Faculty & Research

Arvind Sahay


Primary Area : Marketing

Secondary Area : Public Systems Group


Email : asahay@iima.ac.in

Phone : +91-79-7152 4896

Secretary : Kavitha Sudheeran

Phone : +91-79-7152 7930

Website : Personal Website


Ph.D, Marketing Strategy & International Business, The University of Texas at Austin , 1992 -1996

PGDM, (MBA with concentration in Marketing & Finance), Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India, 1987-1989

Bachelor of Technology , Chemical Engg, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India, 1982-1986


Basic Marketing Courses

  1. Assessing and Creating Value (PGPX)
  2. Delivering and Managing Value (PGPX)
  3. Marketing 1 (PGP)
  4. Marketing 2 (PGP)
  5. Marketing 3 (PGP)
  6. Business Research Method

Marketing Electives

  1. Pricing (PGP and PGPX)
  2. Neuroscience and Consumer Behaviour (PGP)
  3. Sports Marketing (PGP)

Economics Electives

  1. International Trade and Investment
  2. International Economic and Political Behaviour

Faculty Chair and Lead Faculty for Open Executive Education Programs

  1. Pricing for Profits
  2. Neuroscience in Marketing
  3. Organising for Innovation
  4. Digital Marketing and Business Models

Research Area

Pricing and valuation, managing innovation, marketing of high tech products, marketing strategy, market entry strategies, brand management, matching the organization to the market, marketing effectiveness metrics, e-marketing, WTO and international trade

Sahay, Arvind (2016), "How to Understand, Build and Sustain Brand Relationships," Targeted at the Sloan Management Review.

Saini, Gordhan K., Arvind Sahay and Gurumurthy Kalyanraman (2016), "An Empirical Study of the Latitude of Quantity Acceptance," Under 2nd review at Journal of Product and Brand Management.

Mukherjee, S. & Sahay, Arvind (2016). Customer reactions to prices in the face of negative information about products. Under 2nd review at Journal of Consumer Marketing

Sahay, Arvind, Ankur Kapoor, Nandini Chatterjee Singh, Chandrasekhar Pammi and Prantosh Bannerjee (2017), "Preference reversals at POS: Impact of interaction between consumers' processing resource availability & promotion framing for Strong and Weak brand

Sahay, Arvind, Som Sekhar Bhattacharya and Arunaditya Sahay (2017), "Technology Utilization at the Customer Interface as a Source of Competitive Advantage," Under revision for resubmission at Academy of Management Review

Sahay, Arvind , Sumitava Mukherjee and Chandrasekhar Pammi, "Behavioral Pricing: Insights from Neuroscience." Manuscript under preparation.

Sahay, Arvind and Rajendra K. Srivastava (2007), "Marketing Myopia: The Next Generation."

Sahay, Arvind and Masaaki Kotable (2007), "Using Technology Licensing to Drive the Market: An Exploratory Study."

Sahay, Arvind and Thomas S. Robertson (2007), "The Impact of Alliances on Customer Utility."

Sahay, Arvind, Purvi Shastri and Rajendra K. Srivastava (2007), "Marketing Spend and Shareholder Value: A Comparison across US and Indian Listed Firms,"

Academic Experience

Professor, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, 2004 – present

Assistant Professor, London Business School, University of London, 1996 - 2004

Professional Experience

Has worked in the manufacturing sector as management trainee and purchase officer and in the financial services sector as a manager in operations and corporate banking and has done work in IT consulting

Has been a regular columnist for the Outlook Business magazine and also writes occasionally for leading business newspapers like Mint, Financial Express, etc.


Narayanan, Priya, Balagopal Gopalakrishnan and Arvind Sahay (2020), "Understanding the Government's Attempt to Transform Attitudes Towards a Critical Resource: Gold Monetization in India," 66, Resources Policy, (forthcoming)

Saini, Gordhan, Arvind Sahay, and Kalyanraman, Gurumurthy (2019), "How do complementarity and discount-choices interact with latitude of price acceptance in price bundling?" Journal of Consumer Marketing, 36, (forthcoming)

Saini, Gordhan, Arvind Sahay, and Kalyanraman, Gurumurthy (2018), "An Empirical Study of Latitude of Quantity Acceptance(LQA) in an Emerging Economy – India," Journal of Global Marketing, 31(2), 111-127.

