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Student Clubs at IIMA

Student Clubs at IIMA

Cultural and Social Affairs Committee

Cultcomm is a bunch of people driven by passion and commitment with the simple agenda of making life on the campus more engaging, cheerful and fun.

Forum for Industry Interaction

Founded in 1978, Forum for Industry Interaction (FII) is an ISO 9001:2008 certified student consulting body of IIM Ahmedabad that provides students with a platform to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world business problems while still in B-school.


We focus on generating awareness about careers in finance and networking extensively within the financial services industry.


Annual Management Symposium of IIM Ahmedabad

Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Club

We aim to foster and promote entrepreneurship, venture capital in the IIMA community and work closely with CIIE to empower students to achieve their entrepreneurial goals.


We aim to strengthen ties between Students and their Alumni network by facilitating formal and informal interactions and planning and promoting Inter-College Connectivity from various disciplines

Club 3.0

We are a group of passionate Web 3.0 enthusiasts assimilating knowledge of the next internet for IIMAWe are a group of passionate Web 3.0 enthusiasts assimilating knowledge of the next internet for IIMA

FABM Committee

FABM Committee is a student-run activities club at IIM Ahmedabad. The main purpose of the club is to support the outreach of the PGP-FABM Program of IIMA.


The Cultural Fest of IIM Ahmedabad


TEDxIIMAhmedabad aims to engage the IIMA community by providing them with a platform to voice their perspectives on a variety of topics ranging from but not limited to technology, social causes and innovation to policy-making.


With the students of IIMA destined to be the next-gen leaders, WLS aims to spread the culture of gender equality, so that all of us can make workplaces and the world, in general, a better place to live.


We strive to create a symposium centred around collaboration and colloquy for the development of problem solving instinct and strategic HR acumen. PS: We help you frame your HRQs as well :P

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