Faculty & Research

Sunil Maheshwari


Primary Area : Human Resources Management

Secondary Area : Public Systems Group , Strategy


Email : sunilm@iima.ac.in

Phone : +91-79-7152 4807

Secretary : Shoebmohemed Chobdar

Phone : +91-79-7152 7925

Website : Personal Website


Fellow, IIM Ahmedabad

B. Tech, IIT Delhi


Doctoral Courses

International Human Resource Management (Doctoral course)

Core Course on Strategic Management (Doctoral course)

Foundation for Research in Human Resource Management

Foundation for Research in Employee Relations Management


Post Graduate Programme

Teachings of Bhagavd Gita

Strategic Human Resource Management

Business Turnaround and Organizational Transformation

Strategic Management

Managing Diversified Organization

Strategy Execution

HR Practices in India


Executive Education

Human Resource Management

Strategic Management

Managing Negotiations

Organizational Transformation

Managerial Effectiveness

Strategic Leadership

Strategy Execution

Research Area

Turnaround Management

HRM in Healthcare Management


Academic Experience

Human Resource Management Area, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad

Business Policy Area, IIM Ahmedabad

Public System Group, IIM Ahmedabad

Centre for Management of Health Services (CMHS), IIM Ahmedabad

Professional Experience

Member, Strategy Forum of India

Member, National HRD Network


Sohani, Shrihari S.; Maheshwari, Sunil (2016). Problem of Plenty: Managing Employee Surplus, International Journal of Knowledge-Based Organizations, Vol. 6(1): 38-48.

Maheshwari, Sunil; Bhinder, Rupinder (2015). Justice Theory and Intention to Quit: Case of IT/ITES and BFSI Employees, Indian Journal of Industrial Relations, Vol. 51 (1): 30-42.

Maheshwari, Sunil; Yadav, Rama Shankar (2015). Is CSR a Hygiene Factor for Prospective Employees? An Indian Exploration, Indian Journal of Industrial Relations, Vol. 50 (4): 601-612.

Jha, Jatinder K; Maheshwari, Sunil (2015). Determinants of Executive Pay in a Competitive Market, Indian Journal of Industrial Relations, Vol. 50 (4): 575-587.

Maheshwari, Sunil Kumar (Co-author) (2015). Parallel Systems and Human Resource Management in India's Public Health Services: A View from the Front Lines, Public Administration and Development.

Dhiman, A and Maheshwari, Sunil Kumar (2012). Performance Appraisal Politics from Appraisee Perspective: A study of Antecedents in Indian Context, International Journal of Human Resource Management, Vol. 24 (6): 1202-1235.

Krishnan N. and Maheshwari, Sunil Kumar (2011). A Re-conceptualization of Career Systems, its Dimensions and Proposed Measured, Career Development International, Vol. 16 (7): 706-732.

Satija, Vinita Sindhwani and Maheshwari, Sunil Kumar (2010). Evaluation of GHQ 28 as a Screening Test for Psychological Problems in Women from Low Socio- economic Status, Indian Journal of Clinical Psychology, Vol. 37 (2): 108-121.

Maheshwari, Sunil; Bhat, Ramesh and Saha, Somen (2008). Commitment Among State Health Officials & Its Implications for Health Sector Reforms: Lessons from Gujarat, Indian Journal of Medical Research, Vol. 127: 148-153.

Bhat, Ramesh; Huntington, Dale and Maheshwari, Sunil (2007). Public Private Partnership: Managing Contracting Arrangements to Strengthen the Reproductive and child Health Programme in India, World Health Organization, Geneva.

Maheshwari, Sunil Kumar and Ganesh, MP (2006). Ethics on Organizations: A Case of Tata Steel, Vikalpa, Vol. 31 (2): 75-87.

Maheshwari, Sunil Kumar and Bhat, Ramesh (2005) Human Resource Issues and Its Implications for Health Sector Reforms, The Journal of Health Management, Vol. 7(1): 1-39.

Maheshwari, Sunil Kumar and Bhat, Ramesh (2005) Directions for reforms in the health sector: lessons from a state in India, Health and Development Research, Vol. 1 (2&3): 33-51.

Bhat Ramesh, Maheshwari, Sunil Kumar and Saha Somen (2005). Third party administrators and health insurance in India: A study of perceptions of healthcare providers and policyholders; Journal of Insurance and Risk Vol. 3 (6): 15-30.

Maheshwari, Sunil Kumar (2004). Winning the New Future: The Managerial Challenges Ahead, Management Insight, Vol. 1(1): 1-7.

Maheshwari, Sunil Kumar (2004) Influencing Human Resource Management Practices of Subsidiaries by Parent Companies: Empirical Evidences from India in Competitiveness of Indian Industry: Empirical Studies edited by Pramod Verma and T R Bishnoi, Page: 188-198, Wisdom Publications: New Delhi.

