Webinar on "Social Inclusion and Entrepreneurship"

10/05/2023 - 10/05/2023

Webinar on "Social Inclusion and Entrepreneurship"

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Bio of the Speaker:
Dr. Milind Prahlad Kamble is a civil engineer, entrepreneur, policy maker, and the Founder Chairman of the Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DICCI), the first Indian commerce association to promote entrepreneurship in the Dalit community of India. He is the recipient of the Padma Shri in 2013, the fourth-highest civilian honor conferred by the Government of India. 
Dr. Kamble founded DICCI with the aim of creating entrepreneurs from the Dalit community (Scheduled Castes & Scheduled Tribes) and its motto is ‘Be job givers, not job seekers’. Today, DICCI has more than 10,000 members who are self-made entrepreneurs and provide direct or indirect employment to many from different communities. Kamble found inspiration for DICCI when he studied the history of the African-American people’s struggle in the USA in the early to mid-20th century. Inspired by the concept of “Affirmative Action” that gave African-Americans a special advantage in government jobs and contracts, similar to the policy of reservation in India, DICCI has laid out a path to development through cooperation and coordination rather than conflict. DICCI today has 29 State Chapters and 7 International Chapters and has ties with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). As an entrepreneur, Dr. Kamble is the CMD of Fortune Construction Company and has diversified into the men’s apparel business with the brand ‘Menander’ and in leather products under the name ‘Le Dharavi’. He is also the Director at ‘Superb Housing & Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.’, which is working on a mass housing project in Panvel, Mumbai.

Webinar Video