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Effective Management of Service Sector Firms (Online)

Programme Overview

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Service sector accounts for a major proportion of GDP in the Indian context, and also in the developed world. While the major frameworks and concepts in management literature are based on and derived from the manufacturing sector, it is increasingly being recognized that these conventional concepts cannot be extrapolated directly to the service sector. The programme aims to enhance the understanding of the issues and challenges in the service sector and to outline how these challenges can be overcome. The programme will enhance the participants’ skill set to manage various aspects of service sector work.


The programme will specifically illuminate how to enhance the service quality delivered and how to deliver value to the customer seeking service. The use of frameworks in analyzing and solving managerial dilemmas will enhance the capabilities of participants to transfer the learnings to their respective workplaces. The programme will take a practice-based approach for teaching concepts and tools that are needed for making decisions..


Programme Schedule


The programme will be delivered in a Live Online format over the Zoom platform.


Programme Dates: June 25 – July 17, 2022

Session Days: Saturday & Sunday

Session Timings: 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. (as per IST)

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For more information or any questions, contact Ifat Sheikh: ifat-exed@iima.ac.in, +91 70690 29949

Participants’ Profile

The programme is designed for middle and senior executives, and entrepreneurs with a role in managerial capacity in any service sector firm. The programme will also be useful for managers from organisations in hospital industry, food and beverages, food delivery, consultancy firms, educational institutions, etc. 

Program Objectives

The objective of the programme is to introduce various concepts related to the service sector and how those methods and frameworks enable managers to make informed decisions in service sector firms. The objectives of the programme are as follows:


Understand the nuances of the service sector and deliver superior customer value. Comprehend service sector related frameworks and concepts and apply them to make decisions. Enhance service quality by solving common but challenging problems faced by service sector firms.

Program Highlights

Service quality dimensions and gap analysis Diagnostic dilemmas in service firms Managing the employee and focus on service profit chain Enhancing service quality Managing your star employees Organizational systems for focussed service delivery



Applications: Along with practice and problems faced by service sector firms, there will be a significant emphasis on application of frameworks and concepts.