmarole of file processing in a state government department. Yet I practiced a major learning from my FDP that I need to be positive, patient and persistent when it matters. At a pivotal juncture, I could convince our head of department-cum-departmental promotion committee (DPC) chairperson, an IAS officer, about my career credentials as he is himself a postgraduate in public policy & management from IIM Bangalore. The IIM network alumnus sentiment worked in my case, thanks to which my DPC meet was convened to formally recommend my promotion and note approval was secured from our Telangana government chief secretary. Consequently, I am promoted as a regular associate professor in management at Indian Institute of Health and Family Welfare (IIHFW), a government of Telangana public health training institute, in Hyderabad.

I think that IIMA needs to repurpose the FDP certification as a postdoctoral certificate for research doctorates and a pre-doctoral certificate for research postgraduates as well as taught postgraduates. Since FDP is a combination of training seamlessly blended in a taught program and its curriculum development and program design are research-driven, FDP deserves the suggested program titles under the FDP umbrella. Such repurposing will catapult IIMA FDP to an unique status in not just business schools but even across universities and institutes in India.

One failure that I have to confess to with regard to my post-FDP career is that I could not seriously pursue publications, as I could make only two conference research paper presentations and contribute two chapters to e-conference books. I need to start writing a case study and teaching note and register the same with IIMA case centre.

Even in my family life, the disciplined schedule that IIMA has ingrained in my consciousness, has motivated me as a caregiver whenever my mother became sick, especially recently when she was hospitalised for 10 days. In my job, I could follow a disciplined schedule throughout covid lockdown period as a covid prevention and control academic. The literature review practice gained during FDP aided me both visibly and invisibly in my search for global and local updates as part of my covid content development during the peak covid season.

To sum up my reflections, FDP can be graded as a game-changer or value-addition or ornamental value based on the attitude of the FDP alumnus. A positive attitude towards the IIMA ethos, culture and practices and natural pride in the powerful IIMA brand image will definitely ensure that IIMA FDP acts as a long-term career game-changer.


Kalapatapu Ravikiran Sharma
Batch of Module 2 of FDP 2019, IIM Ahmedabad

Article by P NVV Satyanarayana, Participant, Online FDP 2020


COVID’19 is devastatingly affecting ever field of life throughout the world on one hand. And, on the other hand, in an effort to confront the situation many educational institutions, especially in higher education, in India adopted online education system to benefit the participant students, academicians, and researchers. IIMA, one of the premier management education institutes in India, is also recently witnessed successful launching of its first time online international FDP’2020 in Pedagogy and Research Methods during 22nd June – 28th July, 2020 benefiting both academicians and researchers to a greater extent.

About the Resource Persons and other Facilitating Team of IIMA FDP’20

Any FDP can be successful only when it is filled with experts’ knowledge. It is needless to say whether it is there or not in case of IIMA FDP, as we all know that IIMA is full of experts with abundant knowledge in different fields of Management Education. However, it’s my privilege and honour to say something that I found in experts of IIMA who dealt with FDP’20. The experience of instructor for course titled Crafting and Publication of Research (CPR) will account largely on future research of any individual as the instructor made the participants familiar with fundamentals of research paper crafting and publication. Her guest session was so remarkable as she created Academic Visibility during Invisible Circumstances of COVID’19. The instructor for course titled Statistical Data Analysis (SDA) added some humour to FDP’20 with his statistics, without whom the FDP’20 is incomplete just like sweet without sugar. I saw instructor for the course titled Principles of Psychometrics and Scale Construction (PPSC) in INDAM’20 conference at IIMT for the first time; and found him as simple, calm going, and doer. Once again he proved how simple he is in dealing with complex things like Principles of Psychometrics and Scale Construction through this FDP especially in complex situations as a tale ender. He is the finisher of FDP’20 just like a game finisher in Indian Cricket. One more instructor for a guest session on Non-case methods is so marvellous which made many of the participants to request more of his sessions too, but it was not arranged due to time constraint and pre-occupied FDP’20 schedule. Two instructors who held the sessions on course titled Qualitative Research Methods (QRM) gave us a very good opening to the FDP’20 starting form Exploratory to Case Writing which really explored our knowledge to the maximum extent possible through break-out room participation from the participants in a short number of sessions. One of the legendaries of IIMA and FDP’20, through the course titled Communication for Management Teachers (CMT), enlightened many of the participants like me what research is all about with their fabulous teaching methods for which I must require to pay them my respectable obeisance to their feet. The conceptual world of organisers from IIMA made the FDP’20 a grand success in the Empirical world with all of their instructors and supporting staff.


The year 2020 is a notable year as far as my research progression is concerned. During this year, two great things came true in my research side: one is by way of presenting a research paper in IIMT through INDAM’20 and the second one is by way of a chance to be part of IIMA FDP’20 (first online) in Pedagogy and Research Methods. It was in Nirma University International Conference on Management’2019 (NICOM’19), I, along with two other co-presenter friends, took a decision to present a research paper in IIMs’ while going through one expert session from a Professor of IIMA. Exactly , within one year, it has come true through INDAM’20 conference at IIMT.  Likewise, in summer of 2019, one of my co-authors for my research papers advised me to take part in FDP at IIMA.  Exactly, after a year, it has also come true through IIMA FDP’20 via online mode with short duration and affordable fees. This is the power of spoken words that I believe in.

