Faculty & Research

Meenakshi Sharma


Primary Area : Communication


Email : msharma@iima.ac.in

Phone : +91-79-7152 4816

Secretary : Ranna Bhatt

Phone : +91-79-7152 7937

Website : Personal Website


PhD , English, University of Queensland, Australia, 1998

MA, English, University of Queensland, Australia, 1994

MA, English, Lucknow University, India, 1984



Core courses: Written Analysis & Communication (WAC),  Spoken Business Communication, Managerial Analysis & Communication, Workshop on Interviews and Presentations, Managerial Communication 

Elective: Intercultural Communication


Core: Managerial Communication

Elective: Intercultural Communication

Sessions on Introduction to Indian Culture and Communication Style


Managerial Communication, Intercultural Communication

Executive education programmes 

Chair, The Winning Edge: Communication Strategies for Leaders (Open Enrollment Programme)

Chair for customised programmes for various organizations

Sessions on Effective Writing, Leadership and Communication, Listening as a Leader, Communicating for Change, Strategic Communication Choices, Persuasive Communication,  Effective Presentations and Public Speaking, Personal Branding, and other topics.

Research Area

Intercultural Communication

Communication and Organisational Change

Communication of Brand Image

English in India

Indian Writing in English

Current Research

Communicating change

Leadership Communication

Women in Higher Education

Intercultural communication

Academic Experience

Associate Professor, IIM, Ahmedabad

Associate Professor, Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad

Associate Professor, Colleges of Delhi University, Mumbai University and Lucknow University

Professional Experience

Member of International Association Languages and Intercultural Communication.

Designed and conducted modules on various aspects of managerial communication for middle and senior managers of public- and private-sector organizations such as Moser Baer, NTPC, Bharat Petroleum Ltd, Indian Oil Ltd, ONGC, SAIL, L&T, LIC, Pfizer, Essar


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