Maheshwari, Sunil Kumar; David, Ahlstrom (2004). Organizational Decline and Turnaround Management: Empirical Study of a Government Owned Automobile Company" Asia Pacific Journal of Management: special issue on Corporate Crisis and Turnaround; April, 2004.

Maheshwari, Sunil Kumar; Kulkarni, Vilas (2004) "Rejuvenation of Amal Products Limited" Asian Case Research Journal, 8(2): 215-239.

Maheshwari, Sunil Kumar; Ravichandran, N. (2003). "Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited: Strategic Renewal" Asian Case Research Journal 7 (2).

Asia Pacific Journal of Management Conference proceeding paper at Bangkok on December 10-11, 2002. Presented paper on "Organizational Decline and Turnaround Management"

Maheshwari, Sunil Kumar; Kulkarni, Vilas (2002). "Implementation of VRS Schemes in India" Vikalpa Vol. 28 (2): 75-82.

Maheshwari, Sunil Kumar (2000). Organizational Decline and Turnaround Management: A contingency Framework. Vikalpa Vol. 25 (4): 39-50.

Organization Science conference proceeding paper at Seoul, Korea on May 27-30, 1999. Presented paper on Human Resource Management Practices at the Subsidiaries at the Foreign Firms in India.

Sunil Kumar (1998). Human Resource Management Practices and Restructuring on India Railways. Abhivyakti- The Journal of Railway Staff College Vadodara, 10 (3): 1-6.

Sunil Kumar (1997). HRD and IR. Abhivyakti- The Journal of Railway Staff College Vadodara, Vol. 9 (3): 35-43

Sunil Kumar, Shekhar Chaudhuri (1996). Human Factor Development in India: A Macro Perspective, International Perspective on the Human Factor in Economic Development by B-S. K. Adjibolosoo (Edited); London: Praeger.

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No Man's Land: Dynamic of Relationship between professional Managers and Owner Managers in Organizations in India

Co-author "Human Resource Management in High Performing Organisations in India" (with Manjari Singh, Jerome Joseph and Biju Varkkey). Research & Publications, IIM Ahmedabad

Co-author "A Study for Comparing Salaries/ Emoluments in the Government Sector vis-à-vis Central Public Sector Undertakings/ Private Sector in India", Study Commissioned by the Seventh Central Pay Commission constituted by the Government of India (2015). Report available at http://7cpc.india.gov.in/pdf/iim_ahmedabad.pdf.

Vision: AIIMS – The Road Ahead (2012).

Governance at AIIMS: The Road Ahead (2011), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, New Delhi

Public-Private Partnerships: managing contracting arrangements to strengthen the Reproductive and Child Health Programme in India – Lessons and Implications (2007), WHO. (Co-author)

Mental health Pilots in Gujarat: Processes, Outcome and Learning (2007), Ahmedabad: Indian Institute of Management. (Co-author)

Turnaround Excellence – Six Studies of Corporate Renewal (2007), Publisher: Penguin Books India

Priorities for Mental health Sector in Gujarat (2003), Gandhinagar: Government of Gujarat. (Co-author)

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Articles in the Media

Organizations with Strong leadership need stronger governance!


Managing Dealers: Cases on HPCL (4 Cases)*
*The case is written jointly with other faculty member/s and / or Research Staff.

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited: Strategic Change in Retail Business through Management Development Programme*

Rejuvenation of Gujarat Alkali Chemicals Limited*

Managing Sales People: Aviva-Life Insurance *

The Rising of a Global Firm: The Case of Micro Inks *

Performance Management System at Tata Steel

Rejuvenation of British Oxygen (India) Limited*

Rejuvenation of Torrent Gujarat Biotech Limited

Rejuvenation of Amal Product Limited*

Rejuvenation of The Tinplate Company of India Limited (A)

Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers India Limited (B)*

Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers India Limited (A)*

Rejuvenation of Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers India Limited*

Rejuvenation of Scooter India Limited

Bansal Classes Private Limited

Performance Measurement of a top level Medical Institution in India *

Health Care in Gujarat - Exploring Social Insurance Option for Maternity Care*

Managing a Large Hospital*

Falcon Maritime India Private Limited

Tinplate Hospital: Strategic Renewal

UCO Bank: Strategic Renewal

Texica Limited (A, B and C)

Indian Railways: Social Media

IT in Karnataka Police

Honda Motorcycles and Scooter India (private) Limited: Industrial Unrest of 2005.

Maruti Udyog Limited: Industrial Unrest of 2001 (A)

Maruti Udyog Limited: Industrial Unrest of 2001

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Professional Conferences

Academy of Management Conference at Atlanta on August 3-8, 2007. Paper on Effect of Human Resource Management Practices on Organizational Commitment.