IIMA’s Post FDP’20 Reflections

I could say the real journey of my research has started after the said two events only. Especially the IIMA FDP’20 has helped me a lot in changing the level of my research work from very local to global both in terms of attitude towards research, nature of research work, aspirations for publishing research work in top-tier journals, so on and so forth. It was reflected in terms of my association with ICSSR Research Project where the FDP’20 has helped me to work on the project with full of research rigour. One of the requisite articles (my first review article) of the project to be published is now in review process with one of the Scopus Indexed Journals titled “The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Global Studies”, bearing the Work ID: 75866 (Service Quality of Secondary Education: A Literature Review) hoping that it will be published soon. One more article on Spiritual Responses to COVID’19 Crises is submitted after initial revision to the same group Scopus Indexed Journal titled “The International Journal of Religion and Spirituality in Society”, bearing the Work ID: 75867 with a great hope of getting accepted for publication. One of the courses of FDP’20 titled QRM has helped me a lot in writing the above two papers.

The FDP’20 has taught me a lot about how to handle the rejections and make developments further based on the reviewers’ comments.  In this regard, the course titled CPR and tips of the instructor of the course have helped me making changes in the draft to a publishable state. This particular course and the instructor’s expertise have further helped me to write conference papers for International Level: one is already finished and about to have a conference theme to match with; and another one is in abstract submission stage with an International Conference on Consciousness-based Leadership and Management to be held in Maharishi International University, one of the oldest universities in USA.

The FDP’20, through the course titled PPSC, has further assured me a lot in constructing scale for survey purposes and analysing the scale data through R software in all the research papers above said. Measures of testing significance of association between variables, conducting data normality tests using R software has also helped me a lot to do my job as a Research Associate for the ICSSR project and to do my personal research work as well in a better way. Likewise, statistical measures such as sampling, correlation and regression discussed, through the course titled SDA, has made me familiar with designing and collecting sample for my ICSSR Research Project using the appropriate method relevant to the subject matter. It is needless to tell the other measures of correlation and regression; and hypothesis formulation and testing that the course instructor discussed has made me easy in dealing with those aspects of the Research Project and other personal research works without any doubt.

Finally, but not least, one of the most important courses of the FDP’20 titled CMT, dealt by one of the Legendaries of IIMA and FDP’20, has helped me a lot in the communication aspect of research especially in the area of writing research problem statements, statements of objectives, drawing inferences, etc. His case method teaching will undoubtedly help me more effectively as and when I start my teaching back as I am right now engaged fully on the research project. 


The efforts of IIMA in successful launching of online FDP in Pedagogy and Research Methods for meeting the needs of academicians and researchers during the tough times of COVID’19 are so worth taking and very needful. It is considered that the participant academicians and researchers like me of the IIMA FDP’20 are benefited and successful to a greater extent in both academic and research side despite the invisible conditions and circumstances of COVID’19.

Case method of teaching has been the cornerstone of IIMA’s pedagogy. It was precisely with the aim of learning how to write and teach cases that I had enrolled in the Faculty Development Program at IIMA in 2019.


P NVV Satyanarayana
Online FDP 2020, IIM Ahmedabad

Article by Smita Sharma, Participant, Online FDP 2020

“The quality of life we lead is to a large extent influenced by the quality of decisions we take in our lives” and the decision to join this online FDP has been one of the most crucial decisions in my life. Yes. it was a dream to interact and learn from the best in academia which was fulfilled by attending this online FDP. I would not have ever been able to gain this opportunity had it been on campus owing to the multiple responsibilities which most women carry with their career choices. But the huge corona upheaval provided a silver line amongst darkness all around.

The patience and endurance with which the instructors taught us was commendable. Their efforts were reflected in every single session and the message too was conveyed well.

I always had an inclination for research and this FDP provided the right blend of teaching and hands-on training with the latest information in this field. The sessions well covered all the major field like communication for management teachers, crafting and publication for research, qualitative and quantitative methods of research. Every session was pinned to the greatest detail and queries were handled with patience and composure.

Post six months I have witnessed the impact of my decisions from a closer lens of life. Research was there earlier also in the list but now it has become the prime priority of my academic career. I have started reading and writing in a more equitable manner. Prior to this FDP the focus was more on reading than writing. I am also trying my best to follow the 4-8 rule in research. It does become tiresome sometimes, but I know I shall be able to achieve it. Also, I have tried to develop an interest which is different from the courses I take up in the university. This has helped to gain an understanding in other fields too and aid in active learning.

