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Panel 1: Brick by Brick - A Journey through IIMA Archives

Panel 1: Brick by Brick - A Journey through IIMA Archives

The Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA) was founded as a unique collaboration among the Government of India, Government of Gujarat, local industrialists of Ahmedabad, Ford Foundation and the Harvard Business School, and has emerged as a world-class management institute. It was managed by the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad Society (established December 11, 1961), until IIMA was incorporated under The Indian Institutes of Management Act in 2017, when the Society's role in running the Institute ended. This exhibition, Brick by Brick, captures some elements of this journey.

The exhibition was launched in 2021 and is maintained by the IIMA Archives, which was formally established in 2019 to preserve institutional memory and periodically disseminate historical information about the institute to the IIMA community and the general public. The IIMA Archives holds a large collection of physical and digitized documents related to the foundation and evolution of the institute. The IIMA Oral History project is a key initiative of IIMA Archives that captures the experiences of several people associated with the institute from its formative years.

IIMA Archives also holds a collection of documents and directories related to the business and economic history of India. IIMA Archives is open to the general public for research. Click here for more information.