Indira J Parikh

Indira J Parikh


Prof. Indira J. Parikh is the President of Antardisha (Directions from Within). Antardisha is a private entity creating a space for individuals, collectivities, organizations and institutions to have a dialogue to discover themselves, to review their past, to reflect on the present 'Here and Now' and renew themselves for the future. Prof. Parikh is the Founder President of FLAME University, Pune from 2005 to 2015. She has been involved in creating the academic vision of holistic and Liberal Education and shaping FLAME. She has also conceptualized the models of management development programs anchored in thresholds of Life, Life Space and Work Space, Life Roles and Identity. Her focus is on transformation and lifelong learning, development and growth. She has been a consultant and conducted diagnostic studies for organizations. She has designed and conducted leadership and institution building programs in public sector, private sector and multinational organizations. Professor Parikh is on several boards of companies as an independent director. She is the founder member of Sumedhas Academy of Human Context.

Prof. Parikh has done M.Ed from University of Rochester, New York USA and the Doctorate from Gujarat University. She was a faculty at IIM-Ahmedabad for over 30 years and Dean from 2002 to 2005. She has taught at INSEAD, Fontainebleau (France) and Texas A&M University.

Prof. Parikh has been honoured with several life time achievement awards both nationally and internationally for her contribution in Education, HR and for her work with Women. She has written more than 50 papers and articles published in National & International Journals. She has published 35 working papers, 9 monographs and is the co-author/ author of 11 books. She is known for her books, Indian Women: An Inner Dialogue, Cross roads of Culture and Managers at Cross Roads by SAGE Publications and Profiles in Identity: A study of Indian youth at cross roads of culture.

Prof. Parikh designed and taught a number of management development programs on leadership, role and identity, stress and self-renewal, change management and transformation of organizations for executives of various national and international organizations, both in private sector and public sectors for organizations and departments like Mahindra & Mahindra Tractor Division, M & M Farm Equipment Sector, Zydus Cadila and Force Motors, State Bank of India, Indian Oil Corporation, Government of Gujarat-Chief Minister and his team, Government of Andhra Pradesh and Government of India. Her consulting assignments covered areas like institution building, organization design and development, leadership and change management, coaching, counselling and mentoring. Her International assignments included organizations in Dubai, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Netherlands, Bhutan, the USA and West Africa. She is sought after by many organizations for her expertise in the area of human resources and leadership. She has conducted over 150 training programs for over 1000 managers so far.

Recently, Prof. Parikh has joined DALHAM foundation, the name stands for Design, Arts, Liberal Arts, Humanities, Architecture and Media. DALHAM Foundation is a not for profit organization which aims at increasing the importance of Non-Stem education in both developing and developed nations, and introduce products which will serve as advance tool for admissions by bringing a new-age technology based analytics for institutions to hire students as per their need. DALHAM Foundation is in the process of creating Brilliance Entrance & Scholarship Test (BEST).

At present Prof. Parikh is involved in developing a model on Leadership "Self-Reflective Model of Leadership Development". This models deals with the Life Space, Social Space and Work Space of an individual in the context of culture, societal evolution and the movement of work space from Agrarian to Industrial and now Digital Society. It deals with seven phases of life from the entry at work place from the age of 21 to the post age of 65. The research also focuses on women as their life phases and spaces are unique and require special understanding. The research connects the five cosmic elements with the emergence of a cosmic medium to large and from large to mammoth by preparing their employees with relevant management and leadership roles and responsibilities within a model of "Ardha Nareshwari" with all the possible and potential elements of leadership dimensions for an individual. She is also helping organizations prepare themselves from small to medium to large and mammoth organizations by preparing the employees with relevant managerial and leadership roles and responsibilities in the context of a newly designed structures, systems and processes. She also advises educational institutions to introduce Liberal Education.

Date of Birth: August 29, 1943