The experience of an online FDP could not had been better but there is always a scope for some inclusions. In my opinion blended learning in form of a contact period of one or two weeks could had helped post Covid. This would had given a chance not only to witness the temple of knowledge but to meet in person all those who contributed a lot to our learning. That can make a lot of difference to the complete experience of the FDP.

I am grateful to all who contributed towards making this journey memorable and meaningful which shall always remain afresh in my work and deeds.

Thank you all for being there and creating this great experience for all the participants of the First Online FDP.


Smita Sharma
Online FDP 2020, IIM Ahmedabad

Article by Roopa Shree Rao, Participant, Online FDP 2020

"Management is a combination of science and art", is one of the perspectives and the delivery of management knowledge calls for an adept combination of the same; is a belief, I hold. This belief was validated during my short and fulfilling journey of the online faculty development program conducted by the Indian Institute Of Management, Ahmedabad.

The ever evolving nature of the concepts of management calls for the continuous up gradation of the concepts owing to the science in management, and only up gradation results in half the battle being won, as perceived by the eminent personalities, the adept application of the scientific knowledge of management leads to power, which justifies the art facet of management , highlighting the delivery part of the acquired knowledge.

"Developing the developers to develop", is the main objective of the faculty development program, is the perception which I developed and acknowledged during my journey. After almost two decades of academic teaching, unknowingly entering into a complacent zone becomes a natural state and to shake off the inertia developed stands as a humongous task. This inertia was broken by the acceptance of the application for the online faculty program to be conducted by one of the benchmarks in the field of management education, the IIM, Ahmedabad.

This achieved momentum called for a sustained motivation, which was adequately met and excelled by the program. The meticulous planning of the entire module of the month long journey was crafted to precision which delivered the required road map of the program. In addition, the timely availability of the pre readings, formed the groundwork for the ensuing sessions.

Focusing on the delivery of the knowledge, the stalwarts of one’s domain, the faculties, their immaculate time management , the art with which they drew from the varied experience of the participants to enrich the learning experience and make it intellectually stimulating was impeccable. The methodology with which the faculties opened the gamut of new perspectives to view the existing concepts cemented my perspective that yes, management is an excellent combination of science and art, and of course, management teaching is an extension of the diligent combination of the same.

One month of this fulfilling journey seemed short lived, as each session was an eye opener and affirmed the necessity of never-ending sharpening of the acquired knowledge. The added silver lining was the inclusive peer group, the bond which is shared post the program also. This participative network has contributed to the research journey albeit at a slower pace, owing to various personal and professional commitments, but due to continuous motivation of this encouraging group there is a consistent momentum which would be difficult to achieve without the same.

As I look back, I would have appreciated this journey to have lasted a bit longer, which would have enabled to interact and assimilate knowledge from the experts and extend this once in a lifetime experience.


Roopa Shree Rao
Online FDP 2020, IIM Ahmedabad

Article by Irala Lokanandha Reddy, FDP Alumnus 2018

I feel it is my extreme pleasure to pen down my experiences and the impact there after of the FDP at IIM Ahmedabad. I had been fortunate to live the IIMA Campus life for about 4 months as the participant in the 40th cohort. I think all my batchmates took the programme more seriously than a it is generally done. As I recollect now; I feel we all had journeyed back to our student lives and behaved like students throughout the programme. We were competing (better said fighting) for class participation, grades, recognition and of course a lot of small group dynamics-but this time it was all with a greater deal of maturity. So, we could enjoy the student life once again yet take maximum out of it.

Particularly the Case pedagogy classes were very enriching. Before I joined the programme, I thought I wrote about 20-25 cases. When I went through the sessions, I concluded that "I wrote something and called them cases". The Stats, IT and Game Theory classes were my favourite, apart fr0m the Case Pedagogy and Research Modules.

The learning at the FDP was enormous and was gamechanger for me. Post FDP I started introducing a lot of changes in the way I teach and engage students. Of course, I was a good teacher even before that, but I became better. Another major take home is developing collegiality. I now work with peers and started writing joint papers and cases.

The brand IIMA had paid its own dividends. Now I feel that I am better recognized, when someone learns that I was IIMA trained. What followed the programme was a bit of more administrative responsibilities – I was made the University wide coordinator of AICTE matters even before I returned from IIMA. As I write this sitting in the chair of in-charge Finance Officer of the University, I feel, people around and the University now trusts my abilities more than before.


Irala Lokanandha Reddy
Batch of FDP 2018, IIM Ahmedabad

Article by Neelam Kherajani, FDP Alumna 2018

I consider enrolling for the FDP program as one of the most sagacious professional decisions which eventually turned out to play a pivotal role in my life. This Institute aptly upholds its global repute by serving its candidates by inculcating cutting edge learning and leadership development techniques. Indeed, this place is a goldmine where the treasure can manifest in various forms. The program encompasses a wide spectrum of knowledge right from hardcore subject knowledge to the subtle aspects of leadership to create maximum Impact.