Mukherjee, Sumitava, Arvind Sahay, Chandrasekhar V.S. Pammi and, & Narayanan Srinivasan. (2017), "Clearing Discrepancy About Loss-aversion in Affective Judgments Regarding Small Gains and Losses," Judgment and Decision Making,12(1), 81-89.

Bannerjee, Prantosh, Sanjeev Tripathi and Arvind Sahay (2016), "When Less is Better than More: Just-Below Discounts in Tensile Price Advertisements," Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services (forthcoming).

Abhishek and Arvind Sahay, (2016) "Role of Culture in Celebrity Endorsement: Brand Endorsement by Celebrities in Indian Context," International Journal of Indian Culture and Business Management, Vol. 13(3), 394-413.

Mukherjee, Sumitava and Arvind Sahay, (2016), "Simultaneous Evaluation of Pro-Self and Pro-Social Bonus Schemes: Implications for Newer Management Policies Towards Social Betterment," Psychological Studies, 61(Jan-March), 48-54.

Jaikumar, Saravana L. and Arvind Sahay, (2015), "Celebrity Endorsements and Branding Strategies: Event Study from India," Journal of Product and Brand Management, 14(6), 633-645.

Sahay, Arvind, Sumitava Mukherjee and Prem Diwani (2015), "Weighted Additive Model vs. Referent Dependent Model of Consumer Decision Making: Evidence from Bundles with Surcharges and Price Discounts" Journal of Indian Business Research, 7(1), 1-15.

Saini, Gordhan and Arvind Sahay (2014), "Comparing Retail Formats in an Emerging Market: Influence of Credit and Low Price Guarantee on Purchase Intention" Journal of Indian Business Research, 6(1), 48-69.

Sahay, Arvind, Nivedita Sharma and Krishnesh Mehta (2012), "Affect and Cognition in Consumer Brand Relationships: Exploring Gender Differences, Journal of Indian Business Research, 4(1), 36-60.

Sahay, Arvind and Nivedita Sharma (2010), "Brand Relationships and Switching Behavior for Highly Used Products in Young Consumers," Vikalpa, January-March.

Kaul, Subhashini, Arvind Sahay and Abraham Koshy (2010), "Impact of Initial Trust Image on Shopper Trust and Patronage Intentions: A Study of Young Male Apparel Shoppers in India," International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management, 38(4), 285-296.

Sahay, Arvind and Anandan Pillai (2009), "Differential Impact of Advertising and Distribution Expenditure on Tobins's Q: A Perspective from Listed Firms in India," Journal of Indian Business Research," 1(3), 77-94.

Sahay, Arvind and Gordhan Saini (2008), "Hatch Waxman Act and the Indian Pharmaceutical Firms: An Analysis," Foreign Trade Review, XLIII (2), 3-35.

Sahay, Arvind (2007), "How Using Dynamic Pricing Increases Profits," MIT Sloan Management Review, (Summer), http://sloanreview.mit.edu/smr/issue/2007/summer/15/,

Sahay, Arvind and Gordhan Saini (2006), ""Indo-Thai FTA: Indian CTV/CPT and Auto Industry – A Desk Based Analysis," Foreign Trade Review, XLI (3), 25-52.

Sahay, Arvind (2005), "naukri.com," Vikalpa, June.

Sahay, Arvind (2003), "Using the Mobile Internet to Enhance Competitiveness," The Smart Manager,2(4).

Sahay, Arvind (2003), "Resource Access and Market Considerations in Standards Formation in the New Product Development Process," (with Debra Riley), Journal of Product Innovation Management, 20: 338-355.

Arvind Sahay (2002), "Online Pricing: The End of Seller Influence on Pricing?" The Smart Manager, 1(1), 108-120.

Arvind Sahay (2000), "Market Driven vs. Driving the Market: Conceptual Foundations," Journal of Academy of Marketing Science, January, (with Ajay K. Kohli and Bernard J. Jaworski)

Arvind Sahay (1998), "New Interactive Media: Experts' Perceptions of Opportunities and Threats to Existing Businesses," European Journal of Marketing, June, 616-628. (with Jane Gould and Patrick Barwise).

