Mirza S Saiyadain

Mirza S Saiyadain

Mirza S Saiyadain

Member of the 'Royal family of Awadh', Prof. Mirza S. Saiyadain was born in Lucknow on July 11, 1942. His father was an academician who started the first Indian Model Montessori School in the erstwhile state of Rampur in 1945. This is where Prof. Saiyadain had his early education. He did his high school and intermediate from the UP Board and later as part of the family tradition he was sent to Aligarh Muslim University for his bachelor's degree. While at Aligarh he was selected for an all-inclusive scholarship to pursue post graduate education at the University of Hawaii, Honolulu USA. He was a grantee of the centre of Cultural and Technical Interchange between East and West at Honolulu, Hawaii USA.

On his return he joined the IIMA as a Research Associate under the mentorship of Professor Ishwar Dayal. Realizing his potential, IIMA sponsored him to pursue a Ph.D. degree at the University of Kansas, USA (Lawrence Campus). After completing his Ph.D. requirements, Professor Saiyadain returned to India and joined IIMA as a faculty in the then Personnel and Industrial Relation Area in October 1973.

During his tenure at IIMA, Prof. Saiyadain taught in PGP, FPM and MDP's. This included courses in OB, HRM, Written analysis and Communication (WAC), Managerial oral communication and Research. In addition to teaching, Prof. Saiyadain was Chairman PG, FPM, Admissions and Financial Aid committee and Student Warden. He coordinated several MDP's at IIMA. In 1993 he resigned from IIMA to undertake several UN assignments abroad.

Prof. Saiyadain has been a consultant for many Indian and multinational organizations. His services were sought by Food Specialties in India (Nestle), Lederle Pharmaceuticals, Steel Authority of India, MP and UP State Electricity Boards, Food Corporation of India, Punjab and Sindh Bank, Assam Oil, ONGC, Health and Family welfare development, Mazagon Dry Dock, Malaysian Palm Oil and Forestry department, Bank of Baroda and ASEA Brown Bovari to name a few.

Outside of IIMA Prof. Saiyadain was involved in several Indian and Foreign academic institutions. He was a visiting faculty at University of Lagos, Nigeria, visiting professor at McGill University, Canada, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang Malaysia and the Teacher's training college, Maldives. Believing in the IIMA culture and model, he replicated it at the Crescent Business School, Chennai where he was Professor and Dean for four years.

As a consultant and retainer of UNESCO, UNFPA, Arab State Broadcasting Union Tunisia and Asia Pacific Broadcasting Development Institute Malaysia, he organized Training and Institution Building attempts and Population Communication Programs in countries like Malaysia, Jordan, Tunis, Dubai, Syria, Nepal, Thailand, Maldives and Indonesia.

Prof. Saiyadain has been a dedicated researcher. He has published many books and research articles in Indian and Foreign Journals. A list of his books is attached below.

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(Bio provided by his family in Sep 2019)

Date of Birth: July 11, 1942