The FDP Program consists of two conjugate modules, namely, (a) The Pedagogy and Research Module, (b) The General Management Module. While attending the Program, we as candidates had a joint and several realizations that this is not just a simple classroom teaching, rather it is an astutely designed comprehensive program keeping in background all key elements for Academic success. Just to list a few, the program exposed us to various group activities, case studies, role plays, individual & group assignments, industry tours and umpteen number of extracurricular activities.

A key element of the Program was to corroborate in the minds of the attendees the importance of being prepared. We had a hands-on understanding and importance of time management by keeping up with rather vexing deadlines. In retrospect, it all added a deeper character to the candidate.

Due to the exhaustive scrutiny process for student intake, one can be assured to find the best peer group in its category. This according to me, is a crucial factor while taking up any course as there is a lot of learning from peer to peer interactions. Working in a learned peer group not only expands your horizons but also teaches you the significance of Collaborative Learning.

The Pedagogy lectures were delivered by some of the finest faculties who not only had a firsthand industry experience but also possessed excellent academic accolades from the finest Universities across the globe. In the case writing classes, weren't just taught the art of delivering/ presenting a case but also the science of making one.

One of the key takeaways for me, being a faculty, was the learning the novel ways of continuous student engagement. I have been trying to implement those techniques and have been successful in doing the same. Continuous student engagement was achieved by sustaining interest of the attendees across the entire breadth of the lecture. Having said that, certainly there were times where there was a bit of a gap in grasping the full depth and dimension of some complicated concepts. This was taken good care by the faculties by giving their valuable time even after calling it a day. Evidently, some of the best lectures were delivered in an informal sitting right at the campus premises at the coffee shop.

In my opinion, IIMA has created and implemented one of the most thought and practical Grading System for its candidates. According to this, due weightage is given to not only the final examinations but also for class participation & assignments. It is an all-encompassing continuous monitoring system which has a tremendous impact on the morals of the candidates which nurtures a positive sense of competition amongst the peer group and brings out the best in the attendees.

The best place to be at IIMA was the resource Library which is open 24x7 with almost unrestrictive access to the latest publications. Here we learnt, how to publish Academic Papers, and the faculties were fully supportive in this context. They even encouraged the candidates to publish a paper with them as co-authors.

Last but not the least; I cannot emphasis more on the importance of enrolling for both the modules to take full advantage of the FDP course. This will aid the candidate maintain a proper flow of the program and make the most of the peer group network at IIMA.

Neelam Kherajani
Batch of FDP 2018, IIM Ahmedabad

Article by Shivakumar Kalyanrao Babji, FDP Alumnus 2018

I would like to thank you for this opportunity to write on one year of post FDP days of my life. As I come from Information Technology(IT) background I had no idea of case-based teaching at Management School but at IIMA I realized it and now I am applying it for my teaching. 

I always remember the way classes are conducted at IIMA and how faculties extract knowledge from each participant then summarises it into faculty version by some of the best professors in-country and share it with the entire class - it an amazing way of teaching! 

It also encouraged me to pursue PhD from the best university. 

It shaped my teaching career the way classes are conducted and how teaching notes are prepared. I look forward to attending future training given the opportunity. We spent truly inspiring days of our life.

Thank you all respectable faculty members who helped us to shape and honing teaching skills in our academic life.


Shivakumar Kalyanrao Babji
Batch of Module 2 of FDP 2018, IIM Ahmedabad

Article by Saurabh Krishna, FDP Alumnus 2018

Why FDP & Life after FDP?

This is one of the most difficult question which comes to everyone's mind. Yes, indeed it was also a difficult decision for me as well and especially when you have a good teaching experience and have level and responsibilities to look after. I am Saurabh Krishna working at Institute of Hotel Management – Aurangabad, Taj Group Hotel School as an Assistant Professor for Tourism & Hospitality Management. Since my mother was a teacher I have always wanted to associate myself with the academic fraternity. FDP from IIMA has been a dream come true, but to make that dream happen, you have to give it your all. Frankly speaking, I benefited in ways which were absolutely different from what I expected when I had applied. I should also mention, we can't simply imagine the benefits, nature and the rigour of the course unless and until you reach KLMDC (FDP classroom). Firstly, you don't believe you are sitting in IIMA classroom, which is one of the toughest B – School in the world to get in, and then you start seeing the most respected and the legends getting in and welcoming your batch to your new home. I guess it's one of the most proud moment of your life to witness that moment and later interact with the faculties, and then post tea you will be welcomed with the first case to discuss and the journey starts. As I have always mentioned with my batch mates.

"After reaching IIMA I realized probably getting in at IIMA was much easier than passing out from IIMA"    

When I see life before FDP, during FDP and post FDP, there is a huge difference in terms of learning experience, hard work and many stories to talk about, and each one of them is interesting, exciting and inspiring.

