Behavioral Science in Management (BSIM), 2023

04/04/2023 - 04/04/2023

Behavioral Science in Management (BSIM), 2023

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The NSE Centre For Behavioral Science in Finance, Economics, and Marketing (NSE CBS) hosted the first in-person and third annual Behavioral Science in Management (BSIM) Conference on April 04, 2023 and April 05, 2023 at the JSW School of Public Policy, IIMA. This year, the centre received 500+ domestic and international abstract submissions of which 27 oral submissions and 11 poster submissions made it to the final group of presenters. For more information, please visit the links to the schedule, call for papers and brochure mentioned below.   


Abstracts Received 

Selected Presentations 

Selected Posters 



OB / HR 












* Others includes abstracts that were not relevant to the theme of the conference.  


From gaining insights into the use of behavioral economics to shape public policy to applications in neuroscience for projecting consumer behavior—the conference explored a range of domestic and international behavioral science studies and applications from an array of fields including but not limited to finance, economics, marketing, consumer behavior, organizational behavior, and human resources.  

The key objective of the centre’s annual conference is to create a space that enables researchers, regulators, policymakers, and practitioners to hold discussions and gain valuable behavioral insights from the perspective of these individual fields. The first in-person edition of the conference features presentations and discussions by leading management experts in academia and industry.  





Abstract Title 





Not Left to Right, I will Follow the Order/ What is absent governs the order: The reference priming effect in arrangements 

Abhishek Kumar Jha, Doctoral Scholar, IIM Indore 
Sanjeev Tripathi, Professor, IIM Indore 

First Prize 

INR 75,000 


On the Role of Nudges in Reducing Exponential Growth Bias and Increasing Safety Compliance in COVID Times 

Ritwik Banerjee, IIM Bangalore 
Priyama Majumdar, University of Warwick 
Satarupa Mitra, IIM Bangalore 

First Prize 

INR 75,000 

OB & HR 

Experimental Investigation of Manipulation and Moral Disengagement: The Game of Cheating 

Kedar Thakur, XLRI Jamshedpur 
Soumya Kanta Mishra, XLRI Jamshedpur 
Anuj Jain, XLRI Jamshedpur 

Second Prize 

INR 75,000 


Are Gifts a Delight or a Cost? Impact of Donor Motivations on Preference for Gifts 

Sai Siddharth V.K , Ph.D. Candidate in Marketing, IIM Ahmedabad 
Prof. Arvind Sahay, IIM Ahmedabad 
Prof. Sourav Borah, IIM Ahmedabad 

Second Prize 

INR 75,000 


The two-day in-person event saw 07+ speakers from diverse backgrounds hold discussions on retail investor behavior evolution during and after the pandemic, consumer emotions & decision making: implications for customer centricity, AR/VR/MR, Brain Machine Interface Systems, EEG and Eye Tracking Modalities etc.



Inaugural Ceremony

Mohal Lalbhai

Founder, Matter Motor Works

Prof. Bharat Bhasker

Director, IIMA

Prof. Arvind Sahay

Chair, NSE Centre for Behavioral Science (CBS) & Professor, Marketing & International Business, IIM Ahmedabad 

Workshop Speakers

Prof. Vinod Prasad

Professor and Director of Research, Infocomm Technology, Singapore Institute of Technology

Prof. Pradipta Biswas

Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru

Panel Discussion 01: Retail Investor Behavior Evolution During and After the Pandemic: Implications for Financial Markets in India

Dr. Tirthankar Patnaik 

Chief Economist, National Stock Exchange of India 

Prof. Joshy Jacob 

Associate Professor, Finance and Accounting Area, IIMA 

Prof. Arvind Sahay 

Chair, NSE Centre for Behavioral Science (CBS) & Professor, Marketing & International Business, IIM Ahmedabad 

Panel Discussion 02:  Consumer Emotions & Decision Making: Implications for Customer Centricity 

Adrian Terron

Head, Corporate Brand & Marketing Strategy, Tata Sons

Prof. Krishna Prasad Miyapuram 

Associate Professor, IIT-Gandhinagar

Mr. S.Subramanyeswar

Group Chief Executive Officer, MullenLowe Lintas Group, India

Prof. Arvind Sahay

Chair, NSE Centre for Behavioral Science (CBS) & Professor, Marketing & International Business, IIM Ahmedabad 


BSIM 2023: Schedule 

BSIM 2023: Call for Papers 

BSIM 2023: Brochure