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Student Clubs at IIMA

Student Clubs at IIMA


Through various opportunities, we introduce students to the world of Operations, a key competency desired by every mgmt student and every company, be it in the domain of service or manufacturing.


We equip students to become marketers through competitions, speaker sessions, workshops, placement preparations and much more.

Mentorship Cell

We answer all your queries, conduct fun events and endeavor to ensure that you have the 2 best years of your life, at IIMA!

Mess Comm

We are responsible to satisfy your cravings by providing different snacking options on campus so that you can enjoy your life at IIMA to the fullest.

Media Cell

The Media Cell is the official communication channel between students of IIM Ahmedabad and the external media.


Started as the "Movies All Day" club, MAD was rechristened in 2018 as the Movies and Design Club to serve up the institute's best videography and graphic design content.
The club works through six cells, namely, Scripting, Cinematography, Editing, Production, Design, and Marketing.


Literary Symposium Desk is one of the landmark clubs of IIM-A. It boasts of three cells - Debating, Writing, and Quizzing. From competitions, book reviews, theme-based quizzes, JAMs, debates, and word-game sessions to the IIM-A Yearbook, the club drives it all!


We are an eclectic bunch that write, direct & produce plays. We strive to promote a performing arts culture on campus! While IIMA can be super hectic, we always find time for creativity and for each other.

IIM Ally

IIMAlly is the LGBTQ+ Resource Group of IIM Ahmedabad, formed by students, alumni, and faculty members. Our objective is to increase awareness and sensitivity towards LGBTQ+ issues in and around campus, as well as, among the larger community of students and future business professionals.


IDEOS, the Social Innovation SIG of IIM Ahmedabad, collaborates with social innovators/entrepreneurs to bring them on board and help them scale their ventures through financial and strategic support.

Virasat- Heritage Club

Virasat, The Heritage Club of IIMA was founded to promote the rich heritage and culture of IIMA and India by exploring the sites and sounds of the city and nearby areas

GMLC - The General Management & Leadership Club

The General Management & Leadership Club of IIMA (GMLC) is a student-run club that pioneers in facilitating career exploration and networking opportunities in General Management.

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