Hari Das

Hari Das

Professor Hari Das worked in the Organizational Behavior Area from 24th July 1985 to July 1986.

Prof. Hari Das graduated from the University of Madras in 1967. He held a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from the Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata after which he pursued an MSc Degree in Organizational Behavior (1976) and a PhD in Organizational Behavior and Industrial Relations (1979), both from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

He taught various courses ranging from Organizational Theory to Personal Management at a variety of institutions across the globe including the Saint Mary's University in Halifax, Canada; the British Columbia University in Vancouver, Canada; the Madras Productivity Council and the Administrative Staff College in Hyderabad, India.

Prof. Das was associated with the Atlantic School of Theory. His work on Organization and Methods Study in major ports in South India led to major changes in salary administration, office procedures and manpower acquisition planning.

In 1980, Prof. Das served as an Associate Member of the Institute of Costs and Works Accountants of India. He was an academic reviewer in the Organizational Behavior Division for the Administrative Sciences Association of the Canada Meeting between 1979 and 1984. Prof. Das was also a Reviewer on the Journal of Management Sciences in 1984.

He was awarded the British Columbia University Graduate Fellowship for three consecutive year's in 1976, 1777 and 1978. Prof. Das was also awarded the Fraser G Wallace Memorial Scholarship in 1975 and the Indian Institute of Management Teaching Fellowship in 1971.

Prof. Das was a professional Short Film Producer for which he received training at New York University. He had been directing and producing videos and short films for approximately 15 years. He was a member of the Atlantic Film Maker's Cooperative in Halifax, Canada. Some of his short films include a Malayalam film entitled The Photo (2004) and An Angel in the Office (2004). His feature film, Moonnilonnu (1994) also received much acclaim. He won the first Boston Motion Picture Award in an International Short Film Competition in 2005.

Prof. Das coauthored Canadian Personnel Management and Human Resources (1982) and Engagement of Personnel. He also authored an international publication entitled Human Resource Management: Contemporary Perspectives (1984).

Date of Birth: July 01, 1948

Date of Death: July 09, 2010