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CBS Behavioral Laboratory

CBS Behavioral Laboratory

ImageEEG System
The Centre for Behavioral Science (CBS) is equipped with a 32-Channel Wireless EEG System from Brain Products. The LiveAmp amplifier of Brain Products system is light, wearable and stores data internally. The wireless trigger set provides a fully mobile solution to send triggers and sets event markers which helps during data analysis. The wireless system allows for enhanced mobility and can be used to collect data across realistic scenarios.

Electroencephalography (EEG) is an approach by which one can monitor the electrical activity in the brain. It is a non-invasive methodology where electrodes are placed on the scalp to record cortical activity with high temporal resolution. EEG has been used across marketing fields to understand consumer behavior while in finance, it is used to examine the differential effects of factors like risk and emotion while taking financial decisions. In economics, it has been used to experimentally examine concepts associated with behavioral economics.


ImageEye Tracking Devices
The Centre for Behavioral Science (CBS) is equipped with both screen-based and wearable eye trackers from Tobii Pro. The first set is the ‘Tobii Pro Fusion’, a screen-based eye tracker with sampling frequencies up to 250 Hz. The two custom cameras in the Tobii Pro Fusion help in binocular eye tracking of pupil and corneal reflections of the eyes, in different illumination modes. This technology helps capture accurate and robust data for the individual’s eye gaze and position.

The second set includes the latest, ‘Tobii Pro Glasses’, a wearable eye tracker that aids in conducting research that is not confined to laboratories. It allows individuals to interact naturally and move freely in real life settings. The glasses have four eye cameras, positioned optimally which help in wider field of view. The sampling rate for the wearable eye tracker is 50 or 100 Hz, with a single point calibration which helps in faster data collection. The data from both eye trackers can be swiftly and comprehensively analysed using the Tobii Pro Lab.

Eye tracking data is insightful in understanding attention and engagement of an individual in real time while one interacts with a stimulus. Results from the gaze plots and fixation durations can help assess the elements the audience engages with and the one they ignore. Recent research examines behavioral biases of investors and traders by tracking the eye gaze trajectory.

Additional Equipment
The laboratory has four high end workstations each equipped with E-Prime 3.0 software aiding in psychophysical and behavioral experiments. The latest E-Prime software makes it ideal for new learners as well as advanced users to collect behavioral responses like reaction times (RTs) and accuracy data with precise timings. A variety of stimuli, including text, image, videos and audio files can be presented in the experiment. Additionally, the centre has a multifunctional stimuli and response device, ‘Chronos’. The device allows for accurate recording of data of key presses and releases. This combined with E-Prime ensures effective data collection. 

Behavioral Science in Management (BSIM) Conference, 2021