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Printed Book and a Laminated Card

Copy of Handwritten Letter - Vikram Sarabhai


(Letter seeking Kasturbhai Lalbhai's advice on Ford Foundation's championing of UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) and further discussions with Harvard)

20.8 x 27.6 cm
Vikram Sarabhai
MIT, Massachusetts
May 9, 1961
IIMA Archives

John R. Coleman, Ford Foundation, New Delhi, had written a letter dated April 29, 1961 stating that partnering with UCLA was a 'final' decision, after he realized that Vikram Sarabhai had reached out to Harvard. Sarabhai argued for the Institute's right to determine who its partner should be. Ultimately, IIMA partnered with HBS.

Printed Book and a Laminated Card

(First book acquired by IIMA (later Vikram Sarabhai) Library; original card indicating Accession Number 1)

A. 21.5 x 28 x 5 cm, B. 13.6 x 8.5 cm
IIMA Archives

The Library began with a modest collection of 2000 books in 1962-1963 and added 7000 books in 1963-1964. The first book seen here was retired when the library was upgraded in 2016-2018. By 1964, the library also had 400 periodicals, 800 pamphlets and 120 company reports.