Asia Academy of Management Conference at Shanghai on December 16-18, 2004. Paper on Career management in Organizations, Coauthor: TN Krishnan.

Asia Pacific Journal of Management Conference at Shanghai on December 14-15, 2004. Presented paper on "Networking and Organizational performance: decline and Turnaround of Firms in India.

APHA Conference on November 6-10, 2004 at Washington DC. Maheshwari, Sunil Kumar and Bhat, Ramesh (2004) Human Resource Issues and Its Implications for Health Sector Reforms.

Background Paper for MDG Task Force 4 meeting in Dhaka Dec. 2003. Mavalankar, Dileep and Maheshwari, Sunil Kumar: Key Human Resource Issues in Maternal Health: Treating Obstetric Emergencies.

Asia Academy of Management Conference at Bangkok on December 12-14, 2002. Presented a paper on "Organizational Downsizing."

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Working Papers & Projects

"Conflict at Honda: Lessons for a Delicate Act of Balancing the Interests" Co-author: Rupinder Kaur.

Paper on "A case study of reviving a hospital and making it sustainable" Coauthor: Ramesh Bhat

Forgia, G., Raha, S., Shaik, S., Maheshwari, S., Ali, R. (June, 2014). Parallel Systems and Human Resource Management in India's Public Health Services, Policy Research Working Paper No. 6953, The World Bank, South Asia Region, Health, Nutrition and Population Unit

Maheshwari Sunil Kumar, Dixit Mukund R, Jain Abhinandan K, Bhat Ramesh (2007). Dynamics of Team Teaching and Research in a Management School: Learning and Imperatives. Working Paper 2007-01-03, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

Ramesh Bhat, Dileep Mavalankar, Sunil Kumar Maheshwari, Saha Somen (2007). Provision of Reproductive Health Services to Urban Poor through Public-Private Partnerships: The Case of Andhra Pradesh Urban Health Care Project. Working Paper No 2007-01-07, IIM Ahmedabad.

Ramesh Bhat, Sunil Kumar Maheshwari, Somen Saha (2007). Contracting-out of Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) Services through Mother NGO Scheme in India: Experiences and Implications, Working Paper No 2007-01-05, IIM Ahmedabad.

Sunil Maheshwari, Ramesh Bhat and Dhiman Amit (2007). Implications of Human Resource Practices and Other Structural Factors on Commitment of Public Medical Professionals in India, Working Paper No 2007-08-04, IIM Ahmedabad.

Ramesh Bhat, Amarjit Singh, Sunil Maheshwari and Somen Saha (2006). Maternal Health Financing - Issues and Options: A Study of Chiranjeevi Yojana in Gujarat. Working Paper 2006-08-03, IIM Ahmedabad.

Working Paper (January 2005), IIM Ahmedabad titled Third Party Administrators and Health Insurance in India: Perception of Providers and Policyholders. Coauthor: Ramesh Bhat and Somen Saha.

Working Paper (January 2005), IIM Ahmedabad titled Directions for Reforms in the Health Sector: reflections from a State in a Developing Country. Coauthor: Ramesh Bhat and Somen Saha.

Working Paper (March 2004), IIM Ahmedabad titled Ethics on Organizations: A Case of Tata Steel. Coauthor: MP Ganesh.

Working Paper (March 2003), IIM Ahmedabad titled Response to increasing competition by business organizations in India: Voluntary Retirement Schemes and their Outcomes Coauthor: Kulkarni Vilas

Working Paper (March 2002), IIM Ahmedabad, titled "Decline and turnaround of a government owned automobile company in India."

Working Paper No. 2001-01-01 (January 2001), IIM Ahmedabad, titled "Influencing HR Practices in Subsidiaries by Parent Companies: Evidences from India.

Organizational Decline and Turnaround Management: A contingency Framework, Working paper series of IIM, Lucknow 1998-14.

Management of Subsidiaries of Foreign Firms in India: Implications for Human Resource Management Practices, Working paper series of IIM, Lucknow, 1998-11.

Human Resource Management Practices in the Subsidiaries of Foreign Firms in India, Working paper series of IIM, Lucknow 1998-09.

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Service sector: Heath, insurance, education, energy, environment, banking and police

Pharmaceutical industry

Logistic Sector: Indian Railways, A company owning a Large Fleet of Heavy Commercial Vehicle, Inland Container Depots, Third Party Logistics

Automobile industry, Auto component industry

Large diversified MNCs

Petroleum industry

International organizations

Governments: Central and States

Large business groups in India

Telecommunications and other infrastructure

Textile industry

Power Sector

Awards & Honors

1997 - GM's Best Executive Award in Indian Railways

2011 - Devang mehta Best Teacher Awrad in the Field of HRM