FDP offers you a unique learning experience with a detailed course material, grade based assessments, and an active participation of both faculty and the participants. You will have to agree with me and believe about the fact that, FDP will have a lifelong impact on your overall personality, teaching skills, learning skills, and the way you look at the academic fraternity. Without FDP I wouldn't have had the confidence to pursue into the high quality academic writing, teaching and researching and even developing cases on management topics. World class facilities, 24*7 library, well furbished and comfortable dorms and the discussion room, gym , cafeteria serving cyclic menus , cafes etc. IIMA itself will be your world, you wouldn't feel like even peeping in the outside world. Being one of the oldest course FDP has gone through many changes to make it one of the most comprehensive module for the academic world, within short span of time you would realize that you have been introduced to the formal, and highly competitive environment.  

Diversified Learning & Socializing with Peers: - At IIMA – social interaction is the key to excel and grow. The group assignments and the case study discussions within the group develops and helps you understand things in a much better way with the varied dimensions of any elements or topics. Peers with different specializations, subject expertise and their academic experience often brings about different perspectives and contribute to more objective and balanced classroom discussions I would be happy to even mention that batch 2018 had the maximum number of peer learning classes. As a result you find mentors, colleagues, and lifelong true friends who stay with you during and after the FDP as well.

Intensive Course & Case Method of Teaching: -

IIM Ahmedabad is known for the Case method of teaching, which makes a unique experience to learn and think out of the box. I have personally adopted this method of teaching for my classrooms and I have seen a great change in terms of the class participation, discussion and the overall interest of the students. Modules on Case Method in Management Education, Crafting and Publication of Research also taught us to develop cases and it further developed the interest which resulted in the publication of some good cases from our batch.

Innovative Teaching Approach: -

The innovative teaching methods in the FDP by the distinguished faculties gives you a new dimension for the teaching methods. The dynamic and interactive teaching methods used by faculties helps you to understand the changes which we must bring to enhance our classroom delivery as well the preparation one must do before conducting a class. I have personally worked on the better teaching plan, research and preparation before the class which resulted to have better connect with my students and dynamic classroom environment which happened only because of FDP.

The Arvind Mill & Amul Experience: - (An Utterly Butterly Experience)

FDP is not only limited to the classrooms and the long series of lectures, field visit is one of the best addition to enhance the overall learning and to have a hands-on experience, practical knowledge and to understand the current industry trends. FDP 2018 batch went to Amul and the Arvind mills to experience the industry scenario and the management functions on the shop floor.

The batch enjoyed the visit at the same time, we also had the chance to interact with the staff and the senior management team of Amul & Arvind Mills. The other beauty was that we had a detailed discussion and sharing of the learning experience of Amul & Arvind in the classroom.

Guest Lectures & Speakers: -

FDP is a platform which offers you some incredible learning experiences, we get to experience the perspective of guest speakers, experts and industry leaders. Learning is not only limited to the classroom teaching or to the books, we had some really interesting and intense discussions with the industry leaders and the guest speakers.

This has really helped us to expand our horizon, develop new industry connects and even collaborative research work. The cases which we developed as a part of our module has further enhanced our knowledge regarding the Industry and academics relations, and given an opportunity to work with the owners and the employees of the companies, that really taught us how significant it is to have a strong connect between Industry and academia.

Publication & Research: -

FDP is a great time to try out the research ideas you've been thinking about to work upon and develop. Faculties go extra miles to support and encourage you and your ideas for publication and guides you on the correct path. Post FDP you see your bucket which is full of ‘to do list' as you are highly inspired by the work of your batch mates and the faculties of IIMA. Collaborating with your batch mates, faculties and even the industry partners are quite possible as you see many opportunities it just depends upon you and your commitment. Post FDP, we really learnt to always try something new in our teachings, publication, research, and case writing if you succeed you succeed but if you fail you still succeed because that teaches you so much and helps you to even experiment more and excel, because at IIMA everyone would admire you and your efforts of taking risks and making an endeavour for your ideas and passion.

Extra Co-Curricular Activities & CSR Activities: -

Everyone is aware about the academic rigor of IIMA but very few know the other secrets, let me reveal it to you, as soon as you join the family you are exposed to the different clubs of IIMA, and you should not have even a second thought to associate yourself with the club, some of the clubs are drama club, dance club, literature club, sports club, photography club and even a laughter club for whom who loves to make people laugh, which is the most difficult thing to do. Our batch also had a chance to visit the UNESCO heritage site, Patan & Modhera which was recommended by one of our faculty and supported by our FDP chairperson. Apart from that IIMA teaches you to give back to the society, PRAYAAS is a CSR started by IIMA, where the underprivileged students are taught, many of our batch mates were the active contributing member of prayaas and taught PRAYAAS students, even our batch organised a small event and drawing competition for the Prayaas kids. FDP also teaches you that with your academic work and other responsibilities you should never let your passion and your interest die and we must give back to the society which must be passed on to our students who work under extreme academic pressure at the same time they must be taught to contribute to our society.  At my institute with my students now we support and work very closely with a NGO and contribute to the Aurangabad tourism development. 

