The Institute

Typed Document, Paper - Louis Kahn

Copy of Handwritten Letter - Vikram Sarabhai


(Letter seeking Kasturbhai Lalbhai's advice on Ford Foundation's championing of UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) and further discussions with Harvard)

20.8 x 27.6 cm
Vikram Sarabhai
MIT, Massachusetts
May 9, 1961
IIMA Archives

John R. Coleman, Ford Foundation, New Delhi, had written a letter dated April 29, 1961 stating that partnering with UCLA was a 'final' decision, after he realized that Vikram Sarabhai had reached out to Harvard. Sarabhai argued for the Institute's right to determine who its partner should be. Ultimately, IIMA partnered with HBS.

Typed Document, Paper - Louis Kahn

(Louis Kahn's note dated November 10, 1962 on the modification of terms of his contract, including the appointment of an assistant architect)

21 x 33 cm
November 10, 1962
IIMA Archives

According to the contract entered into by IIMA with NID, the latter would appoint Louis Kahn as the principal architect and cover his fees from the 5% of building cost (increased later) that IIMA would pay NID. Apart from asking for an assistant, Kahn wants the duration of his visits to be left to his judgment-the initial proposal had been for four visits, each of four weeks. Kahn, on average, spent about 8 to 10 days during each of his more than a dozen visits.