General Programme Information

For whom the programme is most beneficial?

The programme is beneficial for anyone who has aspiration for managerial (in broad sense) or entrepreneurial growth.

How is the structure of the programme when compared to other executive MBA programmes?

The Online MBA programme offered by IIMA is a programme primarily delivered in an online synchronous mode, suitably complemented through distinct on-campus modules. The blended learning design facilitates participants who prefer to strike a balance between a professional career and academic learning. While the programme is primarily delivered online, it retains the core strength of case-based pedagogy followed by IIMA in all the other programmes. IIMA believes in peer learning and it can happen only through classroom sessions whether it is on campus or technology enabled discussions. Most importantly, IIMA has an excellent faculty resource. The faculty members are engaged in cutting edge research and consulting in this space.

How does this programme fare with other degree-granting full-time programmes at IIMA?

The two-year Online MBA programme retains the rigour in terms of admissions, programme content and IIMA’s case-based pedagogy, similar to the other MBA programmes (PGP and PGPX).

What is the degree title awarded on successful completion of the programme?

On successful completion of the programme, participants will be awarded the Master of Business Administration degree.

What are the unique features of the programme?

● Rigorous blended learning Online MBA degree granting Programme offered by the top business school in     India.

● Designed for junior, middle and senior-levels working professionals and entrepreneurs working in India     and worldwide with all the flexibility and benefits of technology-enabled interaction.

● Classroom modules conducted on IIMA Campus which will enable deeper interaction with the faculty    and other participants of the batch.

● Participants awarded IIMA Alumni Status on successful completion of the programme.

● Access to the world-class learning resources at IIMA including the library facilities.

● Duration: 2 years (with added flexibility of completion in 3 years).

● Unique learnings from IIMA’s case method pedagogy which brings real life business case scenarios to the    classroom.


What is the duration of this programme?

The Online MBA programme is a two-year long duration degree granting post graduate programme offered by IIMA. 

Will there be any specialization provided in the second year courses?

The programme shall offer a large number of elective courses across different functional areas and participants are free to enroll for these elective course offerings, subject to fulfilling credit requirements. 

Is there an option for extended completion of the programme?

Yes, there is a provision of completing the programme in three years. However, this extension is not automatic. The applications will be reviewed on a case-to-case basis. Application will have to be approved by the Programme Executive Committee. 

What is the mode of delivery of the programme?

The programme is primarily delivered in an online synchronous mode, suitably complemented through distinct on-campus modules. 

The Online MBA lectures will be via Zoom, student portal or any other platform?

The live online sessions will be broadcast from the studios located on IIMA campus through a suitable technology platform, direct to participants’ devices. 

Will the live sessions be accessible to us in recording format as well?

Attendance in sessions will be mandatory.  In exceptional circumstances, where leave of absence is granted, the participants can access the session recordings for up to seven days. The modalities will be informed in due course. 

What happens to email id and Moodle access after completion of the course?

The institute email id access is provided to participants for lifetime.  However, Moodle access will be provided only up-to the programme completion period. 

What is the schedule of classes during the weekdays and during the weekends?

Thursday (evening):           2 sessions (6.45 pm to 09.30 pm)

Friday (evening):                 2 sessions (6.45 pm to 09.30 pm)

Saturday (evening):           2 sessions (6.45 pm to 09.30 pm)

Sunday (morning):             1 session (10.20 am to 11.35 am)

Sunday (additional session pre-lunch):       1 session  

How frequently would the participants visit the campus?

Participants are to visit IIMA campus for the on-campus modules (typically lasting one week each term) during the two years of the programme. The programme is expected to begin with the campus module. 

How would the campus module magnify the value of the programme for participants?

The campus module focuses on effective learning of concepts embedded in core and elective courses that require interpersonal and group dynamics to play out in physical meetings. For instance, it would involve negotiations between two parties in a contract as part of a financing deal, or it could be a competitive market dynamic modelled as a game theoretical situation. We believe that learning of such dynamics is most effective when the participants are in a physical setting. Moreover, during the campus modules, the programme participants will have the opportunity to use facilities such as the Behavioral lab on campus. The facility has devices that can track the neuro-physical status of subjects, which allows learning through experimentation. For instance, it can help gauge the consumer response to a new product launch, an advertisement, or the arrival of certain market-level news. 

Do the participants get access to the academic and non-academic facilities at IIMA?

Online MBA candidates will have full access to IIMA’s academic and non-academic facilities. This includes access to the library (remote and physical), contacting and meeting faculty and administrative staff, alumni office, excellent sporting facilities anytime etc. A full-fledged Online MBA programme office has been established to provide all the necessary support.  