Many participants have felt that FDP is an opportunity to experiment. An experiment which puts you under extreme academic rigour, cut – throat competition, deadlines, team work, time – management, research, case method of teaching & learning, meticulous planning, strategy for yourself, peer learning and the level to which one can stretch themselves to achieve the word "PERFECTION" and IIMA is known for PERFECTION for the last 6 decades. I can proudly say one must take this journey of experiment to experience themselves and the mecca of knowledge.

Saurabh Krishna
Batch of FDP 2018, IIM Ahmedabad

Article by Richa Tiwari, FDP Alumna 2018

Faculty Development Programme in Management at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad has been a transformational landmark in my journey so far. The programme has developed zeal in me to learn and evolve which is the true reflection of its logo "विद्या विनियोगाद्विकास: (meaning "knowledge which is applied can only lead to development). The stint of 109 days as participant of Faculty Development Programme had been a rigorous one but extremely prolific.

FDPM was a thought-provoking programme for me as up till then I belonged to the corporate industry and it was my first step to explore the education field. Being a doctoral student, I had an idea about the research and methodology tools and techniques yet there were gears in abundance to learn from world-class academicians during my journey. And, now I can say that there could have been no other platform then FDPM-IIMA to learn and subsequently start my career with. Currently, I am working as Academic Associate in the Human Resources Management Area at Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad.

The programme was split into two modules: The Pedagogy and Research Module and The General Management Module which made it more clear and easy to make a choice for one of them or both for the participants. In "The Pedagogy and Research Module", learning one of the most interactive teaching styles "Case Methods in Management Education" has been the most interesting part. I have been able to learn how to identify industrial challenges and research spaces to work upon. In the span of a year since I completed my FDPM, I have been able to assist peers in case writing and currently, one of my case studies is in its final process. The biggest takeaways of the first module have also been crafting and publishing research. The course instructors taught us various tools and techniques of research which also helped me to rework on my doctoral thesis on structuring and reviewing literature, reference management systems and also guided me on new research methods (qualitative and mixed methods), advanced statistical tools and updated research software.

Study groups have been one of challenging yet fun task for all of us as here the orientation was unique {"you being 24X7 involved in the group assigned to you, rather than your chosen group"}. Working in study groups helped me understand the dynamics of peer learning, balancing division of task as per one's strength and communication apprehensions. IIMA has been an excellent platform for me for academic collaborations with faculty, participants and others for publications and conferences. Now, I have learned writing papers more appropriately and have been able to present them in esteemed international management conferences at premium institutions of India like EDII, IIT, and IIM. I could also learn on the variety of evaluation and assessments ranging from in-class participation, quizzes, short assignment, puzzles, case-based analysis processes, and others.

The General Management Module which was into two parts was like a reboot to my post-grad program since it provided a brief on each dimension of management like Finance, Marketing, Operations, Strategy, Costing, and Human Resource Management. It has been a year since then and now I can actually relate all the essence that we had been taught since it was more application-based with cases provided to us and subsequently discussed.

With reference to the second part of the module, I chose HR and OB as my special topic where I got the flavour of recent trends in Human Resource as well as Organizational Behavior practices from the lens of research. These included interesting dimensions like Employee Relations, Change Management and many more. Along with the cases, the readings provided were kind of added advantage to explore new spaces to my research bouquet.

IIMA was not only about academic rigor as close to my heart had been the late-night group discussions, festive celebration, industrial visits, excursion tours which we ourselves planned in between the programme to explore the heritage sites of Gujarat (like PATAN) and our voluntary participation in the CSR initiative of IIMA "PRAYAAS". These activities made me believe that learning is not just through books but the acting and experiencing!!!

The faculty at IIMA has always been motivating and they believe that a journey to learn is never-ending, and as it is truly said:

"Tell Me and I Forget. Teach Me and I Remember. Involve Me and I Learn" - Benjamin Franklin

I warmly welcome you all to join Faculty Development Program which proved to be a value-added milestone for my academic career and is still enhancing. The vicinity of the institution is such that you will find the essence of motivation in every red brick and not just faculty but also the students, staff and other members of the IIMA community.



Richa Tiwari
Batch of FDP 2018, IIM Ahmedabad

Article by Nistala J Sharma, FDP Alumnus 2018

I start with some famous quotes on education and journey of life.

Education is a life long journey whose destination expands as you travel. - Jim Stovall.

Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself. John Dewey.

In one's journey of life, academics have an important place in shaping the future career prospects. The journey to be an Alumni of Top Management School in India was a dream come true for me. I am a Finance professional with years of experience from Industry, but my passion was to teach in B Schools, and that was fulfilled when I was selected for the prestigious Academic Program "Faculty Development Program in Management" -2018 at IIM Ahmedabad.

The Pedagogy and the content was world class, the Program is taught by the renowned Faculty and the Academic Accolades they possess in terms of PHD's from Foreign Universities, and top rated Universities in India, and their wealth of Academic experience in Teaching and the knowledge they have, is clearly reflected in the classes they take. Each Faculty is par excellence.