Arvind Sahay (1996), "Trust & Performance in Cross Border Marketing Relationships: A Behavioral Approach," Journal of International Business Studies, 27, December, 1005-1032. (with Preet S. Aulakh and Masaaki Kotabe).

Arvind Sahay (1996), "Emerging Roles of Technology Licensing in the Development of Global Product Strategy: Conceptual Framework and Research Propositions," Journal of Marketing, 60(1), 73-88 (with Masaaki Kotabe and Preet S. Aulakh).

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Colgate: Challenges for a Dominant Brand (2016) in progress

Britania: Issues in Sales and Pricing (2015) in progress

Dunia LLC (B): Customer Segments and Organizational Structure (2015) in progress

Dunia LLC (A): Building a Financial Services Brand from Scratch (2015)

Kaya Skin Clinic (2015) (to be registered)

Snapdeal: Online Price Discounting in a New Market (2015)

Airtel Zero: Data Pricing and Net Neutrality (2015)

CWP – Creating Consumer Insights (with Sanjeev Tripathi) (2014)

From Hero Honda to Hero MotoCorp: Rebranding a Market Leader (with Nidhi Mathen) (2014)

ABP News: The Rebranding from Star News (2013)

Bharat Reval Ltd.: Pricing Under Volatile Cost Conditions (2013)

Emerson Climate Technologies (B): Tackling the Chinese and Indian Markets (2011)

Emerson Climate Technologies (A): Challenges in the Chinese Market (2011)

Indian Premier League: The Making of a Mega Brand (with Nivedita Sharma) (2011)

Ayojak: Branding Using Social Media (with Anandan Pillai) (4th place in ISB Ivey Case Competition) (2011)

Redbox: Using New Sales Channels (2010)

Edelweiss (B): Branding in the Retail Space (with Nivedita Sharma) (2010)

Edelweiss (A): Building Corporate Reputation (with Nivedita Sharma) (2010)

Hero Honda: Brand Communications (with Nidhi Mathen) (2010)

Prometheus Insurance Company (2010)

Racer Lube Company (2009)

Yo Bikes: Price Communication for Electric Scooters (2009)

Barings Private Equity Partners India Pvt. Ltd (2009)

Wilhelmsen Maritime Services (B) (2008) (with G.Raghuram, Deepti Bhatnagar and Y. Sharma)

Helion VC (2008)

WMS (A): (2008) (with G.Raghuram, Deepti Bhatnagar and Y. Sharma)

Barwil and Barber: Integration Issues (2008) (with G.Raghuram, Deepti Bhatnagar and Y. Sharma)

Cholamandalam DBS (2008)

Pricing the naukri IPO (with Nivedita Sharma) (2007)

ICICI Bank: Credit Cards Pricing (2007)

ICICI Bank: Sales and Distribution in Rural Banking (2007)

Microsoft India Development Center: Managing Innovation (2007)

BusinessWorld in India: Retaining Leadership (2006)

Antigua vs. US: GATS and the Case of Online Gambling (with Gopakumar Nair) 2006

Jeevansaathi.com (2006)

Sai Coating: Detonation Spray Gun (2005)

naukri.com: Competing Against a Global Major (2005)

Hewlett Packard India Pvt. Ltd. (2005)

Bangalore Integrated Systems and Solutions (2005)

Pramati Server: The Technology and Sales Challenge (2004)

NIIT Ltd: The Path to Globalization (2003)

Oracle Corporation: The Challenge Ahead (Video Case) (2003)

Wireless Wars: The UK Cellular Industry (with Patrick Barwise) (2003)

Panasonic Ruggedized Laptops (2002)

NiceJet Airlines (2002)

Nortel Networks: The i-Pop Launch (1999) (with Eme Dean-Lewis)

NIIT Ltd. (1998)

Nirvana_Soft, Inc. (1998)

Netscape Communications Corporation: From Corporate Strategy to Marketing Tactics (1998)

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Other Publications

Sahay. Arvind (2003), "Online Pricing," The Financial Express, June 5.