Is Online MBA supporting the exchange programme benefits similar to regular PGP?

This programme does not have an exchange component.  

Do we need to obtain the NOC from our current employer?

It is not mandatory to obtain NOC from the employer.  

Do employers in India recognize the programme for career advancement?

Yes. IIMA is building awareness of the Online MBA programme among employers as one of its degree granting programmes. 

What are the norms for graduating out of the programme in terms of academic requirements?

Award of the MBA degree requires successful completion of 36 credits of course work, including two credits of project course. The minimum cumulative grade point average required for the programme shall be similar to the requirements of the institute’s other degree granting programmes. The project course involves demonstration of the application of the learnings of the first year courses in situations involving managerial decisions. 

How is the convocation for the programme planned?

A convocation of the programme will be arranged by IIMA, and the graduating class will be awarded an MBA degree at the convocation. 

Is there a career support service for the graduates?

Given the working status of all the participants in the programme the institute do not provide active placement support as it does for the other MBA degree granting programmes, PGPX and PGP. However, the participants are free to take up activities that will help improve their career outcomes on graduating from the programme, such as promoting the batch and individual profiles on the official programme website and its social media pages. In our attempt to ensure an accelerated career progress for the participants graduating from the programme, IIMA shall create widespread awareness about the programme within corporate and other suitable employers, during the launch phase of the programme. The participants are also free to leverage the alumni network of IIMA in their efforts to improve career outcomes. 

Is visit to campus mandatory?

Yes, it is mandatory for the successful completion of the programme. classroom modules will be conducted on IIMA Campus which will enable deeper interaction with the faculty and other participants of the batch. 

Are the participants eligible for IIMA alumni status?

The participants are considered bonafide students of IIM Ahmedabad and will enjoy similar privileges, including alumni status. Please visit the Alumni website ( for more details. 

Does IIMA facilitate volunteered attendance of the programme on campus in the physical mode for a limited period?

Yes. The participants may have to bear the related expenses on their own.  

Application and Admission Process

What are the eligibility criteria to apply for the Online MBA programme at IIMA?

An applicant is to satisfy the following criteria for applying to this programme.

● Working Professionals and Entrepreneurs with a minimum of 3 years of full-time work experience, after     completion of graduation, as on June 30, 2024.

● Minimum Age of 24 years as on June 30, 2024 (i.e. Date of birth on or before June 30, 2000.) There is no     upper age limit.

● Holding at least a bachelor’s degree/CA/CS/ICWA or equivalent in any discipline. (Minimum 15 years of    study as per the education system in India i.e. 10 + 2 + 3 or 4, as the case may be.), with at least 50     percent marks in aggregate or equivalent CGPA, awarded by any of the recognized universities. 

What are the admission criteria to apply for the Online MBA programme at IIMA?

● Online IIMA Admission Test (IAT) designed for Online MBA or,

● A valid CAT score (CAT score of tests taken within the last 5 years from May 01, 2024) or,

● A valid GMAT/GRE score (GMAT/GRE score taken within the last 5 years from May 01, 2024)

  -The new GMAT Focus Edition exam scores will also be acceptable.

● For final selection, shortlisted candidates will be invited for a personal interview  

What if I do not have a valid GMAT/GRE/ CAT score?

In case you do not have a valid GMAT/GRE/CAT test score, you can take the Online IIMA Admission Test (IAT) designed for the Online MBA programme applicants.  

How do I prepare for admission to the programme?

Admission to the Online MBA programme is through prescribed tests and personal interview. Details of the tests can be found on the website.  

IIMA Admission Test (IAT) Exam

How can we apply for the IAT test?

For candidates interested to apply through IAT, you may select the IAT option while filling up your application form here. You will be provided a list of available exam centers that you may choose from as per your preference. 

What is the duration of the IAT Exam?

The duration of the IAT Exam will be around 90-120 minutes.  

What will be the format of the IAT Exam?

The format of the IAT exam shall be similar to other management aptitude tests. The IAT consists of the following three sections:

    a) Quantitative Aptitude
    b) Analytical Reasoning
    c) Verbal Aptitude  

Are the IAT exam centers limited to Indian Boundaries or worldwide?

The IAT will be conducted in selected exam centers across India.  

Fees and Financial Aid

What is the fee payment structure? Is the programme eligible for a bank loan?

The programme fee for the 2024-2026 batch shall be INR 20 lakhs. The fee excludes the cost of travel and accommodation for the campus modules. The fee will be collected over the course of the programme as per pre-determined instalment schedule.  

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