The course besides imbibing the academic knowledge to the participant, also disciplines the participants in terms of Time management, performing in Group, delivery of projects on an individual and in group level, and the most important and interesting part was the completion of the assignments and meeting the deadlines. The grading system also has a tremendous impact on the performance of and that really is challenging and it inculcates the sense of completion within the target deadlines, besides gaining knowledge of the subject. As a participant we can learn the different aspects of learning from each of the faculty and their style of delivering and conducting the class. The FDPM program also teaches how to work in group, how to be part of a team and work towards a common goal. The faculty style of lecture / course delivery was excellent and we can learn lots of techniques how to handle the class and how to explain to them the CASE's, and make it interesting

The 100 days of the program was a feeling of back to college days, dorm life, canteen food, industrial visits, late night group assignments/ discussions, and next morning presentation, role play etc. it was really fun filled with excellence and experience, I felt that so much can be done in a such a shorter period of time, wonderful it was, thanks to IIMA and the FDPM program for taking the best student life out of me. Yes there were challenges, especially the time management , but we will be used to it, and the that will be overcome by the greed of knowledge acquiring that we have in ourselves, and to add to this the 24 hours library is a boon to the knowledge seekers, I am sure we all will overcome that and will fall in line to the high standards set by the IIMA as we know for sure that at the end of the day there is success and sense of achievement, as David M Burns says and I quote "Aim for success, not perfection. Never give your right to be wrong, because then you will lose the ability to learn new things and move forward with your life. Remember that fear always lurks behind perfectionism."

The rigor of the program was such interesting that my interest in Case Method in Management Education, Communication for Management Teachers, Crafting and Publication of Research, and the advance topics in operations / strategic management, has further powered my interest to pursue PHD from top management institutes in India. 

"Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think" – Albert Einstein. This program teaches and trains our mind to think, to reflect upon, and apply the same in our daily academic life.

Post my FDPM in 2018, this "Thinking Aspect" helped me , in analyzing the real life situations , and offering constructive solutions, and the various topics that are discussed in each of the modules helped me in exploring the possibilities for further research in topics of my interest, and I am now pursuing Executive PHD in Accounting & Finance Area-2019, from IIM Ranchi. Yes definitely my learning and knowledge gained in the FDPM would be an added advantage in completing my PHD, and hopefully to write articles, in topics latest topics of interest to me in Accounting & Finance area.

I for one believe that by attending the program was a life changing event, in my personal, professional career growth. The program for me was a blessing to revive my passion for teaching and the global standard it has achieved in terms of course delivery and the uniqueness is the Case Method of teaching, which is very important for students of B school to understand the real life transactions which help in strategic decision making.

I wish all the best to all the knowledge seekers to experience the wonderful journey, from the moment you enter the IIMA campus till your leave, let me emphasize, we never ever leave this great temple of learning called IIMA, as we will be part of it as Alumni of IIMA.

Happy Learning!!!

Nistala J Sharma
Batch of FDP 2018, IIM Ahmedabad

Article by Ritu Maheshwari, FDP Alumna 2017

You can't go back and change the beginning,
but you can start where you are and change the ending.

C.S. Lewis

FDP at IIM-A has provided me a great platform to hone my teaching and research skills. The 3.5-months programme on-campus was an intellectually stimulating and enriching experience for me. I feel grateful towards IIM-A for providing me this opportunity to be the part of such an amazing and refreshing programme. I got benefitted through FDP immensely. Be it exploring new frontiers of knowledge, understanding recent advances in management research or acquiring the right attitude and mindset, FDP at IIM-A has given the much needed impetus to my career in academia. The perks of being on-campus are many. You can witness IIM-A culture so closely that if imbibed can truly make a positive difference to your life. I enjoyed and felt connected to each and every activity held in campus during my stay here. Being mentored by highly knowledgeable and superb faculty was bliss. The level of dedication and commitment of IIM-A faculty requires a special mention which made this programme so successful. On the research front, I have learnt wide variety of topics ranging from research basics to advanced  multivariate analysis techniques using R, how to write and publish research articles in top journals etc. whereas on the teaching front, it has enabled me to learn new pedagogies, case-based teaching methodology, classroom management etc. Special lectures designed to enhance presentation skills and access to IIM-A library and its E-resources was also an add-on.

Also the stay was very comfortable with all the facilities in-house. I enjoyed every bit of it and it was like reliving my college days again.

Finally, I would like to thank IIM-A for giving me an alumni status of this prestigious institution and helping me connect with the vibrant peer group of FDP through alumni portal.


Ritu Maheshwari
Batch of FDP 2017, IIM Ahmedabad

Article by Shraddha Pathak, FDP Alumna 2017

Like thousands, I also had a dream to study at IIM Ahmadabad, which came true in 2017 with Faculty Development Programme. Though it was very tough to stay away from my kid and family for months but believe me, every single day spent at IIMA was worth the separation.