Sahay, Arvind, (2002), "NiceJet Airlines: Expansion Pains," The Economic Times, Strategic Marketing Supplement, (September-October),

Sahay, Arvind (2001), NIIT Ltd. in World Class in India: A CaseBook of Companies in Transformation by Sumantra Ghoshal et. al.

Sahay, Arvind (2001), Nortel Networks: The iPOP Launch in E-Commerce: Text and Cases by Jeffery Rayport and Bernard J. Jaworski

Arvind Sahay (2000), "Developing a Global Mind Set," The Economic Times, August 22 (with R. Karki)

Arvind Sahay (1998), "Finding the Right International Mix," Financial Times, November 16, Mastering Marketing Series.

Arvind Sahay (1998), "Competitive Strategy in the Information Age," Financial Times, September 28, Mastering Marketing Series.

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Pricing project for an Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance firm in India. The goal was to improve the pricing processes of the branded generics of the firm given the regulatory environment in India relating to pricing of medicines.

Pricing project for a television broadcaster to create a better pricing model for their advertisers

A project that is intended to develop a pricing and supply chain model for a new age pharma supply chain firm that is helping to change the way that medicines are sourced, retailed and distributed in India. This is an ongoing project where the goal is to enable the firm to match customers and suppliers and increase information leverage in the supply chain.

A medium sized cement company where the remit was to develop a marketing strategy including repositioning the brand and provide inputs on changes in the distribution and supply chain management of the firm. The goal was to increase the sales of the firm (including sales in new geographies) by 40% over 2 years.

A marketing strategy project for a building materials and prefabricated building firm with the goal of improving market share and price realization by working on the sales force management and incentive processes.

Project where the output was the valuation of a brand

Project for an automotive firm to estimate the economic value created in a state due to an investment made in the sate

Project for a financial services firm that had a strong presence in the B2B space to help create and execute an advertising approach to create awareness and trial in the retail market.

Awards & Honors

2015 - Dewang Mehta Best Teacher in Marketing Management Award

2015 - Emerald Literati Network Highly Commended Paper Award for the paper "Comparing Retail Formats in an Emerging Market: Influence of Credit and Low Price Guarantee on Purchase Intention," in the Journal of Indian Business Research, 2014.

2014 - Nominated to Thinkers 50, India by the Institute of Competitiveness, Harvard Business School

2013 - Emerald Literati Network Highly Commended Paper Award for the paper "Role of Affect and Cognition in Consumer Brand Relationships: Exploring Gender Differences," in the Journal of Indian Business Research, 2012.

2013 - Bloomberg UTV Best Professor in Marketing Management

2010 - Dewang Mehta Best Teacher in Marketing Management Award

2010 - Emerald Literati Network Highly Commended Award for the paper "Differential Impact of Advertising and Distribution Expenditure on Tobin's Q: A Perspective from Listed Firms in India" in the Journal of Indian Business Research, 1, (2/3), 2009

2008-2009 - Research & Publications Funding for Case Writing (Rs. 250,000)

2005-2006 - Research & Publications Funding for Case Writing (Rs. 150,000)

2005-2006 - Zyman Institute of Brand Science for Return on Marketing Investments ($2750)

2004-2005 - Research & Publications Funding for Case Writing (Rs. 120,000)

2003 - GMII Research Award (dynamic pricing) (GBP 6000)

2001 - GMII Research Award (dynamic pricing and technology adoption) (GBP 5000)

2000 - Innovation in Teaching Award at LBS

1997 - University Wide Outstanding Dissertation Award, The University of Texas

1997 - The Research & Development Fund Award for Seed Corn Research, LBS.

1995 - The Dora and Eugene Memorial Grant for Dissertation Research

1995-1996 - Professional Development Award for Conference Presentation

1994-1995 - Professional Development Award for Conference Presentation

1994-1995 - Graduate School of Business Tuition Award

1993-1994 - Professional Development Award for Conference Presentation

1992-1994 - The University of Texas Pre-Emptive Fellowship

1980-1986 - National Talent Search Scholarship, Government of India. (This is roughly equivalent to NSF scholarships for high school students going to college)