John I Reynolds (Business Policy)

John I Reynolds (Business Policy)

Professor John I Reynolds worked in the Business Policy Area from December 1964 to July 1966.

He graduated from New York University in 1955. He later earned advanced degrees from the School of Banking at Rutgers University and the Harvard University School of Business Administration.

A native of the Bronx, Prof. Reynolds served in an Army Engineer and Supply Unit in Belgium during World War II. Later, he became a clerk with the First National City Bank of New York, better known as Citibank. He worked his way up to becoming Assistant Vice President, Citibank by 1957. Four years later, he became Vice President, Citibank.

In the capacity of his role as Senior Vice President (1967), Prof. Reynolds was responsible for all the domestic branches. He was primarily responsible for coordinating the development of Citibank's Everything Card later renamed, the Master Charge Card.

After leaving Citibank in 1973, Prof. Reynolds was named President and Chief Executive Officer of the Interbank Card Association, now known as MasterCard International-the organization that licenses MasterCard to thousands of banks. In 1979, Prof. Reynolds oversaw the reformulation of MasterCharge into MasterCard-a move made to account for the card's expanding functions.

Prof. Reynolds also served as Vice Chairman, Advisory Board of the Adelphi University Centre of Banking and Money Management; Chairman, Instalment Credit Division, New York State Bankers Association and President, Consumer Bankers Association.

His publications include Indian American Joint Ventures: Business Policy Relationships (1979) and Case Method in Management Development: Guide for Effective Use International Labour Office (1980).

Prof. Reynolds succumbed to heart failure at the age of 70 and was survived by his wife, Anne Reynolds and daughters, Dianne Reynolds and Maureen Cornacchia.

Date of Death: October 14, 1993