During the four month term of the programme we were offered a multidisciplinary course modules which called for rigorous preparation each day. The late night studies( sleeping at 4 am and waking up at 6:30 am for classes), timelines to finish the assignments, pre preparation for next day classes, evaluations,…..the rigour did not seem to be tough since most of the tasks and assignments were to be done in team. This made learning fun and full of excitement.

FDP Programme not only brought back our student life but also prepared us for meaningful and diverse research and teaching across wide range of management disciplines in future.

All the faculties and courses were equally good but Statistics and course on Multivariate analysis are my personal favourites.  Being a faculty of Finance I learned a lot from specialised module offered in Finance & Accounts, wherein I learned that finance could also be taught using case based method. Which I later tried to incorporate in my teaching methods as well.  I also learned that teaching is not a traditional process and is not limited to lecture and black/white board, but is an Art. Classroom involvement could be increased by incorporating new methods and techniques.

I thank IIM-A for choosing me as one of the FDP participant!!


Shraddha Pathak
Batch of FDP 2017, IIM Ahmedabad

Article by Tulika Sharma, FDP Alumna 2017

An experience worth it!!

Coming from a non- management background, I had my own fears about the FDP especially subjects like Stats, Finance and Operations. Nevertheless, it was this very reason that propelled me in the first place to attend the FDP. I can now say with confidence that it was all worth it. Had I let my fears overpower me I would have missed a great opportunity to learn at such a prestigious institute.

Every single day of the 4 month program was filled with learnings. Getting taught by erudite professors who were so patient and eager to share their knowledge with us not only in the classroom but also outside it was something rarely seen at other places. We were free to visit them in their cabins and sometimes have at length discussions in the evenings over a cup of coffee during the breaks and in cafeteria. In a nutshell, there is no dearth of opportunities if you are keen to absorb knowledge. Round the clock library was another great resource that we could utilise.

Thanks to the program I can now think of diversifying my teaching areas and think of moving beyond Business communication. I am now more aware of the management jargons and can use it in class with confidence. Subjects that I had known by only the names earlier seem more in my grip. Not to mention of course the bond that was forged with fellow participants during the course of 4 months has become a memory of a lifetime.


Tulika Sharma
Batch of FDP 2017, IIM Ahmedabad

Article by Ved Srinivas, FDP Alumnus 2017

Those were the days…..

It was the morning of 4th of June in 2017 when I arrived at the IIM Ahmedabad Campus. Let me tell you I felt that yes I have arrived (metaphorically). The weather was hot and sultry but nevertheless it did not dampen the excitement for a wonderful journey that was about to begin on 5th June 2017, Monday. I started meeting the fellow participants or let me call them students and after a brief introduction and exchange of visiting cards we found our name plates in the auditorium that was going to be the venue for our lectures for the next four months.

The whole story of attending FDP programme at IIM Ahmedabad is a story of my transformation and I felt like I did another MBA from IIM Ahmedabad which would have been otherwise incomplete.

The case study methodology is the main pedagogy here in IIM Ahmedabad. This is the most unique feature of the programmes offered here. I benefitted the most out of this pedagogy.  The case studies bring the industry to the classroom in a way that is both engaging and enlightening. The courses on General Management were taught in a way that it gave me new insights on the same old concepts. This way my FDP experience turned out to be a Mini-MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. The animated discussions and conversations taught us critical thinking by revisiting the old concepts of Management. We went through all the subjects from Financial Accounting to Corporate Finance to Operations Management to Information Technology and of course the courses on Marketing as well as HRM and OB.

The module on Teaching and Research was very helpful as I now feel fit to enter the world of research. The lectures by eminent Professors broadened the horizons of Thinking and Analysis particularly in places where the concepts came in conflict with the field data. The innovative teaching methods were also demonstrated in the class through numerous Presentations and Lectures. 

The specialization module was one of the best I learnt in IIMA. The new frontiers of knowledge were thrown upon us when we thought there was saturation in our specializations. This brought in the much awaited enthusiasm for our specializations that we practice at the end of the day. The handpicked research articles and case studies came in handy while dealing with new jargons and terminologies. We learnt how to introduce new wave of knowledge with its requisite tools. Just to give one example in my case I had opted for Marketing, so for me it was in the module of Neurosciences and consumer behaviour. The brain research sessions are carried out in NBRC Manesar. Being exposed to those research areas our horizons within specialization greatly expanded. Marketing Models was another such notable area where we could see intellectual sparks flying inside the classroom.

I owe a great deal of my learning and transformation to the campus called IIM Ahmedabad. After spending four months in the serene environment of this hallowed institution I realized how much the vision of its founding fathers are still reverberating in the atmosphere of IIM Ahmedabad. This journey has left an indelible mark on my career as well as Life. I really cherish all the moments at this place and it gives me immense pride today that I am an Alumnus of this institution. I really miss those enlightening lectures by the Professors and the animated conversations with my fellow participants whom I found to be great friends. Till today we all are in touch. Thank you IIMA for giving us a platform to Learn, Connect and Grow together in our lives.


Ved Srinivas
Participant & Class Representative,
Batch of FDP 2017, IIM Ahmedabad

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