Social Token Economics for GAU Coin


Social Token Economics for GAU Coin

Nishant Krishna, Amit Garg, Gaurav Kumar Kedia, and Aprajita Mishra

Working Papers

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This paper discusses the Token Economics around the GAU Coin. All the aspects of Token Economics, including rewards system, incentivisation, ways to increase adoption, methods to measure social impact, strategies to bring the developer community into the ecosystem, commodity flows, and many others are discussed. Various GAU Coin Ecosystem Partners and Enablers and how they interact with the ecosystem are also identified. Later, GAU NFT for the participants of the GAU Coin network can also be thought of, along with creating the entire network of artists and infrastructure around it. GAU Coin is a Social Token and is not a Cryptocurrency. The GAU Coin represents the digital form of what a person owns as part of the GAU ecosystem and brings Social Credibility.