Tarun N Sheth

Tarun N Sheth


Professor Tarun Natvarlal Sheth worked in the Organizational Behavior Area from 1st May 1965 to 15th June 1970.

Prof. Sheth was among the first management teachers to be selected to undergo the Teacher's Training Programme at Harvard.

Prof. Sheth completed his BA and MA in Sociology from MS University in Vadodara. He then joined the University as a Lecturer from 1958 to 1964. Later in 1964, he joined IIMA as a Research Fellow. Prof. Sheth also taught at Motorola University. He was also President of the Bombay Management Association.

In 1970, Prof. Sheth joined Hindustan Lever Pvt Ltd as a Selection and Training Manager. During his 17 year tenure at the company, he worked with several company heads including Vasant Rajadhyaksha, T Thomas and Ashok Ganguly, and the late Ranjan Banerji.

Prof. Sheth was often referred to as the Smiling Buddha of HR by his colleagues. After working with HUL, Prof. Sheth joined his wife's small recruitment firm. He functioned in the capacity of a Senior Consultant at a Mumbai based head hunting firm which specializes in organizational restructuring, recruitment, training and an introduction of personnel systems in companies. He was also named an Indian Management Guru by Business World.

Prof. Sheth succumbed to Cancer at the age of 73.

Date of Birth: May 25, 1937

Date of Death: July 18, 2010